34 thoughts on “Bitcoin Time Traveler Predicts $1 Million Dollar Bitcoin By 2021 – Hes been right since 2010”

  1. Yes . . . We are the Same . . . in a Time Anomaly.
    Yet . . . "Gaze upon my Works, Mighty, and Despair."
    Forced to Despair . . . the Time Line was Altered for My Despair.
    Time Line . . .

  2. Your time traveller is one of the big BTC wallet holders …who unloads as the suckers FOMO in ..its all planned……???
    You guys are hilarious…….???

  3. If he was a time traveler, he would have mentioned altcoins. Nothing about Ethereum or XRP or Litecoin, etc.

  4. You mother fuckers crypto YouTubers deserves hardcore killing mother fucker, how many fathers you have I may think you mother fuckers crypto YouTubers born through ? & ? mixing sperms

  5. Here what makes little sense. big players a buying massive amount of btc over the counter or so they say… but when did the otc guys buy bit coin and where is that "boom" effect on the chats? Because in 2017, 20k happened due to everyday people. so riddle me that.

  6. I can confirm the future price. Excuse me for a moment. I need to put these banana peels in my DeLorean.

  7. BS on time travel but easy to make look accurate with unlimited funds to push up as needed… harder to control going over… 2017 he was out… he said 10k…. seems like a game being played by the ultimate controllers… makes bitcoin look scary… “satoshi” was an alias and those with 1000000 bitcoin stand to stay on top after the switch

  8. at least two statements are flawed already. In 2017 btc reached 20,000 not 10,000 as stated and in 2015, it reached 400 something dollars not 1,000 as was stated. If this person is claiming to be from the future, then they have already made some errant statements

  9. You need to claim your own DNA and do a Live-Life claim. Individual Taxation is illegal anyway. Time to move away from this public nonsense and go private. There's your freedom.

  10. Anthony Pompliano, another well-known name in the crypto sphere and co-big shot at Morgan Creek, has adjusted his own forecast. Pomp originally predicted in January 2018 that Bitcoin would end the year off at $50,000. However, having since poured through more data, Pomp has kept his original price prediction of $50,000 but has extended the timeline to 2022. explaining that everybody should buy more and join the gain, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Diego's strategy, i was able to make 7bt with 1.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, You can reach him on [email protected] com or telegram @Diegodouglas440 or whatsapp; WhatsApp +1(985)686-0034.

  11. If you use Atomic wallet check your shit. All my Cardano just disappeared. All the history of ever having it, everything. I didn't hold much on Atomic but… still blows.

  12. I need 30 persons to tweet about the newly release BCD wallet app that has AI trading capabilities. I need you to tweet to Trump this is the real Bitcoin. Chinese are rushing to buy BCD in Binance to position for the pump.

  13. Totally agree with your “new world order” vision, the problem i see is that “they” scared us with the title “new world order” being a mass control of all human race in a bad way (wich has always happened any way just different groups of power who not necesarily agree al the time), as they scared us with that title or tag, they are controlling us into thinking that being one, as humans, is bad and I really think that when we act as whole for the benefit of the whole human race, then, nothing can stop us. Together we stand, divided we fall.

  14. He‘s claiming prophecies in order to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. He holds a lot of bitcoin obviously.. and wants a long bull run.

  15. Titor is a Hoax. If you went back in time, would you publish doomsday predictions without suggestions as how to avert the tragedy?

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