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meet-up but let’s jump right into the news first first piece of news is
Australian airport makes history with cryptocurrency acceptance so if you
check this houses more adoption news is something that I think is great we’ve
seen cryptocurrency get adopted more and more in e-commerce and in the online
space for example Shopify doing a deal with request network which is one of my
long-term holding cryptocurrencies we we can take a look at it in just a little
bit but requests network that gave access to over 4 million I think
Shopify accounts if not more using or accepting cryptocurrency as a form of
payment and now airports are looking to do the same and to bridge the gap
between the online space but also the physical store space because the
physical store that’s something that cryptocurrency is having a bigger China
is having more trouble getting into but an airport be a good place to start
simply because so many people travel eat and now so many different types of
people travel in and out this would be big it’s looking like it’s going to
accept – Bitcoin Bitcoin cash aetherium nem and steam so some interesting
options here so that we don’t see very often including an EM and steam to that
I don’t think I’ve seen work as an actual currency yet so much for most
most of time we talk about adoption we hear about like coin and ripple but here
we are hearing about a few differ so that’s pretty cool and the article
goes on to talk about this being a gateway for more cryptocurrency adoption
which i 100% agree and – all it also talks about – recognizes the need of
increasing adoption in to a wider audience again not just the online space
but also the physical store space moving on Google Bitcoin bad new policy on
cryptocurrency is heavy-handed and unethical what does this mean basically
something I talked about before more more people are catching on Google then
the Facebook add cryptocurrency and ban all is looking like an excuse for them
to block out other cryptocurrency advertisements at ICO while they
research and look at building a platform on their own it could be their own
blockchain it could be just whatever it is they want to take the time to
research and figure out what their plan of action is as a company obviously
these guys are huge they cook 100% could create their own blockchain they could
do whatever they please but the they’re not sure what they want to do yet and
since that’s the case they are now banning ads batting IC O’s in order to
try and kind of keep cryptocurrency down until they’re ready to launch whatever
it is that they want to launch the never I guarantee you they will have ads
running absolutely everywhere on their platform about their cryptocurrency or
their blotching whatever it is that they decide to do so I agree very unethical
but it’s also something that’s hard for us to control just keep that in mind we
talked about this as soon as it happened I said this is probably due to something
bigger and it’s looking like that is the case anyways moving on to the
cryptocurrency market we had actually a nice little bit of a run yesterday when
I upload at the top five all coins for June video make sure you guys go check
that out if you haven’t done so already but now what we have come a little down
333 billion dollar mark at Bitcoin dominance back up to 38.1% obviously
everything is in the red today a very bad day for cryptocurrency except for by
Nance coin which is actually doing really well and I saw someone mentioned
how maybe putting money and Finance coin might even be smarter than doing putting
money in tether that way if the market goes and that way
the coin can still go up and can increase in value it’s been shown to
hold a pretty strong over the last few weeks but if you look at everything else
except for the exception of our chain everything is in the red but guys this
provides a great opportunity for you guys to pick up any of your favorite all
points which again if you guys are interested in using Finance I’ll leave a
link in the description and in the comments for you guys to go ahead sign
up for by Nets and have and by all the cryptocurrencies and build the best
portfolio you guys can these are the prices these are the days where we see
red and we see prices just crash these are the days that you want to look at
picking up cryptocurrencies you don’t want to pick it up when everything is
already up 500% because you missed out on a huge opportunity there for some
gains and the next thing you know it’s correcting you bought in at 500% starts
to correct a little bit and you lose faith in crypto cars is not what we want
to see you guys that’s what I’m here for help you guys make the right decisions
here again not a financial advisor though this is not financial advice I’m
just giving you guys my opinion but if you look at the last 24 hours will be
token is actually up 14% the biggest mover out of the top 100 cryptocurrency
so will be token similar to buy Nance coin similar to every exchange having
their own token I think they will do fairly well especially if it is a good
exchange in Kobe is actually performing very well recently I started to like it
more and more on the other hand Bitcoin private down a lot it got pumped a lot
recently so I’m not surprised that it is down gas the what you get for holding
neo is down again that’s why I usually choose to hold Neil want chains down 8%
though Knowles is down over 8% guys these two are great pick ups right now
including Gollum is down 7.7 percent as well I wasn’t 100% be looking at picking
some of these up and list down 7.5% why it got added to another cryptocurrency
exchange which pumped the price now we are seeing a correction from that so no
surprise that it is as well let’s move on and talk about the
two cryptocurrencies you guys are probably here to talk about our three
crypto critics including Bitcoin that you guys are probably here to talk about
number one being a OS us set an eleven point eight billion dollar market cat
thirteen point twenty one dollars today is down six point two percent still
ranked number five though an overall crypto currency market capsized but
things a lot of bad news are coming out for us and I think this is perfectly
timed I think this is not a surprise that when the main ik but when the
maintenance and everything was everything was going well
iOS was hitting all-time highs somebody decided that maybe it’s time to kind of
hold it down a little bit and obviously the market being in the place it is
right now wasn’t gonna cause any cryptocurrency to moon right now either
we’re still waiting to see the 100% full recovery which we’re gonna talk about
when we get to Bitcoin in this video but basically a one address over one percent
of addresses have almost 85% of a OS tokens and this happened since you know
you guys had to bring cryptocurrency to exchanges or to do or you can do it
yourself but a majority of people did choose to transfer iOS to exchanges in
