BITCOIN TO $10,000,000 PER COIN!! | Bank Of China BULLISH ON BTC!!

in this video back in 2014 people wished they'd bought back in 2011 today people wish they bought bacon back in 2014 2025 the same people will wish they bought today I want to share my thoughts as to why I believe that bacon can go to millions of dollars per single Bitcoin and also I want to show you the fact that Bank of China has been talking about Bitcoin and it's actually bullish rather than bearish I want to show you that and I'm going to go into the Bitcoin chart and show you what I believe is going to happen in the immediate future I want to talk about the fact that the 7.2 K level is a very important level to watch and I want to show you why a breakout in the beacon chart is probably imminent right now and I will show exactly what I believe is gonna happen in this big breakout that will come in the basical price very very soon and if you think that that sounds interesting then I think that you should definitely watch video hello guys and welcome to the moon my name is Carl and I'm here to bring in this cryptocurrency video alright so yesterday we talked about the fact that we had this model tightening range and Bitcoin had resistance and support these were both converging and there was a breakout coming and now we can see that beacon did get this break and broke this upward training support and also broke this support level that we talked about which is the approximate level of 9.6 K so this was a bearish continuation of the currents down friend and just like I said yesterday we are in a downtrend on the smaller time frame and that is still true right now and yeah before I go over to the beacon futures chart I just want to point out that the next major support level is the previous low right there we have some significance from all the way back there also from back in 18th of June so yeah and this level is the 9000 $40 level approximately that is a major major support level to watch and here over on the big computers chart if you go to the for hourly frame and bring up the EMA ribbon we can see that base coat is still below the EMA ribbon very clearly so we're still in a downtrend and what I am watching right now in terms of pool bear in the short term is if we can get above the four-hour ribbon on the pickle futures chart because still we are any down friend we should expect the price to head lower until we can get a for hourly close above this ribbon so you can see it acts as resistance in a downtrend and we can also take a look at the daily to just get a better understanding of that and the daily ribbon has not changed we're still in the middle of the important resistance and support and also I just want to refresh your mind about the RSI level that we broke which was a bearish thing so this is a the RSI 50 level this horizontal level and as you can see when we are below it throughout this period of time we were bearish right there and when we broke above it right there we were bullish as you can see right there and right now we have broken down below it again which means that we should now be bearish and this is just my own little theory but I do believe that there is validity to that theory and that we entered into a downtrend at that point up there and please comment down below what you think about my RSI theory here but I do believe that we have enough evidence to at least take this seriously all right so if we are on the way down right now where could we see basically go to well I want to talk a little bit about the seven points 2k level because I've been talking a lot about the eight points 5k and I think by now everyone knows why the eight points 5k is an important level but let me just point out why seven points 2k would make a lot of sense if we were to get a big jump down to that level so first of all we right now we are getting supported by the 38.2% at approximately nine point nine K generally that's where Bitcoin is getting supported if we do get a clear bear break right now I believe that we are definitely coming down towards the eight point five came that's a pro smoothly down at these regions and you can see this futures gap right there that ends at 8.5 came so yeah that would make so much sense and the most important Fibonacci level the 68.1% and the actually the golden pocket between 6 to 1.8 and a 65% is down there and this is between 7348 and 7k so basically approximately the seven point two K level this level is a very very important level technically when looking at the a chart like this it's the fibonacci golden pocket and this logically means that if we were to come down there then bît-yakin has seen a correction of 61.8% that is something that would be out of the ordinary in fact because we haven't seen that big of a correction in a previous boom market in Bitcoin so that is something that we should keep in mind that yeah it's not very likely based on historical price action but then again we haven't seen but it can go up this quickly in a bull market previously generally we see basically go up much slower and steadier like this but so we have to keep in mind that we are seeing something with that we haven't seen before which calls for possibly a correction that we haven't really seen before because the general correction in a pecan bull market is approximately 40 percent 30 to 40 for the 5 percent so yeah let's keep that in mind but the 8 point 5 key level that is at approximately 50 level that would make more sense based on historical price action but I do believe that the 7 point 2 K level is a major major level to keep an eye on especially if we do see this big bear break below the leaf 38.2% level and if we break the the 50 EMA for example so let me just bring that out I think in fact the the EMAs are going to be very very important to keep an eye on I think we can clearly see that the 50 the green line here is right now supporting Bitcoin while the 20 is keeping a pressure a little the downside I am looking for a massive break here at some point and yeah if you break bullish then sure we are probably going to see some more bullish price action but if you do get a clear break of this 50 then to me I mean in my opinion I think it's inevitable that we are going to come down to at least eight foot 5k and possibly all the way down to the 100 and the 100 EMA is currently sitting at 8 points to approximately and I think we can also see that the 200 EMA on the day of the time frame is currently sitting at a 7 point 2 K around that level so yeah there's a lot of support that the 7 points to came and I am watching right now the the 50 EMA because if it cannot hold then VidCon is definitely going for a bigger bearish break so when can we see break out of this range well it's hard to say for sure but basically we can see that the this is a tightening range and at some point it's an it's inevitable for Bitcoin to have to leave this range and I think that this breakout will be probably a big break something a volatility kind of like this where bit on either breaks down all the way down to the 100 or