27 thoughts on “BITCOIN to $140k & Why Alt Coins Will Pump Harder Than Ever”

  1. I need 30 persons to tweet about the newly release BCD wallet app that has AI trading capabilities. I need you to tweet to Trump this is the real Bitcoin.

  2. And screw Tone vays That dude reminds me of someone who suffers from schizophrenia . Great video Thanks again

  3. When btc becomes mass adopted the people will be using it as satoshi's not as bitcoin it will be the people that got in early that have it as bitcoin look at like the rich ….they have millions and the average person lives check to check using dollars and cents bitcoin will end up the same in my opinion that's when people will use it as actual funds. but its also when people realize they need to start buying ADA XRP LTC along with other alts

  4. Tzzz, what should I say. I research on YouTube for some time but let me but it this way, I think I've found a motherfucker 😉 good one.

  5. If you hold BITCOIN for a long time, you will have an excellent reward in the near future.

    Big mistake when you sell your BITCOIN because of fear. Just remember that greedy investors use diiferent tactics to make the price goes down so when you panic and sell that is when they buy

    more BITCOIN at a cheaper price.

    A bright future for BITCOIN which is the best performer asset among different markets is approaching. You as an investor must have at least a fraction of bitcoin in your portfolio

  6. You're a down to earth Crow! You're 100% right with the altcoins. Some of them are brilliant and will greatly reward its investors. Go altcoins, Go EOS!!!!

  7. Thank god you said something about the Alts, everyone is punch drunk on BTC and forgotten about the alts that are implementing new technology and use cases outside of money, well put brother

  8. Crow… this alt coin situation is appearing to be very different. They have destroyed the sat value of the alts while pumping BTC up to 3 times it's value from the 3K region to 9K. The obvious reason (or so it seems) is because the true value of the assets is starting to show itself. BTC is starting to pull away from the majority of ALT coins. Only a very small select few of them are even keeping up with BTC, and even those ones are NOT. ETH for example was worth 450 dollars in 2017 when BTC was at 8800. ETH was also worth 795 dollars in 2018 when BTC was at 8800. But here in 2020, ETH is worth 265 dollars when BTC is at 8800. That should be telling you a story, because ALL alt coins are telling the same story for the most part. The value of BTC's network, and/or it's "store of value" proposition is taking full shape. This is all jmho… but we need to keep an eye on this. Because if that is true, BTC will pull away farther and farther in value from the alts as the bull market continues, not the other way around as you suggested. It will take a tripling of the ETH price/sat value for it just to keep up with 2018. We need watch this phenomenon in all the alt coins carefully. Cardano at 1000 sats when BTC is at almost 9K ??? That is a HUGE loss in the value of Cardano against BTC. See what I mean.

  9. Bro!! That ending Alt-rant was EPIC!!! I get wriled up when the "influencers" shit on Alts. Very well made point

  10. Crow you talk about legitimate alt coins driving the market. I see a ton of misinformation. In your opinion What are the best alt coins out there to look at

  11. Looking forward to see what OKEx and Łitecoin news is – Yahoo Finance and Blockmanity both have articles

    August 2019 Łitecoin summer reward halving getting closer…? Bitcoin follows 2020…

  12. GREAT FUCKING VIDEO now that was REAL TALK right there ladies an Gents LISTEN to the MAN he is not SHIT N YOU

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