order to put it in order for the switch for the snapshot and it turns out they
found that a very small percent of people are holding a large share of vos
now is this surprising no because we see the same thing happen with Bitcoin one
or like I forget what about the exact percentage is but a very small percent
of people own a very large amount of Bitcoin and we’ve seen this began we’ve
seen more people take action on this for example Silicon Valley actually started
something where people could store their Bitcoin in vaults spread across three
different continents I think those contents might have been countries
either way that’s crazy we see that Ripple also as having this where the
founders owned a large share of the actual token now he OS isn’t it isn’t
clear if it’s the founders who exactly it is but this is still worrying because
this opens up a OS to being manipulated now so as you guys you can see
here however one of the and one of the addresses is a OSS main company which is
blocked on one currently holds a hundred million per 100 million tokens which is
10% of the total tokens but then an average of 380 million iOS token is held
by 8 addresses while white wine glasses keep opening while twenty point six
million is owned by the smallest holder among the ten of the ten addresses so
the remaining eight addresses could probably be the exchanges such as bid
them who all will be ok X up it BitFenix which record which are recorded as top
traders for us and obviously if people transferred it over a transfer there a
oso for this snapshot as well that might also be the case but this is worrying
because this means that if that if this is owned by an individual or whatever it
may be this means that cos can be manipulated
and that the amount of AOS that everyone else holds the the rest of the 14% of
Eos held by everybody else is very hard to see any form of move when it comes to
that in the cryptocurrency it’s gonna be very hard to see that caused any
significant shift no matter what happens is these big these big addresses that
will cause most of the problem if they do decide to sell now the good thing
about these big addresses is that usually all number one if it’s exchanges
less concerning to see it’s a thing about an exchange dumping all their AOS
so that’s number one it’s good number two if somebody owns that much a OS they
probably have a lot of faith in it so it’s a lot it’s like even though they do
have the possibility of manipulating the market I also think we look at it on the
other side I would not buy ten percent of all EOS tokens which costs a lot of
money guys let’s take a look at this let’s just do the math it feels like two
hundred thousand gos tokens each going for just ten dollars guys that’s a lot
of money I’m not gonna be doing too much math in this video but that’s a lot of
money and it’s not easy to be picking up this or 200 million tokens that’s like 2
billion dollars if if they bought it at 10 that’s a lot of money I wouldn’t be
investing that much money if it wasn’t something that I plan on
holding for a long time because I had a lot of faith in it so it on the other
side there is the positive now let’s talk about ripple because ripples are a
twenty five point seven billion dollar market cap ranked number third sixty
five and a half cents and the main thing I want to talk about today is that
ripple invested fifty million dollars into seventeen universities to boost
blockchain and crypto adoption these universities are Princeton MIT
University of Pennsylvania on School of Business or the Wharton School of
Business Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and you guys can read the other
ones here but there are 17 total spread across the world cause somewhere in the
US somewhere in Brazil even right here my home country in Brazil and this is
basically to spread crypto currency adoption spread information spread
blockchain adoption so for people to understand in colleges understand what
exactly it is so they don’t have a misconception of just crypto currencies
a great is a get rich scheme or cryptocurrency is a scam or whatever
maybe especially since universities are usually taught by older professors
something to watch out for because they have a lot of influence and me being
someone who has gone to college classes I have seen what the influence that
professor can have and what their lack of edges their lack of education on the
newest technologies can mean for everyone that they teach because if they
don’t believe in something they’re then not going to help you
understand it simply because they don’t understand it so a very big issue we
have in the world today and I’m glad to see ripple tackling this again guys
ripple is gaining more and more of my trust every single day even though I
don’t like the fact that’s not fully decentralized as a short term play they
know what they’re doing and they’re actually investing in blockchain
education which is something I think is huge and more cryptocurrencies should
look at doing but lastly guys before we end the video a little bit of Bitcoin
technical analysis so it’s looking like Bitcoin is moving towards is one
once attest the 11,000 plus resistance the $11,700 resistance to be exact if
you guys look at some of the technical analysis performed here basically what
the article goes over is there is this white resistance line right here which
Bitcoin managed to break all the way back here before it went on to test the
$10,000 again though it has correct back down since then we’ve actually seen a
triple bottom which is usually a very bullish set a bullish sign club if you
look at it in the smaller scale we are now seeing Bitcoin trade in between
these two wedges moving upward so hopefully we do see a breakout above
that that would be the first step in order for us to move into the $11,700
mark but yeah again here we can see more of the wedge trading over there so
hopefully we do see Bitcoin if we zoom out this is basically the main picture
I’m looking at hopefully we do see Bitcoin go ahead and test us eleven
thousand seven hundred dollars which is the Purple Line you guys can see right
here the yellow line has been a very strong support bouncing three times
already so I do think it will be very hard for us to break below that and it
would be very bad if we do break below that given that the RSI is still fairly
low I think this is a good time to get into crypto currency and if it does go
down guys we dollar cost average that’s what we’re all about in this channel is
building bags for long term wealth but guys if you enjoyed this video don’t
forget give the video a thumbs up and leave a comment down below letting me
know what you think of the EOS situation of the ripple situation and also of
Bitcoin where do you see the Bitcoin price headed because that’s what that’s
going to determine where the market is headed and we are hoping for a very good
June but guys thank you so much for watching I will see you guys tomorrow
for another video


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