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alright guys good morning it is February 22nd happy Friday and it's that time again for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news so the market is still hanging around and looking pretty good and we have some big events happening today so I'm gonna talk about those but the big main topic I want to focus on is from IBM and they're had a blockchain Jessie lund he recently did an interview made some few interesting statements about World wire but also in his personal opinion he believes bitcoin is going to $1,000,000 so I'm well focused on that a little bit and also give you my opinion why it's going to happen but there's a few other things I want to talk about and overall since today's Friday I think a lot of you guys don't want to work so so we'll probably have a good Q&A session today and of course I do that after I do my news spiel so thanks for tuning in guys those of you guys that's written a chat thank you as always the regulars really appreciate your support of course you know what I'm gonna say make sure you support me in this channel by hitting the like and subscribing today I really need that support alright so let's get started let's talk about what is going on and the main topic is the head of blockchain Jesse lawn and I did an interview with Jesse a few months ago so those of you guys that missed it check it out because Jesse unfortunately where it's good for us but unfortunate for him whenever he does interviews he kind of kind of spoils the beans a little bit too early so he he kind of talked about a few things with world wire ready even before it was like really officially announced but he went on did an interview with binder comm and you know of course and whenever there's interviews with any head of blockchain or projects you know there's always predictions that come out he he was asked will Bitcoin rebound by end a year he's like yes I think it's go go higher I'll go with 5,000 which that's like right around the corner so so I think that's a bit conservative but overall the two main things I want to talk about is one I have a long-term outlook I've actually blogged about this a little bit it goes back to the discussion about the utility of the network with a higher price so I see Bitcoin and a million dollars some day and he's not alone there's a lot of a lot of other investors in this space that is also saying the same thing right and in his in his eyes he's seeing about the utility right and that's where we see something like lightning Network actually helped Bitcoin actually get adopted and used by the general masses but besides lightning know we're in layer 2 solutions you have someone like back that's also coming out with like a payment gateway right so merchants can also utilize it so it's very early but when you combine the utility and also what I focus on is the store value because there is a finite supply and there's only gonna be 21 million ever in existent and probably 8 million of that already is lost by from the early days from people having hard drive failures and whatnot so you look at it even to own one Bitcoin in the future ok we're talking about 10 20 years down the road even to own one will be extremely hard and that's because prices only go go up when supply drops and demand goes up what happens the price go up so that's why I think Bitcoin will reach 1 million someday who knows who knows if it's 10 years 20 years 50 years but I do think it's going to happen now you also mentioned about blockchain world water and this is interesting point because world wire is a competitor to Ripple basically it helps banks do cross-border transactions but the thing is world war is built on the seller network so natively it supports exo-m naturally right but idea have made it so that it could be I mean any currency could actually be used it could be ripple he even says could be xrp or it could be BTC so they're not limited to just exo-m which is good and it's bad right because a lot of you know stellar fans they would they want to see okay only XML being used but it's actually pretty agnostic so it can actually take basically any token across and it would make sense that because it's built on stellar it's easier to just use exo-m but technically anyone could use anything on there but when thinking goes on it says that they already have they already have a number of banks that sign letters intend to join the platform right that's a lot that I mean that's saying a lot and basically we're going support more than 50 countries right out at the gate 30 to 40 currencies meaning fiat currencies around the world and 30 to 40 banks that's that's that's a lot right off the bat right and of course is the IBM we're talking about they have a lot of presence a lot of sway with a lot of companies banks and countries and and and everything you could think of so IBM is definitely at the forefront in terms like a large enterprise tech company I would say IBM is definitely at the forefront in terms of blockchain they're deftly concentrating and spending a lot of efforts and they have already had TV commercials about this but I just want to give you an interesting perspective from Jesse in terms of as investor he does believe Bitcoin will reach 1 million some date all right so speaking of Bitcoin and what's going on now I want to mention a couple things right now the market cab is roughly the same as yesterday BTC is actually a little bit higher I mean you could see what going sideways a little bit higher but there is a futures expiration coming up today right and usually with futures coming up you see one or two things it's either goes up or it goes down and this usually happens beforehand but earlier this week nothing really happened we didn't really see market really spike up or down I mean like earlier and earlier in the week on Monday we did see a spike up but it's a little bit early usually one or two days early but who knows maybe that was part of the reason but I do want to mention Bitcoin futures exploration from CMA is coming it's gonna be expiring today I believe at 2 p.m. 