14 thoughts on “Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Breakout”

  1. Great content! Rising wedge formed since 8 weeks in reaction to the 2018-2019 falling wedge . target around 14500 USD . EMA ribbon should be getting closer to price action : my only concern

  2. Thanks for your awesome work! I'd love to see a live video.. that way we can see how you make your decisions.

  3. Working with Mr Denis Law have really changed my life in a lot of thing's it got to a time I almost gave up on trading but he gave me a chance after i invested with him the profit keeps on coming am so happy

  4. now it might come back and touch the upper trendline on the pennent it just broke out of. if it does, that most likely is a buy in point. caution though, they might do a quick smash and grab down below the trendline to take out the stops of people who are going long there. then come right back up to that trendline, and take off for new highs. seen some fib time frame analogy that makes me think the retracement spoken of may not be until beginning of july, where we could see a sell off, most likely driven by some fundamental news on btc.

  5. As a Navy & Army veteran, thanks for the call out; it's appreciated. And gratitude for your ongoing insights!

  6. Thanks for another clear, concise video, brother. I especially appreciate how at 08:54, you broke it down and recapped everything nicely. Happy Memorial Day!

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