Bitcoin To $10 Million? | Can BTC Break Resistance? | Coinbase OTC, Nasdaq & The Institutional Herd

in this video I want to talk about the Bitcoin price action and the fact that bacon right now is trying to break through and I also want to take a look at the EMA ribbon on the different time frames what you're seeing right now is the one-hour EMA ribbon right now acting as support is that going to change and what happens when the EMA ribbon actually starts to push us up towards this resistance zone but also coinbase is actually launching and over-the-counter crypto trading solution for institutional investors and they are saying that there is a high demand from institutional investors for over-the-counter trading which of course sounds very bullish I want to talk about that and Nasdaq they just announced that they're going to partner with Vanek to release regulated and surveilled digital assets products so it looks like this high demand from institutional investors is making all of these players wants to get a piece of the pie because when the herd comes when they heard of institutional investors comes well then of course all these major players are going to want these institutional investors to come to them so if you think that that sounds interesting nothing that you should definitely give order this video hello ask and welcome to the moon my name is Carl let me to bring you this cryptic regime video and let's take a look at the recent price action and dive into what we talked about in yesterday's video so well just a small little recap we have a support line down here we have a resistance zone up here and ever since we breached this support we have been trading between these supports and resistance and let's go to the 15-minute because we got this little bull flag yesterday so after bouncing off the support three times to access our price go up and then we'll make him move without this bull flag actually occur and then watch it broke to the upside and if we just do a general little target analysis here we can see that we came up towards that target we talked about and tested towards this resistance zone or resistance line this yellow line up here at approximately four thousand one hundred and ninety six and you can see that for a brief moment we actually breached through this level but we actually have right now come right back down again and well if you just bring up the ribbon because that's the important thing right now I believe or before I bring out the ribbon let's just two or three videos ago I said that this is going to be the important line to break but I corrected that in yesterday's video that I believe that this line up here at approximately four thousand five hundred and sixty is going to be the important level and that this whole region is going to be filled with resistance but I would like to do a small minor adjustments based on previous price action now that would came all the way up here we can see that if it was pretty line right there it is very obvious that we can see back here we had very clear support support anywhere had resistance and resistance right there so yeah we actually just came up to a previous level that was very likely to actually act as resistance but I failed to mention that level but right now based on this price action I would like to do something like this instead and the four thousand one hundred ninety six even though I think it could be a valuable level to keep in mind I am actually going to take there's a way because right now it seems like we didn't really respect that level too much so right now I believe a business zone should be this zone we should have in the chart due to the very very obvious significance previously and exactly right now so this means that our new node trading zone is between 4357 and 3,620 until we break either of these lines I think we are still in a no trade zone where pretty much anything can happen right here all right so that said now I think we can bring out the EMA ribbon and let's start with the daily timeframe actually because we are right now seeing the daily EMA ribbon actually coming down towards the price so as you can see here the daily EMA ribbon is actually rapidly coming down towards the price and we are getting closer closer to the price meeting the ribbon right now and just like I've made clear previously I think that we should assume that there will be a lot of resistance coming down right now with the ribbon so it's good to be very exciting to see if we can come up and test the ribbon in a few days but I believe that there's going to be initially at least a lot of resistance so we're going to need a lot of momentum to actually break through this ribbon but I would like to go into the for hourly also because that's one of the timeframes we've been talking the most about because we've seen some resistance coming to afternoon and let me just show you real quickly we're going to go back in price action we can it's very very clear I mean just just looking back so this is back in July and August when we are below the ribbon we are met with resistance when we are above we're met with support and then when we go below we'll see resistance again and when we see lucky Bull Run like this we see we come down with bounce off it getting supported and then will break down it's the opposite we get resistant and this just holds true throughout well the big comprise section the only time this gets invalidated is when we go sideways when we go sideways the EMA ribbon on any given timeframe loses its significance we need a trend an established trend and in a stem established trend the EMA ribbon is a very reliable tool as to if we're going to see support or resistance and I believe that's going to continue to be true right now as well so we've seen resistors here and this means that if we break through the ribbon on the four-hour limb instead of it acting as resistance we should now assume that it's going to act as support so let's see let's say the ribbon starts to go like that will break above it then we should probably expect the price to bounce off it and establish an uptrend here and I believe that that is possible and we did get an attempt yesterday to break it through the ribbon we actually did very briefly here but we need to do it decisively with a lot of volume coming in but we did not really do that let's see if maybe a bit can make another attempt but remember that this is this resistance zone is here too to keep the the price down and I believe that for us to see any bullish trend reversal here we need not only to break through the EMA ribbon on the for hourly but we need also to break through this resistance zone and at this point when we are up here I believe it's very possible that we might go up and test towards this level and that would indicate that we're going to test the one-hour ribbon I'm sorry the daily ribbon as you can see here so this is the daily ribbon if you break through this zone we are probably going to go straight into the daily ribbon probably be met with the resistance at least initially but I definitely think we might see some momentum if we actually are able to break through the for hourly and this zone and we can take a quick look also at the one-hour ribbon now in the very short term we'll see that just like we've seen resistance back there in this small little downtrend we actually broke above it right here from this bull flag and ever since here we've actually seen Bitcoin have a small uptrend in the short term here and we've seen some support which means that in the immediate future just like when we are in a downtrend we should expect it to access resistance right now we should expect it to act as support