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. Central Standard Time since they're based in Chicago but this is not the interesting thing is this article that I just found this is what's interesting basically it highlights that futures are seeing record volumes okay even though Bitcoin futures is settled in in cash it's not really really dictating Bitcoin in any way but we know market makers manipulators they will they will manipulate the market to make sure that they profit from the futures but it's interesting to note that record volumes of futures is being conducted which means which means that a lot more people are starting to get involved that who are who are these people these people are institutional investors okay so I think that also that's a that's a pretty clear sign that that interest is coming back okay interest is coming back so you know I've been talking about yesterday's video was all about ten reasons why bull run could come right one of the reasons one of the triggers is from institutional investors and but unfortunately it's hard to see the data but I'm gonna give you a little data after this too but I think this is one of the important things you could take a look at is well who buys Bitcoin futures institutional investors and if the the volume on these futures are going up well that means they're they're starting to get involved I think they're starting to pay attention I think a lot of them that's sitting on the sidelines you know we're waiting for a bottom right 2000 1000 and they're like we didn't want to get in we want to hit a bottom but now that the market is really stable volatility is pretty much all-time low and volume was all-time oh and then now we're starting to recover a little bit I think people are starting to to wonder maybe the bottom are ready past and maybe we are ready to start heading up so I think this is also a really good indicator outside the technical indicators this is a really good indicator that we think we can start paying attention to to see if the volume of the futures trading actually starts increasing every month now so just something else I wanted to show you guys I think this is also very positive now I just mentioned more data right and we're all about data so Brian and Armstrong I don't know why Anders Brian Armstrong CEO of coinbase he he's been tweeting a lot but one of the things you know I I always mentioned about OTC market is there's a lot of OTC trading we don't get a lot of data unless some CEO actually comes out with it in this case it's not OTC data but it's custody data and right now there's very little companies we're all waiting for fidelity come out with their custody service right but coinbase they have their own custody service I don't know how many of these big big wheels really trust it but he says that they have already five hundred million in assets that's being stored in their custody service five hundred million is a lot of money okay and that's that's only to start that's only to start I can't imagine when fidelity actually opens up how many billions go in immediately right as big as coinbase is to us in the crypto space we think coin basis is like you know a dominant company along with finance but in the eyes of banks like true banks or hedge funds and VCS that there any positive all right moving on Brian Anderson has more news to share now this this is a little this is a little dangerous okay so usually you don't have a head of a company speculating what's going on or behind is seen to something else because if they are clearly wrong they're liable and they could be sued right so we know what's going on with quadriga right but Brian Anderson decided to do some investigation and he decided to share what is going on in his opinion right and most of it we kind of know and then he he speculating that there was a lot of patterns from the cold wallet which which he thinks that they used possibly to trade because the bear market has basically liquidated them and they were trying to trade and and make some money back basically okay and he also said because of this it's pretty obvious that not just the CEO the management knew what was going on right and then they used the CEOs death as a scapegoat and just blatantly lied that saying that well okay he's the only one that with the keys so we don't have it we don't have access to it but in reality they already lost due to the bear market so that that's base a summary of what he's saying he does say he does say he's guessing and he's speculating but still this is this is pretty dangerous territory you you really wouldn't want to do this especially if you're a head of a company hey you can't be liable for a lot of this so so yeah you just wanted to share what his thoughts are alright so moving on andreas right and I think andreas is one of the biggest Bitcoin Bulls out there a really really smart guy I wish one day I couldn't speak as eloquently as he can I mean if you look at his his speeches his events you know and look at those videos on YouTube I mean he is a really smart guy intelligent guy he also has books called mastering Bitcoin mastering tharam and it's it's pretty