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went on before we go into talking about all the other cryptocurrency so first
off thieves stole crypto worth 1 point 1 billion dollars so far in 2018 and it
was easy so apparently there is a huge market for actually stealing other
people’s cryptocurrency there’s software that can steal people’s crypto
currencies and so I wanted to give you guys the best thing you can do to stay
safe number one I would 100% pick up a hardware wallet I’m gonna leave links to
that in the description if you guys want the two values are the ledger nano s and
the keep key I use the ledger nano s for my ether wallet and stuff like that
basically to store private keys and then they keep key I use for Bitcoin in a
theory of and big cryptocurrency Holdings that obviously the smaller all
coins er cgy tokens on my ether wallet will be stored on the ledger nano as the
keep the private key will be on there so that’s one thing I would do to stay safe
never really keep cryptocurrency on one in exchange though the bigger changes
like buying as for example have less of an issue they have the things they put
into place in order to be more secure ever still if you have a big bulk of
cryptocurrency you’re not going to be using I would highly recommend or think
about transferring it into a safer place next thing do not use crypto
currencies in a win on bond public Wi-Fi do not use anything on public Wi-Fi do
not access it I think that is basically a pretty a pretty much a given once a
safe way these softwares are coming up really fast I don’t know exactly how
they work so one of the same things I would say is do not access it just
anywhere make sure you are on your connection if you are going to do
anything about it in third don’t give people your private keys this was
probably the most obvious one don’t give people your private keys that will save
you from being not even hack just allowing them into your account it’s
basically like even the key to your house and then being surprised when they
show up at their when they walk right in and they’re in your bedroom and you’re
just standing there like oh no that’s basically how this works but moving on
to a three luxury apartments sold for 420 Bitcoin in the coastal region of
Montenegro so both people are using Bitcoin for real estate now I think this
is one of the big uses spell especially for Bitcoin given that it is a lot of
people find it a store of value kind of like gold but also because it’s good for
large transactions and I think we’re gonna see cryptocurrencies first adopt
towards these large transaction things things like real estate things like
Lambos I think these are all things that are going to adopt cryptocurrency
relatively fast because they are easier to work in that situation obviously
going down to the store using a five dollar bill it’s not very hard well
becomes difficult if you have to wire transfer if you have to you know find a
way to pay for your Lamborghini with it’s cost $500,000 and you have you know
you have to go get stuff in the bank this way you can just transfer Bitcoin
and it’s done on the spot moving on so this is the part you guys are probably
interested in talking about bitcoins price Bitcoin price prediction Bitcoin
possibly going to 1 million dollars now experts and experts predict Bitcoin will
double in value by the end of the year now we’ve talked about this previously
on this channel Bitcoin right now if we take a look is sat at
seven thousand six hundred seventy nine dollars so doubling that would be pretty
much a little over fifteen thousand dollars I think we’re gonna see Bitcoin
far above that I think we’re gonna see paper on twenty-five to thirty thousand
making it pretty much almost a four x o3 between a three and a 4x i think is safe
in 2018 but either way if experts are saying it’s gonna double that’s probably
one of the best investments you can make in 2018 not many investments double in
value in adjust it merely a few months so if Bitcoin does even just double not
even three or four X even just double already a very very good investment but
we’re looking at what we’re looking further than that right and so here we
see some guy called Mike not novel Gratz Novogratz I don’t know how to pronounce
this guy’s name basically he’s a billionaire he is a very bullish on
cryptocurrency and he thinks the market will be worth 20 trillion dollars he
talks about how January wasn’t really a bubble and he is actually a billionaire
investor and former goldman sachs and from from goldman sachs and for tricked
straight a fortress trader I’m not exactly sure a fortress is but either
way like I said January talks about January not being really a bubble and
that the 20 trillion dollars will not be easy
but he does think down the road of this isn’t in 2018 but he does think down the
road we are going to see 20 trillion dollars
as the market cap for cryptocurrency guys and if we just do a little bit of
math right there that would put Bitcoin at over $500,000 that’s only if the