but something that I see as a possible scenario right now is that we're actually going to see us getting some support maybe come up and test this level again but because it seems like the the one-hour ribbon is pushing us up towards this level here and at some point either we're going to have to break through the resistance or bitcoin is actually going to have to break down below the ribbon again and at that point we're probably going to go down towards these levels again so there's a small breakout coming very soon in the short term here possibly much like maybe we can see here where the ribbon is pushing is down forcing Bitcoin to to the upside and pretty much the same here pushing us down forcing bît-yakin to go to the upside but of course it could have gone to the downside as well just like here it could either go up or down but we're getting a tightening little range here and let me also take a look at the bigger timeframes so now I'm on bitstamp and we have been talking about this logarithmic channel here and right now it seems like we are kind of seeing the price trying to defend the lows here because we have seen previously back in 2015 how basically I should broke down below this this line but actually quickly came above it again and start I can continue to trade in this so let's see if maybe that's possible that we're actually going to see it bounce and come up into this channel game that's definitely possible and if we go to the monthly that's actually the thing I wanted to talk about do you remember guys what I've said in regards to the monthly email ribbon that we've seen it a priestly act as support and the lowest support in this ribbon is of course the the biggest EMA the 55 EMA and before we broke down here I actually said that I think it's possible that the after the lowest point in Bitcoin could be the lowest EMA here because I believe that's probably going to be a huge support level and right now we have actually seen as bounce off of that EMA so there could be decent chance that this actually was the low and that we just got a very nice bounce off of it just a week to the downside pretty much like we saw back in 2014 15 although that week was a lot bigger but back then where I got a week below this level and we quickly got back above it and at that point this was the the bottom that was low would never came down lower than that and after that was just seen based on trade upwards and well the Bull Run kind of started after that point that was the that was the final shake out back in that bear market right now we might seeing the final shakeout in the bear market currently so the only difference is that this week was a lot bigger so if we feel like we really want to make a comparison then maybe there is one last push to the downside left before we can actually say that the final shakeout is done and that we are replicating the same shake-up as we did back then so let's see if maybe in the next couple of days we can see one last shake-up before we have to go up and if we want to continue to compare these two bear markets after we broke down that time we actually came up again and traded within this ribbon for a few months and after a few months we actually broke above the top EMA and that was arguably the beginning of the bull run and if we are going to replicate something like that then maybe we are going to well trade within this ribbon for a while just go range bound between 4k and 6k for a few months and after a while we're probably going to break above the top EMA and at that point just like back here we're going to start the bull run and if we are only allowed to consider previous price action then this would actually seem lucky quite likely scenario and as we see bit convoluted he starts to increase again we are of course seeing the Google searches for Bitcoin hitting their highest level since April I don't think that that is very surprising and people seem to take this as a bullish thing but I don't believe that this in and of itself is actually bullish because like I mentioned in previous videos I don't believe that these are new investors searching for Bitcoin and getting excited to buy Bitcoin because most people they don't like buying things that are going down so if anything they're just reading about basical right now and just reassuring themselves that basically is probably a very bad investment and they are not going to purchase basically right now when we see be thorough searches go up to you to price increase at that point I think that we can probably see that as a more bullish sign because that means new investors are very likely to start buying because essentially people are just more inclined to buy something that's going up rather than something that is going down and interestingly we can see that the Google trend data further reveals that the most searches for Bitcoin in the world over the past week came from Nigeria South Africa and also in that order interestingly the u.s. barely cracked into the top 20 ranking in at 19 and South Africa is an example of a country with a national currency that is very volatile and so it's a little article that they are turning to base core just like we've seen in Venezuela and other countries where the curse is devaluing rapidly and in these countries basically seen as a safe haven I think that if anything if I were to take something away from this chart is that when we have extreme search volume that usually that usually shows us that we are at the top right now and we you should probably sell and then we see this go down as interest dies off and this has just been going down down down for the last few months during this whole pair market the fact that interest is going up right now and the search volume is increasing and even though I don't think that's bullish in and of itself because I don't think that this fundamentally is going to impact Bitcoin we don't see any new investors come in right now at least no new retail investors but I think maybe maybe this must be a sign that we are bottoming out because this search volume might be a sign that there's a lot of panic and fear people are panicking searching on Bitcoin to see how much their investment is down so after this massive decline in search volume for the last few months this little uptick could maybe signal that we are nearing the bottom and speaking of bare market we have seen steam it suffer enormously during this bear market and so the decentralized social media platform steam it lays off 70% of its staff following market crash and it's beginning a structural reorganization and if you don't know what steam it is it's a social media where people can post content and then steam it rewards participants and content in the so called attention economy with the native tokens steam but it looks like right now they are not really able to withhold the previous business model and they are laying laying off staff and we are seeing a lot of this happening in the crypto space right now because the interest is dying down and it has been dying down for the last few months and their daily active users are probably go down every single day and so I don't think this is a surprise to anyone and we can actually go over to the next example of this gal diesel lost 136 million dollars in the first three quarters of 2018 and Galaxy digital is Mike no regrets crypto investment bank and they actually lost this money in the first three quarters of 2018 and the firms share price also dropped to a record low after tumbling 55 percent this month and founded earlier this year the company explained that the losses were mainly due to tumbling process of major crypto currencies such as Bitcoin XRP and etherium but