much like a starter book for anyone that wants to get into the space but he you throws out some words of wisdom right now right and I think this is something people know but they disappear for of fragmentation when things get difficult people become insular in their thinking and they start magnifying differences instead of focusing on commonalities he continued when things are easy it's easy to get along when things are hard that's when you stop when you need to stop and remember of things we share rather than things that divide us because that is what's going on now recently it's been getting a little better okay and I say it's been getting better because a lot of the haters trolls the people that that really can't handle it they are out but the people that are left are still getting better because we're finally seeing some signs of a recovery but this is why crypto especially crypto Twitter is so toxic because people I don't know for whatever reason misguided reason think that if you bash something right they'll help whatever else is out there Oh word that's why you know CERN certain groups like ether and backers wolde you know endlessly bash yo sir Tron right for their their faults thinking that it's gonna help you throw him a same thing you know people who hate Tron will bash Tron thinking maybe you'll help us or car not oh well you know it just goes on and on right but but instead of you know I agree with Andreas and so instead of magnifying the differences sort of faults I think overall community of focus on the commonalities which is that these are early companies there's gonna be problems but that we're all in the crypto space we're all trying to see kryptos thrive blockchain thrive and see it chained to future and of course lead to life-changing wealth that is what we're all looking for right so these are the commonalities we want to see we want to see adoption grill we want to see projects be successful there's gonna be faults there's gonna be projects mishaps right maybe bad leadership these are early companies right just like their early internet even even now Internet 30 years later you still see companies being misguided by bad leadership or by bad decisions but the good ones figure it out and continue to thrive and a lot of companies that died in the early you know 90s right they died from the same thing you know back then a lot a lot of figuring out speculation of where things going that's why you have a comp crash and stuff so it's early right so I think this is really this is a good reminder for those of us that want to listen that hay rather than magnifying the differences or hate right focus on the good and the commonalities overall we want to see everything kind of rise up right that's how let's go benefit the community as a whole all right so moving on so yesterday I had talked about this I think this is pretty significant that Samsung is go have a built in crypto wallet in their new asset n phone and we're talking about a phone that's gonna be sold over a hundred million okay so a hundred million people is pretty much go instantly have a crypto wallet on their phone so there's there's a hands-on preview in terms of what you can do this this is Korean obviously but there are three features payments to merchants digital signature and crypto storage and transfers so obviously to be a wallet you need to be able to store and transfer but they also built in payments to merchants so this is what I was talking about yesterday B Samsung has their own I think they call Samsung pay where you can utilize it to pay for things you could attach a credit card to it and then just put your phone up to you know some some terminal and it'll just they'll just work right imagine that they integrate Samsung pay with the crypto wallet now so that you can instantly pay for things using your crypto so that just makes it really convenient you don't need an extra step to be able to do it right so that could be easily in the works and that can just come through upgrade so this is my point like once you get in once you get involved right there's go be a lot of innovations a lot of thinking you know afterwards and so whenever a company like Samsung they're they're going they're going in this is gonna be a tremendous thing to please we don't know what's gonna come from this this could be enormous enormous things that's coming so so yeah that's that's also I just want to re-emphasize how big this is part of the fundamental is getting better right all right so okay X I don't know why they're claimed as the world's largest crypto change I believe that is by Nance by I don't know what it is but they're launching XRP and Bitcoin cash Fiat to trading so not you know I bring this up not because Bitcoin cash it's for X or P for those of you guys that are looking for another exchange right to buy something like x RP with you can now do it right on okay X that's if you wanted to alright so here here's a funny story ok the traitor who nail 84% crypto crash calls XRP popcorn rally I'm not really focused on that but I want to focus on this one little paragraph and this is this is funny to me ok and all all ta people should should should focus on this or chime in on this because they'll probably disagree so Peter Brant he's been a trader for a long time I followed him on Twitter for a little bit because of the bear market he like moved out of cryptos for a long time and now he's trying to get back in but anyways he says last year's drab dramatic decline in Krita Marcus was easy to predict from a technical perspective okay so with that perspective then you would think that it's easy to predict if