possibly even gets a big break to the upside and tests the 12 key level but a breakout is definitely imminent I think and just a couple of days maybe not much more than that and going over to corner market cap we can see that the beacon dominance is still at sixty four point four very high but it has come down a little bit from the recent highs but there are no spectacular movements in the past few days if we go to the next part of this video we can say that the Bank of China is bullish for Bitcoin one of the country's biggest banks just posted an article on the merits of Bitcoin it's yet another sign that attitudes toward cryptocurrency are softening so this is the tweet that is right now getting tweeted around and this person Samsung Mao tweeted yesterday the Bank of China posted an article about Bitcoin they explained how Bitcoin works why the price is going and why it's valuable never thought I'd see that happen bullish so this is the opposed by the Bank of China and well it's hard to know what they are saying because I don't know Chinese and this article is saying the following about this this post so it goes on to describe the characteristics of bitcoin is decentralized nature price fluctuations and anonymity it adds that bitcoin is hard to fake and that it's tax status is questionable then we delve into the history from the publication of big white paper and via the first pizza purchased for Bitcoin and the multi Cox hack to the announcement of Facebook's Libre coin part two deals with because volatility scarcity and hash rates notably we're given an example of how Zimbabweans are using Bitcoin as a safe haven to shield them from hyperinflation and part 3 looks at the present day the accessibility of Bitcoin ATMs and the development of payment networks and attractive low fee cross-border payment solutions that some of the world's leading institutions are working on so yeah this post by Bank of China is overwhelmingly bullish and that is not what you would expect and I'm not sure exactly how to interpret this but why not take this as a bullish sign because this is further attention to Bitcoin when we see these high-level institutions and high-level people in the world talk about base con web Trump we have these hearings about Libre and Bitcoin Bank of China there's just so much going on from basically right now that is very bullish and next up this is a tweet I just tweeted over on my Twitter and if you haven't followed me on Twitter yet go down in the description click my Twitter link and go and retweet and like my post here alright so let me read this to you Bitcoin has been profitable three thousand seven hundred and twenty eight days out of three thousand eight hundred and fifty seven days or ninety six point sixty six percent since its creation so this means that if you all the days that Bitcoin has been around ninety six point sixty six percent of all of those days you would have been in profit if you bought at any of these days what does that mean well this means that bitcoin is going up in value every single year all the time because people are waking up to the fact that bitcoin is a revolution it's a fantastic creation that will change the world economy and back in 2014 people wished they bought back in 2011 today people wish they bought a bit come back in 2014 2025 this same people will wish they bought today buy Bitcoin and this is so true I stand by these words I believe that people will continue to wish that they bought pecan earlier for maybe in decades in the future people will probably sit here thirty years from now and wish that they bought paid corn in 2030 this will go on and go on but of course at some point bitcoin will reach its equilibrium its price level and who knows exactly what that level might be it could be anywhere from maybe three million dollars per Bitcoin up to ten million dollars per Bitcoin somewhere around those levels but for that to happen we need to see a massive financial crisis we need to see the credit markets deflate we need to see real estate and stocks come down and all of the bad credit and bad loans out there needs to reset and the the fiat currency system has to evaporate but if that happens then yes in today's money I believe that people could reach even up to ten million dollars per Bitcoin but of course at that point people would be worth maybe several trillions per Bitcoin because we wouldn't be in hyperinflation but I mean in today's money yes I believe beaker could reach as high as even up to ten million dollars per Bitcoin but I'm looking for at least a million dollar per Bitcoin 1 million to five million per Bitcoin is definitely possible and I get that figure from the fact that if you go into the traditional market you can see that there are just trillions and trillions trillions of dollars held up in big inflationary assets where there's just so much credit outstanding and all of this money all of this value has to go somewhere in the next financial crisis and I believe that Bitcoin and gold is going to take pretty much all of that money and all of that value and that is going to create another big speculation cycle I don't know the timing but I know that Bitcoin at some point in the future definitely will be overvalued and maybe that will be at ten million maybe fifteen million million dollars at that point you have to sell but I know people think I'm crazy when I'm saying things like this but I asked but I actually believe what I'm saying and just like I say so many times back in 2011 one vehicle was worth basically not much at all you would have been crazy or people would have thought that you were crazy to say that bit corn at some point in the future would be worth $10,000 per corn that would be crazy because back then VidCon was not known at all so it would not make sense to put out those predictions but right now Bitcoin is spread across the world the Bank of China is talking about Bitcoin and Trump is talking about Bitcoin big institutions are moving in Wall Street is moving in I mean everyone is right now realizing the value of Bitcoin and Bitcoin gets more and more valuable one more and more people join the network because of the network effect so right now it makes a lot of sense to just expect the previous momentum to just continue and that's exactly what I'm doing I'm betting on that the momentum for ten years is going to continue for at least another ten years that makes a lot of sense so to me it's very reasonable to believe that basically can absolutely reach millions and millions of dollars per Bitcoin and yeah please leave your comments down below what do you think about that and yeah I would love to know what you think and do you believe I'm crazy please comment down below in fact please vote in this poll M am I crazy or am I not crazy is millions of dollars could be fun possible or not vote in that poll and please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and click that video down there in me if you haven't seen it and I'll see you guys tomorrow Oh

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