Galaxy digital they are saying that the lack of volume right now the lack of interest is just a sign of coming success in the future and that they are right now working very hard on improving and strengthening their trading business and I think that there's a good point to be made here because I think that during this big bear market right now I think that the companies and the projects that are working right now I'll go to get a very very big edge over all of the other projects and recently Novogratz has actually said that he expects the cryptocurrency markets to flip next year also admitting that the year or 2018 has been challenging for Galaxy digital in an interview with Financial Times in August predicted that financial institutions will shift from investing in cryptocurrency funds to investing in actual cryptocurrencies in the first quarter of next year first of all I believe this is true that right now many of the bigger institutions they are investing in cryptography funds but I agree with Novogratz that eventually they are going to start to by actual cryptocurrencies they're going to by actual Bitcoin but I also believe that we're going to need very good custody solutions and OTC markets for these institutions to very easily and seamlessly be able to buy Kryptos directly and also right before we actually got this big sell-off that we have seen from 6k down see where we are right now Novogratz actually previously said that he believed that we have actually bought immed out he said 6k was the bottom and that we were actually going to start trading upwards but we didn't and earlier in November Novogratz actually predicted that Bitcoin would surge to as high as $20,000 or more in 2019 and let's talk about that because I think that's actually quite possible let's go to the chart and take a look at what we have here if you just measure the period from the Alta mine to today that is 350 days approximately so soon exactly one year so when we have bottomed out and where and when we're going to start seeing in recovery I believe that we are not going to see an all-time high until three hundred and fifty days at least and this is a moving target so the further we go in a bearish movement the longer this period of time is going to be assuming that we right now are bottoming out but that's a big assumption right well that means that not before November 2019 before the end of 2019 I think it's possible that we are actually above $20,000 I think it's more likely that we are below but I think that we at that point our action nearing $20,000 I think that it's a very very high probability now we're going to start the bull run in 2019 but we're not going to do like Tom Lee says just in two months go straight up this is going to be a slow build just like we saw a slow decline here it's going to start off with a slow rise like this I think this is the reasonable thing to assume that it's going to be a slow build but it's going to end with a big blow up top just like back here but this Bull Run of course also started with a slow build as you can see after his slow bear market like this we bought him down and then we just needed a slow build to the upside and after reaching the altar might that's when it really started to take off for real and speaking of Tom Lee Tom Lee says that bear markets are a golden time to be in crypto he has been saying these ridiculous predictions like bitch was good to end at 20,000 15,000 just in a few months but I think we have all been aware that that's not really possible I'm not really sure why he has been saying these numbers but it seems like his new prediction right now is that we are below the 200-day moving average and he says that we will not go above the 200-day Lee within three months or maybe even one year but in two or three years and this is the golden time to be in crypto as soon as bacon crosses its 200-day we know there will be a flood of money coming and even though I think that's very true just a few days ago he said 15,000 by the end of the year but now it seems like he's saying that we're probably going to be in a bear market for maybe two or three years he does however make a few good points when for example comparing cryptos 50 million active wallets against the two points 27 billion PayPal accounts and 4.6 billion Visa and MasterCard accounts and so comparing Bitcoin to other payment systems in terms of social network value Lee supposed that in 10 years Bitcoin could be worth 10 million dollars per one coin and that might seem like a ridiculous number but I actually believe that's very possible I think that bitcoin is definitely going to reach somewhere between 1 and 10 million dollars at some point in the future and call me crazy but but I believe it's crazy nuts to believe that bitcoin has everything going for it and bit cards go to scale Bitcoin is go to be the best store value out there it's going to be the the only thing you don't need to trust basically everything about bitcoin is a lot better than everything else we have available as a store of value and means of exchange so it's it's inevitable that we'll reach these numbers but all right enough about that let's talk about the fact that major u.s. crypto Exchange coinbase is launching over-the-counter crypto trading for institutional investors we are seeing more and more of this happening right now I think this definitely is because of a high demand from institutions to go into crypto so we all know that core mez is already a crypto exchange but right now they're going to have an over-the-counter crypto trading that will allow institutional investors to conduct direct trades between each other and listen to this Christine Sandler head of sales at corn base commented that the move is taking place in conjunction with an increased demand for OTC crypto trading from institutional players so now we have not only corn base saying increased demand for OTC crypto trading from institutions but also backed mentioned earlier that they are delaying their launch due to high demand so it actually seems like when retail is leaving the markets due to fear and panic OTC markets are increasing their volume due to institutional investors actually go into the markets this seems quite bullish actually and Nasdaq announced just one day ago that they're actually go to launch beacon futures q1 of 2019 and they are now announcing that they're actually partnering up with Vanek to release regulated surveilled digital assets products and Vanek's director of digital asset strategy Kay Berger Beck's indicated in his tweet that the new products would harness Nasdaq's smarts market surveillance system alongside Vanek's mvi as digital asset pricing indices and market surveillance basically means that you have algorithms that are trying to detect suspicious behavior in the order books or in the general training to prevent for example whilst trading and spoofing and it is still uncomfirmed if the Nasdaq bacon futures are going to be cash settled or actually physically backed so we don't really know but still we are seeing more and more of these institutions actually going in and partnering up and making these products and once again yes I do believe that this is due to a high demand from institutions and there are a lot of institutional investors looking for ways to get into crypto very bullish guys very very bullish and please comment down below guys do you believe the institutional investors are coming right now I would love to hear your thoughts about that and this is going to be it for this video I hope you enjoyed it and if click down here you can watch that bit mix tutorial video there you can learn how to short Bitcoin and I'll see you guys tomorrow