we're what's coming right going forward it should be easy to predict if we're gonna have another dramatic decline or incline right as for the year ahead he says anything can happen from a Bitcoin drop to 1,200 to a bull run that sees BDC returning all the time hi so this is why I think it's funny so anything hindsight is always 20/20 okay after the fact it's always easy to say well the year before right 2017-2018 decline was easy to predict when you look at all these charts and this and that right well that's easy to say after the fact right so if you're so sure about your skills then why is it in the future you say anything could happen from a drop to 1200 or a rise up to 20,000 so how does that make sense of course in 2020 then you can say well 2019 of course from a technical perspective we will go up we're so low but that is 2020 that's after the fact so this is why I think it's hilarious um that's why I don't know what you guys feel about that all right USB USB has been fined five point 1 billion dollars in France for laundering money so I bring up these stories and all I you know a lot of crypto publications also bringing up because of the fact there's just the irony behind it that you have banks who keep claiming that bitcoin is is used for money laundering when they themselves do it all the time and this is pretty significant this is the biggest find in France and they were fine basically the entire profits they made in 2018 so that is pretty substantial however however this interesting this does article does bring something interesting and and I think a lot of Bitcoin maximus actually will will hate this fact whoever's writing this article actually made a comment that Bitcoin transactions are actually easier to track compared to banking transaction then the reason why banks always get caught money laundering because they don't actually know where the money's going to and from right and that's where when this something like this happens right the KYC procedure becomes more strict so if you're doing business with the bank that's why banks always ask you if you get a large amount of money in or out they ask you what is this for why is it you know why are you getting ten thousand dollars wired to you like like to you you're like that's none of your business but to them they ask because they don't want to get caught with something like a money laundering scheme right so that's where it's good and it's bad so you as a individual or even as a company you don't want to give this information but then on the flip side the government is actually imposing the banks to get more information but going back to my original point in Bitcoin transactions are easy to track yes and but you know the whole point of Bitcoin were originally or one of the big points was it's supposed to be anonymous right even though you could track wallets you don't know where the wallis belong to and you could always create a new wallet but because of this is this this this person argues that well you know utilize Bitcoin is easier to track so then you can you can you you can not get caught in money in laundry is easy I don't know if that's actually a really that's a good reason and that's why you know certain coins like like coin and others are building confidential transactions to kind of prevent tracking like this because you know like even like the IRS is starting to look at these things and that's why when you give up a wallet address you better make sure that there's nothing fishy on there because people will always be able to see your transactions pretty much infinitely forever so that's the thing so it's I don't know the takeaway is good and it's bad right and if you have a currency like litecoin who assume will have confidential transactions then governments might also look down upon that too because of the fact it can't track it right and who knows what's gonna happen when that happens all right so last two points I want to make so one sent me this icon because I just talked about AWS is is neutral right even though it's a centralized system but they're hosting without it out it's very easy you could spin nodes up you could what run Windows Server you can run Linux you could run Mac OS if you wanted to but you can also run blockchain notes right so I talked about I brought up article they could in the past where you can spin up you throw them node you could spin up of each haen't node and now you could spin up on icon node so this is something that's positive for DAP makers rather than try to run it on your own computer or run your own server farm spin it up on Amazon test do whatever you need to and you could spin it down when you're done so this makes it really really convenient but again the irony behind this is you're trying to run up a decentralized network using these nodes right but you're running an on a centralized system so I don't know I don't know what it's it's not so clear-cut sometimes lastly this is a little bit concerning and I saw this this this morning so I reached out to dolls unfortunately they haven't reached back to me before I made this video some will try to get more clarification but one of the cofounders of nulls Jason Zhang just resigned and it's due to personal reasons they always say that but the thing is I don't know how involved he is because in this in this blog post it basically says that he was one foot out the door ready that he wasn't part of the community development he wasn't part of the Noles 2.0 and August of last year yang Lin and Neil's weighing have had much heavier involvement with the core team during this period so so this article is really downplaying