6 thoughts on “Bitcoin targets $10k+ | Wen Alt szn? | 95% of BTC volume fake”

  1. Amazing video from a fantastic head analyst from the Cryptosomniac community. I have been a member for 6+ months. Have learned a ton and it has paid for itself time and time again. Saved capital in 2018 and have beaten the market by 20% in 2019. Big winners, and small losers!

  2. Although the cryptocurrency space is looking good with the bulls gradually coming along and price keeps growing you can’t tell for sure what is going to happen as a correction might occur and may lead to the reduction in price. There are many factor or market factors controlling the price of bitcoin which are out of our control either ways one out of these two things must surely happen. First the price increases and keeps increasing till buying 1 btc will be out of the reach of many which is favorable for those who are strictly hodling or a correction occurs and the price drops and goes sideways which will cost you your hodling. So now is the best time to get into bitcoin trading if you haven’t already, you can always turn in profit and increase your portfolio no matter the market condition. With smart trades and a well thought out strategy and subtle exploitations of market loopholes, you can always turn in a considerable profit as have been proven by some traders, me inclusive. My portfolio is exploding and increasing everyday with profit since I started trading using Gérard Barrientos strategies and signals. What I do is trade a certain portion of my bitcoin and hodl the profit because I plan on exploiting and taking full advantage of the full swing bull run when the price eventually sky rocket to the moon. Why I trade with Gérard Barrientos after trying so many signal provider is because his signals is 99% accurate and easy to implement in my trade and I urge all you hodlers, newbies, expert traders and sorts to contact him via {[email protected] or on WhatsApp +447427159640} if you are looking towards wining and making consistent profit daily.

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