29 thoughts on “Bitcoin: The New World Economy, 2020 Bitcoin Bulls, Cardano TestNet & Monero PoW Upgrade”

  1. Man you are spot on today…Great video and congratulations to every one still in this crypto space …I am 63 years old and have been sort of obsessed with Bitcoin and this space since 2014…please remove your crypto to a hard wallet…incredibly satisfying experience…might never sell my Bitcoin…I expect in the future Amazon and all business will list prices in Fiat and the Bitcoin equivalent, side by side…then we will know Crypto has arrived!

  2. I've finally broke even after dollar cost averaging the last 2 years. Been a rough ride. I'll make sure to take some profit before the 2022 correction this time though. Your videos are part of my morning study routine now. Thank you sir.

  3. Didnt realize you were Canadian, I'm a Halifax Nova scotia resident with a pretty large ADA holding, ill see you on the other side, thanks for the videos and good luck with your holdings. Your passion to bring others with you is very similar to mine and i look forward to seeing where all this goes

  4. I will come back to this video a year from now.. Future me says thank you. immense gratitude for keeping that torch bright. keep building, keep buying fractions… we will get there.

  5. USA arent bothered about the regulations and being left behind because the current administration is hell bent on destroying the country so that its paymasters in Israel can then become the most powerful nation after its downfall

  6. Stage 2 according to Shopenhauer. Still trying to fight it. Yes unstoppable, unstoppable, unstoppable…

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