Bitcoin dominance stays the same if we do they lose a lot of other alkanes a
lot of the battle coins and big Bitcoin gets adopted more than others then we
could definitely see Bitcoin going to 1 million I think the things are gonna
push that basically our first is Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange are
looking to add Bitcoin not anything else right now if they add anything it’s
going to be Bitcoin and so that being the case I think it’s going to help make
Bitcoin out is going to cause Bitcoin dominance to increase
they in the short term and then later everything can balance out but that’s
why I think I think a million dollar market cap is very reasonable now I
don’t know if it’s gonna happen as soon as John McAfee or McAfee said things at
2020 or 2022 not exactly sure right I don’t remember exactly which one he said
it was but either way I think we are going to see Bitcoin price be very very
high I think people are gonna look back at $7,000 and be like I wish I got in
back when it was 7,000 I thought the market was over it dipped a little bit
it dipped from 20,000 down to 15 and then down to 10 and then down to 7 and
then went back up to 15 order to back up to 10 that went back down to 7 and a
half stuff like that people are gonna be
looking at this and like I wish I didn’t stress as much thinking about the short
term when I could just have easily have Bob might and made my investments left
gone to do something else gone to work gone to live my life and they come back
later and watch what my investment had become and guys that’s how I’m playing
this right now I’m not here to keep looking and panicking every day and this
is a long-term investment for me and one that I plan on investing in and then
holding it throughout a long period of time but some of the biggest movers
again biblic soar by box don’t know exactly I pronounce that one again token
is up 13 and a half percent digibytes up 9.3% that’s awesome yo s one of the
biggest movers as well at 5% ethos move and kins movin verge evens up verge one
we haven’t talked about in a while I own is up 3% but overall everything is kind
of in the middle so you see the top cryptocurrencies as I’ll show you in
just a second there’s not too much movement going on with them we see
substrate of is down a ton unfortunately some stream has been underperforming
recently and now that isn’t due to technology or anything I think this is
not as much news going on a rounding I think they are getting everything that
they want to get done so I’m still very bullish on in the long term in these
prices with a market dropping I think it only opens up more opportunity to pick
up substrate up at a very low level same with pivots I think pivots there’s
another good one I haven’t talked about much on the channel but when you see
cryptocurrency is down you see the one you like down or one that you’re waiting
to get into now it’s the time to look at actually getting into them and building
up your position but like I said if you look over here 0.49 0.65 0.78 1.0 –
these are very 0.08 0.8 one like these are very small move business things that
can be wiped out pretty much in five minutes but Bitcoin can go up from being
a point five percent two down five percent so market moving sideways today
that is pretty much where we are looking now Neal is at fifty three dollars today
and I wanted to share some news with you guys so if you guys held Neal you did
receive some air job and this is another great reason in my opinion to hold Neal
I haven’t talked about it for some time and talked about Neal for some time but
sat at three point four billion dollars ranked number 11 I think it is a steal
right now as a crypto currency to pick up because one I think we’re gonna see
more i seals a get put on the neo blockchain and all the neo ecosystem we
have ontology there as well which I’m very bullish on too but I think neo is
going to do very very well and not only that but you one get gas for holding
meal and two you get you’re going to get more and more air drops as more and more
icos happen as more things happen on the neo blockchain we are going to get more
neo air job so that’s a very good thing I’m very excited for that part too and
congratulations if you are holding Neill and you did receive that air job now I
wasn’t really up to date with that air job happening so I couldn’t inform you
guys and I apologize for that that was my fault I should have informed you guys
better with that and I will do better in the future would give you guys
information on air jobs but if you did manage to talk about it then if you
didn’t match they hear about it then congratulations and you did get your
tokens then congratulations for that but ontology launches a new venture partner
a step towards expansion so I don’t really want to cover the article too
much because I don’t want this video to go on for too long
but basically ontology is making some big moves and
an opportunity for getting a lot more exposure and a lot more adoption for it