his involvement with nulls 2.0 but if you go to nulls his blog even recently recently you know 10 days ago it says to go launch an ecological development plan led by Jason Zhang so I'm getting conflicting reports so I know you know it's not – it's not time to panic yet but I gotta say whenever leader a co-founder leaves the company that they co-founded obviously that's that's a warning sign but I'm gonna try to get more information as nulls ask the people I know inside like hey what what's the true story and once I get that I'm gonna share with you guys right and that's why I'm wearing my nulls deep shirt so I'm not giving up on them just yet but I didn't want to bring it out just to be transparent and and I'll let you know I'll let you know alright that's pretty much it going back to CMC a hundred and thirty-five billion roughly the same as where we were yesterday but you do see some greens right you do see some greens and one of the things I mentioned yesterday one of the trigger signs another indicator that maybe we're on our way to rallying is the fact that a lot of these big caps are starting to gain against BTC right and and whenever you see that because during an altcoin season we saw plenty of that all coins were outperforming Bitcoin you know 2 X 3 X 10 X under X right and during the bear market they all went down just as fast and Bitcoin was truly a lot more stable than most of these all points but now you're starting to see a lot of them especially the big caps really gaining on Bitcoin in terms of their ratio verses of BTC that is actually shrinking shrinking shrinking the overall price obviously it's still way off from all-time highs but they are gaining ground and that is also another sign I think people are having confidence again right in terms of actually buying and holding these rather than just always buying and selling in and trying to date trade or swing trade that's another indicator that the people who are seeing well maybe this time is different we're gonna go up we'll go hold so so yeah I just want to bring that up and you can see that so that's why some of these you can see obviously they're going much higher than Bitcoin right all right that's pretty much it let me turn it back to you guys for some Q&A I'm actually plugged directly into my router so it's not Wi-Fi so whatever is going on if I'm having lag issues and I apologize it's it's Comcast waiting for BTC dominus go below 50% yeah I mean we you know just so you guys know during our like peak season BTC dominance was like 80s and 90 percents right look at this we were at 80's 85% still in 2017 right before the huge bull run really start a bud so you've been at 50% it's pretty good of course BTC dominance went down as low as 32 percent during the very very peak of altcoin season right because starting from January 15 this started crashing so you could see that the very peak even thorium itself almost made up of 19 percent so obviously yeah obviously if we see BTC diamonds continue to go down to the 40s and 30s it's also a very good indicator that of course all coins season is coming back and people putting a lot more faith in all coins J gasps have you tried I'm not a text me log about blue wallet for lightning yet no I haven't looked at that yet what do you think about Till's roadmap and their releases well let's take a look at it since we have some time how they've been doing in the last month yeah coming up a little bit in the last month latest updates their new rebranding you know did a lot their web pages like a hundred times better than before a man would teal Community Manager okay here let's look at two now nineteen roadmap well I think I saw this so they ordered three hundred dollars an initial additional labels you know those of you guys are not familiar this is being traded under the lobby symbol B's they used to be called Wahby and there'd only ones in the supply chain space that actually has security bands that you place on top of like a cylinder like a can or something like that and that way you know it's not tampered with you could track it and if it's opened you can see it clearly broken where's the road map and Marsha 30 a massive expansion okay launch of POS notes that's interesting that's coming up also Fiat – teal payment gateway that is also good I mean if you want if you want if you want merchant option right you try to make it as easy as possible so obviously if you give them a POS point-of-sale terminal that is going to make it easier you integrate so that people can pay basically using teal and and converts to Fiat for merchants that's also very positive so that's coming that's coming yeah this AI based product recommendation targeting this was something they talked about for a long time but yeah I'm not I'm not so sure about AI I think that's just throwing out there too much but I'd still do like to you I like Bobby and it unfortunately tanked and it was one of the high flyers before but in the supply chain space right you did the ones that at least that I talked about is V chain Walton chain and Wahby right and there's others like modem and broses and stuff like that but I think Wahby or teal has a lot of potential era gas which is a better chance by spring Lakers making the playoffs PVC climbing to 8,000 on four time will say Lakers making the playoffs if you say PDC climb into six thousand then I would say that could be more likely if we can get above 4,000 unhold I think that that's what I've been saying 4,000 now seems to be like I really well that's our new new ceiling that we need to break right but once we break 4,000 because we drop so suddenly for 6,000 down