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  5. If this is a 10 year game until we hit real big prices I think people need to chill and turn off for a while. People will lose their minds before then 😂 good work lad!

  6. I do believe it is a wave of investors coming. If they weren't interested, there wouldn't be a Bakkt ETF followed by a COMPETENCE of VanEck partnership ETF. So, my guess is that there IS interest in crypto. Plus, these guys would NOT get into crypto if they didn't have the chance to win some serious money or if they didn't see the potential in this. I think you would also agree, Carl 🙂 Good video!

  7. Come on click bait newbie 10 million that’s a joke listen newbies I tell you how to swing trade when the markets goes up you wait a little than you sell than you wait till and than when the market goes down than You buy again it’s simple as that I don’t need a dam chart it’s common sense

  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that log chart channel a ascending wedge ? The lines to look like they're coming together

  9. I think otc solution is not bullish why, when you buy a lot of btc out of market you won't create any fomo nor selling them otc will create a significant effect to kick start FUD.

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  11. Be curious to know if retail investors that left the market would be searching google for btc price action. They should already know to check CMC or another source for price.

  12. Expected another hard drop, big boys arent coming in to buy btc at 4k and currently we're in a bearish harmonic pattern on 4hr chart

  13. Going below 1K$, have to let 95% of all other coins die before we can make a real uptrend. You got allot of analyzes and have tools for it, so you should have told people to sold long time ago. Not dollar-cost averaging, making people loose more and more.
    This market is very unhealthy.

  14. I know one guy he was drawing straight lines for couple of years, now he is a taxi driver. Drawing on crosswords during break time.

  15. It seems like institutional FOMO is building. Let's face it, you don't have to bet on Bitcoin but if you don't bet on human nature then you're ignoring history. Slowly the smart money is creeping and it can only go on so long before the fear of missing out grabs hold of this next hype cycle. Sure, there is some manipulation happening but we easiliy forget that this is a GLOBAL market the US doesn't own this market like they did the NASDAQ in its early days. Also, let's not ignore the state of this atrocious Keynesian fiat currency system that has its expiration date. This is fair game!

  16. All I can say is nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow so don’t put all your money where all this You-tubers pointing out using some halfway information.
    Bottom line – they are here to make you and I watch the videos and they make money for it. I don’t have a better way to put it . 🤷🏽‍♂️

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