ontology ranked at 19 it’s actually at a 1.2 billion dollar market and the chart
looks pretty good even during the bear market we have seen that we’ve seen
ontology perform relatively well it hasn’t suffered as not nearly as much as
other cryptocurrencies have it went from a high of nine dollars down to over here
six dollars but this was normal everything was down in this period
everything else you look at it is doing relatively well so one that I think is a
good opportunity to buy into if you are interested ontology I think will
continue to grow as the Neo ecosystem continues to grow too is definitely a
very good project I just wanted to cover with you guys it’s a new partner and the
fact that it is making a lot of big moves now lastly I want to talk about
litecoin guys ranked number six six point eight billion dollars in market
cap it’s up barely nothing today again like I said everything’s moving sideways
by at $120 taking a look at the chart litecoin looks like it is potentially
having a double bottom right here maybe even a triple bottom I’m not doing too
much technical announce right now to look at what the levels are but things
are looking good for litecoin 2018 now why is that you guys are asking well
basically this is article I found it’s talking about three reasons why you must
be like without keep in mind litecoin is one of those crypto currencies that
does everything under the radar they don’t blast everything they don’t
continue to you know always hype things up they do what they need to get done
and then it happens that’s basically oh as that’s just all that happens and they
might announce it but they don’t hype anything up which is one of the reasons
that you don’t hear a lot of people talking about litecoin and why you don’t
hear a lot of people are bullish on litecoin a lot of people are bullish on
like away it’s just not something that gets hyped up enough but three things
are happening in 2018 that are very good for like but it could mean like wedding
that could make like when a very good investment in 2018 now keep in mind neo
a light point as much as I think there’s still room
10x in this market and I think they do stand their chance I think Neil will
litecoin could possibly do it too especially if you go up to a 20 trillion
dollar market cap it’s not something that’s gonna happen fast as I
something’s gonna happen necessarily this year these little crypto currencies
are bigger their market cap is bigger it’s going to cause a lot for them to
need for them to 10x it so you’re going to need a lot of money to come in to
them as possible as it is from what it’s looking like it probably isn’t going to
happen this year but it still could happen maybe in two years just saying
things for the bigger cryptocurrencies don’t move as much as they do for the
smaller ones but the first thing is the litecoin debit card so if you live in
the u.s. you could use your ship card in order to pay with litecoin instantly all
you have to do is connect your like coin wallet to your shift card and you are
all set however people based outside the US may look into you QuIDD card I think
it’s called both tracks and light b-team have attempted to strike a deal with a
visa payment processor in order to integrate a payment option for light
point however due to the sanctions placed by Visa Auto cryptocurrency light
paint could not secure this deal yet so this isn’t something that’s in that’s
happening right now but it is something that could potentially happen so this is
speculation on if you think this is going to actually happen next thing is
tap Jets are now accepting litecoin tap Jets is an on demand a private jet
company so where you can book private jets and you can do it with litecoin now
and again I think through Abu I think crypto cars in general are going to be
used for these big payments where you don’t want to have to do anything other
you don’t have to verify your identity with your bank you don’t have to every
time you were to buy something from your bank your bank is going to ask you oh
can you please send me the last four digits of your social security number
Plus this Plus this plus your ID to make sure that it’s you now as much as that
safety is great it does make everything harder to purchase I know when I was by
for example mining contracts for Bitcoin on hash flirt and on Genesis mining when
I made the bigger purchase I had to go through a few obstacles which were very
annoying so this is a good opportunity a good use case for light point booking
private jet and lastly the abre lightning Network
integration so good interview with Abra CEO this is tweeted by Charlie Lee
looking forward to Abra global using smart contracts on the litecoin Network
in about two weeks so a lot of stuff happening for a night point from the
front light point I think we’re definitely going to see it do very well
relatively well moving forward I think it is a top ten light point at least for
2018 and then moving forward we’re gonna have to see how everything plays out but
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