to 4,000 at least a lot of these ta guys are saying well after you break 4,000 the next step up is basically all the way up to 6,000 and if we can see if we can see about breaking 4,000 actually holding then I would say hitting 6000 could be right around the corner so but now I'm calling 6000 to 8000 that's a different story Portillo's or Big Al's I love Portales that number try Big Al's before constant opal of 28th of February that it's not set in stone now it's looking a lot more like March first and that's part of the reason why ether name has been going up a little bit more excitement about that because the block rewards are going to be reduced by 33 percent so that's pretty significant again this is one of those events kind of like block having for bitcoin and litecoin for a thorium black rewards are gonna be decreased by 33% Jordan we ever owned a Tesla I'll share with you a funny story so you guys know some of you guys know I I have another channel focus on car reviews right so recently I called up a Tesla dealership and Tesla dealerships are very different okay there it's not like a traditional car buying experience they do have salespeople but mostly you could do everything online you go by Tesla's online so I called him up and I thought a salesperson I'm like hey can I review a Tesla and he's like sure come on in right because Tesla doesn't do any advertisement so I figured they would welcome it right he's like come on in I'll get a P 100 D ready for you $160,000 car right so I was very excited when in just about to leave to review the card the sales manager comes out and says no you can't do that you know you gotta you gotta get approval from our press team or something like that right this basically gave some some excuse why I couldn't do it and then it took them days to give me an email address to to to reach out and it's just a pressed email I don't think they're gonna actually improve anything but that was very disappointing but in terms of why ever owned a Tesla I think so I think so I do like them but I'll probably have to sell I'll probably just sell my Ferrari to do so and then they'll become my daily car so I don't know I don't know I haven't said it yeah make sure you guys smash up the likes guys yesterday I must have pissed off either two Russians or Bundy fans because someone has started using a bot to to give me all these down votes but you to eventually they think you're at all these bot stuff anyways but I don't know who I pissed off yesterday you know about the model three intestines in general and Consumer Reports was very high on all the Tesla's due to how reliable it is now they have taken the model three 2's and acts are off the recommended list because of all the surveys saying that build quality has gone downhill because Tesla has been ramping up or Dec production and they're not that efficient at it they're nowhere close to what like Volkswagen or Toyota or Honda can do right so it's interesting seeing that that they're no longer recommended and in terms of Rafah what you said about paint that's interesting I'll have to ought to pay attention to it Kyle I did yes so that's why I mentioned when I talked about the dolls news whenever a founder leaves it's not good that's why I can no longer bat poet because poets CEO basically where the main guy left for Washington Post so unless he wants to do like a Trojan horse where he's gonna try to convert washing poles to utilize poet unless that's the scenario you know it's it's not a good situation so I'm will trying to get more clarification on Knowles because whenever a founder leaves I mean to be honest it's not good that means they something really bad is happening or they've given up on the whole crypto thing yeah that's true Dirk that's why you know that's why when I bought my 360 it wasn't a most expensive it costs a lot less than Tesla's but they don't go down and price it anymore I mean for the last ten years actually they've been going up in value so right now it's just sitting in my garage covered and it's fine and I could keep it cover for a few years and it wouldn't go down in value in fact it'd probably go up so that's one of the reasons why I bought it Douglas I have seen all the racing channels I know the P 100 D is pretty much unstoppable zero to a hundred but after that that's when some of these these hyper cars now take over but still for daily driver it's insane when I was you know so when I got denied reviewing the Tesla at least I had got to do tester of it but but the salesperson was there I kind of floored it a little bit from like 20 to like 40 and that thing was like insanely fast like with electric cars the torque is instant it's it's crazy how how fast it was just doing like 20 to 40 so I can't imagine that's without doing launch using launch control and stuff like that my other channels called drivers only so if you look in the comments I pinned the first one so if you guys want to take a look at take a look at it it's mostly just common cars cars that people would be interested in but I review a lot of I try to review lies cool stuff Jake that's true that's true these last year I hardly drove mine at all yeah you know cars and crypto go together right because that that's why everyone says when Lambo and why Lambos is so popular because most people that want to make a lot of money with crypto they're guys and usually guys love cars right not all I'm not trying to I'm not trying to say anything bad about people who are into cars but I think most guys are are into cars so it does fit it does fit all right anything else I think this kind of turned into a car chat and I don't