18 thoughts on “Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) : Money Won or Money Earned..? [05.24.2019]”

  1. Im just wondering, what if 'the big correction' is already finished.
    > we hit the 0.382 fib level.
    What if that was wave 2 and we are now making the first impulse wave of the big 3rd wave?
    guess time will tell 🙂
    nice TA btw

  2. Everything i know, i have learned from you. Even tho you are the master, I always count my own count, and find my own buys and sells. I am not looking for free buy or sell signals , i am looking to learn.
    Thank you so much
    I have my buys around 6500, 5300 and 4400.

  3. I count us being in W4, W is done, X (zigzag) goes to 9k and the Y retests the 8,2k.
    All I all a Running flat?‍♂️.
    Than up to 5.

    When the impulse is over? The retrace to previous W4 will be more shallow (8k area)


    Thank so much Sam ???
    I just watch every vid you guys make several times an make notes ?

  4. I see it as a 4th wave triangle ABCDE with another move up to 9k coming next completing this whole 5 wave impulse. It looks perfect on Bitfinex chart, invalidated if 7400 is broken.

  5. Why do you always have an unsure voice? U talk, and always have some pause, and uncertainty about ur count. I think that u are really good with EW, but sorry bro, it is very hard to listen to u when u talking like that.

  6. Wow. This is a beyond what your thinking good video. This video could be so profound to so many people. You explained many important clues that most people won't even share. Good job dude. I was a member for a month once. I wish I could have stayed there but I get maybe a couple hours a month to spend there. You need a cheaper version for people that can only observe the content and rooms but they can't talk or ask any question. I'd join that shit in a heartbeat if price were right

  7. thanks Sam, i think the anchors for 61.8 we're challenging at the minute are the last algo pulls that can complete a positive target? pulling from the next pivot up gives a negative value -$234.82 will a machine still take that trade with a non valid target?

  8. Yeah don't be a buyer up here. I am just looking to take profits at this point, I will be mostly out by 9600

  9. an extended 5th in the 5th is the most likely place for this anomaly. I do believe in a 9200-9700 before a retracement .

  10. I sold too early this morning. But last year I gave back too much and don't want to give back anymore profits. Guess I'll wait for the next pullback!

  11. No brother! Preach on – LOL. Love the wisdom, however; I find Elliott simple to start learning then it becomes so complex so rapidly, I get Lost. I always enjoy your walk through.

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