32 thoughts on “Bitcoin Time Traveler Price Prediction, Buying 21% Of Bitcoin, UnBanning Crypto & New Ripple Hire”

  1. Noah time traveller is more believable. He said Bitcoin will reach 50,000 by 2028, and Ethereum will eventually match bitcoin in price. He said crypto fluctuates every 3 years, until it eventually is everywhere. Only old ppl use cash.

  2. I have a question for everyone. If you could only invest in one altcoin at a time what coin would be in your bag right now?? Only 1

  3. The Bitcoin time traveller is real. He came back to buy at low prices. Those 5 million Bitcoin are not lost, they are just being held in time traveller wallets to be accessed in the future.

  4. I'm a time traveler too. John McAfee ate his hot dog and the next day Bitcoin got to a million. It was sad.

  5. Eyes are now firmly set on bitcoin’s new target along $9,650 resistance, signaling a very strong upward move beyond the $10,000 psychological price tag. The bulls are still firmly in control, with the price holding well above key support at $8,390 despite having suffered several pullbacks in the last few days. For as many that haven’t stockpiled bitcoins, it’s a chance again to do so because it would be skyrocketing in no time allowing huge gains for bitcoin enthusiasts. You can use the service of an expert trader as its quickest, cheapest and easiest to quickly increase your holdings by trading using signals systems that have been tried and trusted one of which is that of Gérard Barrientos ([email protected] or on WhatsApp +447427159640). What distinguishes a win from loss is your entry and exit points of trade and that is where Gérard excels with his signals which surprisingly are very easy to use and extremely accurate. I used them before and still do because I find it easy to trade with his guidance (4 btc to over 12btc in just 1 month). He also acts as a perfect tutor for those who are not experienced enough to start being really profitable in no time. I believe all those who have used his services can attest to how good they are. Not forgetting the main point, now is the time to accumulate and all who are interested in earning big off bitcoin must find a way to do this now.

  6. You forgot to mention that this time traveller also said that Artifical intelligence named "skynet", starts WW3(the last war) and we must destroy cyberdyne technologies before they launch the skynet testnet

  7. Although I know this time traveler thing is for fun what is more funny is that everybody is more concern about the price of bitcoin (me included) and not about time traveling itself. Which could be around the corner according to this, and how it could mess up everything we know according to Dr. Emmet Brown (from Back yo the Future) 🙂

  8. At this point the prediction is not looking good…1.5yrs into the 2 year period and we are below $10k not heading to $100k. We have yet to see any big or repeated moves upward.

  9. Hello Everybody! No such things as time travelling here, but shaping your own Universe ! Don't think you are, know you are !
    Kiss by COINER RICK !!!! BIT#@$

  10. No way you could make this stuff up. This is in part why I come back to the crypto space every day…. for the entertainment value!

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