mind if you guys love cars I love talking about cars and definitely check out my channel but if you guys don't have any more questions about about crypto so I guess we could end in and I could give you your day back hey Cyrus Tony I reserved those when we when we have a crazy a pump or dump but we're not having any of those right now so Tony oh come it'll come again thing about Rs 5 or CLA for 30 K or more GTR RA for our 60 yeah the thing is you know when I was getting my 360 I was looking at most people who want a budget exotic car will look at our r8 or 316 alright it's newer for most people it looks better but a promised what is the DSG the dual know the single clutch on the r8 the earlier year our eights are garbage from what I hear so unless you get a manual or you go for newer r8 I hear that that's the reason why they're so inexpensive so just keep that in mind and in terms of GTR in my opinion just looks more like a normal souped up like Nissan right it doesn't it doesn't look that impressive when you see one on the road and plus I hear for daily driving it really sucks the Sean asked table coin failure reasons well yeah like someone that like something like tether obviously they're supposed to have two billion in the bank and if they don't one day if they exchanged or something is looking to cash out and they can't that's when things escalating they go belly-up so that could happen now the recent stable coins from the exchanges from the US I tend to think they're more reliable and trustworthy because the US you know they're gonna be looking at them and regulate them adding them a lot more than someone like tether who's been having banking issues you know P Phoenix also does all these weird things with their banks and moves them around and stuff like that because because I don't know it's just it's you know so I tend not to trust trust others watch where our thoughts in am Mike ass Amazon coin that is being using the App Store is it related to probably not if it was I'm sure we would hear about it but I'm hoping Amazon I'm hoping Facebook and Amazon well Facebook for sure okay Facebook they already have the credit system so them introducing a crypto would be would be what make logical sense it'll be tremendous okay for an industry Amazon first they need to open up payments Bitcoin payments and and all the other all the other players in this space will probably follow right and then they could come out there coin which to them also makes sense because they do have Amazon credits and so forth sold all your nonsense saying left unfortunately I think a lot of people is go take that news that way so I'm trying to get more clarification for you guys how many Bitcoin do I own that you can't ask that that's like me asking you how much money do you have your banking town I'll just say more than one how about that how much Bitcoin should we've strived to Kim lay that there's no right or wrong answer but I should are I showed an article but for if you even own I think someone did some calculation but to even own one Bitcoin right which for some people is very easy for some people they're still striving for one even though on one Bitcoin will lead to a lot of wealth in the future right it might not be the near future but ten years twenty years even one Bitcoin to own that you will be in a minority you'll be in the 1% you know how people talk about a one percenters to be a one percenter and Bitcoin you don't even have to own one probably just point one Bitcoin right just early on no one really pays attention to that right now short-term no one but just wait just wait another ten years okay most of you guys will be around in ten years fingers crossed you too but even 0.1% eight point one Bitcoin will give you will make you into one percenter so it just really depends really depends there's no right or wrong answer in my opinion but in terms of me right the reason why I'm in it why I trade all coins and so forth is to accumulate more Bitcoin because I think that is gonna be the ultimate store value and the ultimate life-changing life well life well generator basically within our lifetimes that's my opinion totally thanks 0.2 0.2 8 whatever doesn't it matter if it's point two point three point one I think even point one you will be in a one percenter because keep in mind people can't predict you know there will be we're at like 17 million right seventeen point five but most people are speculating means there's really no way to figure it out that twenty thirty percent of the Bitcoin circuit supply is lost forever right you guys have seen those stories where a guy loses hard drive and now he has 80,000 bitcoins that's lost right so people are speculating like three four five maybe six or seven million Bitcoin it's already lost forever so think about that so from our seventeen million it could be as low as ten million right so because of that the certainly supplies even less and the total supply to 21 million even though it's 21 million maybe there's only like 14 or 15 million in existence so that makes it even harder to own in the future are there any u.s. stable coin that finance yeah there's a lot almost all of them are Paxos circle USD see they're there almost every single one is added I think the only one that have an add is Gemini the G USD but I'm pretty sure to go add that soon too Tony thank you thank you for that plug and yes I do run an insider program where I write newsletters and there's a smaller community where we chat and stuff so I always post that link and it's in the description if you guys are interested in Joey to take a look well Nasdaq's index reflects much