24 thoughts on “BITCOIN TIGHTENING! A Bitcoin Breakout Is Coming TODAY!”

  1. i let my daughter (9) decide how i push the like button, she thought the head butt was a good idea so she put the mouse over the like button and bumped her head on the mouse haha.
    thanks for the video mate, very informative, if bitcoin starts breaking out to the left instead of up or down i think ill just go all in, no TA required!

  2. It's strange for me, drawing trendlines like that. Your trendline touches somewhere the wick of the candles and somewhere the body of the candles. I think it doesn't work if you "accept" wicks only when you want and sometimes you don't care about wicks.

  3. Disbelief at its finest lol . It’s got to retrace (rallies) for sure it can’t go no higher (new high) binance got hacked??? (Rally) we are in an descending triangle off of a rally (?????) ??‍♂️? that 50/50 split ain’t a bad move in my opinion Jebb catch the break out either way and why not cause we all have hodl portfolios right????‍♂️ ps if you ain’t got the course you missing out. Don’t get caught up in these you tubers out here with their over confident approach to make you feel like you can’t win if you ain’t getting what they are putting down. What I have seen out of having the course amongst many thing is me being able to take at least two parts of the course if not more and apply it to something daily that’s going on in the market currently. I could and will comment a testimony every time he asked and could tell you something else I get out of the course every testimonial I post and it would be different.Keep doing ya thing Jebb . Duck reveal before the face reveal he wants some shine time too lol

  4. Hy jebb,
    Elliott states impulse-correction- impulse.
    The angle isn’t that important.
    And AB=CD measured move is high probable too.

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