differently from CMC who knows who knows where to go pull during prices from but I know they're not pulling from CMC if they do they would be the that would be the worst mistake of their lives well I doubt they're pulling from CMC I'm pretty sure to go work with someone like Gemini and the gold do their thing maybe they're working with some OTC markets you know who knows that is gonna be their secret I don't think they're that information Phil that's true we do have a talking time I used to trade stocks I don't anymore I don't anymore I went all in on crypto I'm really tempted to get back into stocks too right now but I don't know a lot of people saying be careful the stock market is about to crash we're looking it's looking like we will go into recession but then you got pundants on TV they say yeah don't worry about it it's gonna continue going so I'm not sure I'm not sure one thing I do know is crypto is less volatile than stocks and and we're at the bottom we're a cult and we're not at bottom we're close to bottom and this is the time to be accumulating so so right now that's why I'm not into stocks Oh auntie is pumping I mean yeah there's a lot of stuff pumping on Finance and people are just bored right now so they're getting involved with pumps I'll give you my observation some of these coins that pump when they first pump to twenty or thirty percent if it's sustainable then it goes to 50 percent and then this is where it's critical because usually it'll pump up to 70 percent and then it'll start crashing it always does I mean I've seen like four or five coins like this now so there's like different levels it's always like twenty or thirty percent first then fifty percent and 70 and the usually wouldn't hit 70 that's when the pump is over all the people that got in will sell and dump immediately and then that's when you see it crashed down so that's just my observation thanks Jake all right guys I think that's pretty much it I know a lot of guys just hanging out not a lot a whole lot of crypto chat but that's okay I enjoyed this I mean it's Friday like I said it's looser but anyways anyways we do have a futures ending right later today so we'll see what happens maybe then start going up afterwards we don't have to wait too long that should be in a few hours but I want to make a few note first that volume on these futures are going up so that's kind of indicator that hey institutional investors are starting to pay attention more right maybe they want to formal in just like the rest of us and then also the main topic is IBM Jesse Lud the head of their blockchain IBM we know is very involved blockchain and in his opinion he thinks bitcoin will go to 1 million eventually and I agree with that I do think it will happen eventually just don't know when I'm digging 10 to 20 years right but we'll see all right guys that's it have a good rest of the weekend well hopefully fingers crossed that would go make some strides we break above 4,000 that we hold above that there's not much stopping us from hitting 6,000 so once again which would be very significant it will be very significant happens all right thanks guys thanks for tuning in make sure you smash up the life subscribe to the channel and I'll see you on Monday 11:00 a.m. all right take care guys bye

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  2. Bitcoin Price Will Reach $1 Million, Says IBM’s Industry Expert Jesse Lund

  3. You should talk about crypto taxes in California.
    I'm not too sure I understand it yet. I remember reading about a college student in 2017 that had huge gain, but didn't cash out and his value went way down during this bear market. Now the IRS wants him to pay 400k in taxes that he doesn't have.

    How did you have to deal with it?

  4. manipulators chasing you…its called paranoia, its the freest market in the world and you are calming someone is manipulating it. Its just buying and selling.

  5. hey George look at TEFOOD, big partnerships with United Nations, Korean food giant Nongshim, Hungarian branch of Deloitte, global suparmarket giant Auchan decided to implement it in five countries (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Senegal). Implementation already started in France!

  6. weekly RSI and stochs are screaming up, ADX/DI chart on weekly looks great, MACD on weekly looks great… I think we'll make one more pop up to $4300 at min. It will be a very hard level to chew through as there will be a ton of sellers since it is this year's high. $5K is possible if we close and open a daily at/above $4300, but we will NOT scream past it by any means.
    Thanks for the news, brother from another mother.

  7. Good video, yes 1M bitcoin is mathematically very possible, I do see a major big bull run coming right around the corner for bitcoin and majority of the crypto market, just my humble opinion.

  8. Please make it happen. Please. Please make it happen. Did I say please? Please. And if I wasn't clear…PLEASE!

  9. that would be a 30 trillion market cap no? I'd imagine the top company market caps will be up at 30 tril in 10 – 20 years or so so possible of BTC does become a viable mainstream currency.

  10. But the 21 million in BTC supply doesn't take into account the forks? So we are already way past that number

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    Times are So Serious !!

  12. It may hit a million, but not before the robots and whales thrash it down to $3000. Next big dump is when Im buyin back in, then averaging in every payday all the way too the Moon and Tropical Banana Beaches! Thanks George

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