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[Applause] with a common denominator I need all of you to stop what you're doing and listen let's talk about something important put that coffee down I'm not here to waste your time everyone has access to the information we just know how to analyze it better Todd father 60% of the time it works every time that doesn't make sense well it's no trick to make a lot of money all you want is to make a lot of money what is going on guys welcome back to another live episode of learn Carib doh my name is Nick Hellman I'm Todd Butterfield we are here what is today Thursday may never learn together bin saw a busy week so far but we got some decent news out in the cryptocurrency ecosystem today we're gonna talk about coin base in the bat listing in it whether you guys played that right we're gonna talk about a cryptocurrency that a lot of people were talking about that is now been proven a scam as the team and the founders are nowhere to be found and the price continues to plummet I've made I mentioned this on the show live on air before people asked about it I said I'm not interested I heard it was some fishy things going on behind the scenes and that has finally been put out in the public as well as traditional companies continuing to make games off of Bitcoin meaning people are buying Bitcoin via their platforms and they are reaping the benefits even during the bear market people are continuing to accumulate Bitcoin as well we talked about this a few days ago where five walt addresses accumulated 133,000 Bitcoin in the matter matter of four weeks worth 850 million dollars a lot of suspicions that these are future Wales and institutional investors etc and they were accumulating around these six thousand levels kind of propping up the market what you've been talking about that the software has been showing as well the selling volume is increasing but the price is remaining the same and that we even had a nice little pop here in Bitcoin as well that means the composite makers are accumulating while the retailers continue to get shooken out you got anything to add over there Todd before jump into this now I know not too much I've been working on the software it's starting to load some data so we're cool about that so just anxious for that really that's kind of why I wasn't alive yesterday just having some issues and trying to get it all done cuz I think that's gonna be the answer to a lot of our issues we picked the high end square yesterday so the software has proven it's worth just got a get it where it's available for everybody and quicker and faster and get some sectors made up etc so we went ahead and we're gonna pick a winner from our Zen giveaway from last night's or the night before live show also tonight will be a horizons and giveaway show so make sure to hit that like button if you're not already subscribed what are you doing here hit that subscribe button and leave a comment in the comment section below with your ze and Walt address and you are entered to win one fulls and currently worth fifteen dollars so get in that my friends would like to give back to you guys and let's let's just get started and maybe your microphones a big limp Biskit over there what's wrong with that I don't know what's going on I don't want to touch it Jerry O'Connell what's up where you been Gary Gary and I talked skype it but we have he hasn't been in here in a while so he must be up working late alright so the market cap is at 214 billion dollars Bitcoin dominance down 0.1 percent to 52.2% a little right across the board bitcoins still above 6400 at 64 43 a theory I'm still holding about 200 so we are giving up some of the games but we're still net positive for this week in this past couple days so far XRP performing the worst out of the top cryptos down 7% but still right around a $0.50 we were having buys on that here on the show at 41 cents as well as 45 cents and he even said you could light in your bag if you're like if you're wanting to do short-term trading on it I'm still holding the XRP that you guys made me buy at 41 cents we'll see what the software the charts look like on that in one second nothing to brag about really everything is down z cash is up 5.8% probably some people who are taking profits on the back poin listing today and trying to gamble and say that Z cash is gonna be next to get listed the coinbase Pro and coinbase and hoppin on that train my opinion I don't really think Zee cash is gonna be next I think the best opportunity is probably xlm stellar illumines I think has the highest probability of course a da and Z cash are on that short list as well and we do know that a government agency did approve coinbase to have XRP custodian offerings now that means they can take and store extra P for individuals but we are yet to see if that means that they can actually list X R P in the future biggest winners for today eternal token of up 41% show me the money wax up sixteen point four three percent somebody was saying don't touch eSports tokens but wax has rallied about 25 percent over the past three days decentraland Maina the one cryptocurrency I just don't can't wrap my head around why there's value to it very odd but up nine percent and Barry Silbert and others really like mana and they're paying upwards close to what is it I think there's a 1 million dollar land purchase on this Digital Ecosystem so that's interesting and then Pontiacs up 6% but still hovering around 25 Satoshi's kind of stuck in this trading range that we've been talked about the order book is full on both the Buy and suicide so something's got to give there in order for this thing to make any kind of real movement well toss it to Todd and see what you got going on here for a little bit and shout out to Jett what the five dollar super Chet is like Cohen going to the moon now that they have the light the lit IM i think lid i am is what where they can pay via SMS we've always been fans here of light coin it's a large cap that is has a strong name within the crypto community has a big crypto twitter crypto community following and on top of that is going to have institutional access meaning it's on coinbase it song in gemini it's gonna have institutional asset access via these other other components as well it's on grayscale and I think it's gonna catch a rally in the bull run as well some people question what is its utility well you know it's very similar a Bitcoin but a little bit faster so people like ok well we can just have Bitcoin and that's gonna scale with litecoin with Lightning Network well light coins also on the Lightning Network and real like one has going forward as it does have better merchants adoption they are working out things with light pay and many different other opportunities for merchants to accept litecoin as you know we do have loom crypto and we have a WooCommerce plugin and of course litecoin is on that list as well and I just think that it is going to be around it's gonna be here to stay it has great development and then on top of that it is the test net for Bitcoin so it does implement new technological features and advancements faster than Bitcoin gets around to doing and so far that's been been pretty positive you know they they adopted segwayed first they started testing on Lightning Network first and that's been positive in the past I think that's gonna be positive moving forward in the future alright let's go to the Bitcoin chart the 45 minute we usually bring up I did mention this overlapping first wave here a lot of times those are bullish I don't know how that fits in Elliott wave but I mentioned you could have an ABC back down here to really the 6400 level that would need to hold I guess I'm leaning right now that that was a 1 or an a we're gonna Mouse around here and then still see maybe a move up to 67 68 hundred and then if I have a cell there maybe lighten up a little bit on the software I came close as you know to sell on Bitcoin or a self reading on the techno meter but I've tried to explain that doesn't always mean you want to jump on those just because a techno meter goes there we had the same thing on Ripple could have lightened up it looks like ripples pulled back a little deeper that I wouldn't maybe would expected but I still think those are good so and I wanted to show this is a new software coming off the Amazon server so you can see that's a five-minute Bitcoin USD everything is perfect there so the data is loading on this chart the only thing really to talk about would be you can see down here this is a new low on the LP and the lower right and the Bitcoin held price so that would have told you and it was oversold I would've told you this rally was coming no real divergence up here yet but you can see that I'm not getting here's Bitcoin USD T I'm not getting USD T for a bunch of the coins because they loaded my old symbol list not the new one so they're working on that so we're gradually getting there and hopefully over the weekend we'll get more stuff filled in I did want to talk quickly about stocks before we give it back to Nick we try to give a little bit of stock advice on here as everybody knows I was bullish at the lows I wrote in the Week in Review I do a white cop a semi calm I was looking for a rally I wrote this week I was looking for continued rally we did get a sell in some general market indices yesterday and today this is the DIA the diamond or the Dow Jones scuse me we went to a 50 at the close today the Wycoff wave was what I usually talk about that one how to sell yesterday you can see this here we had the technology of can't maybe on what we're seeing here you could say we had five waves down weed this could be an ABC back up so possibly I'd be looking for an ABC maybe back down then another ABC back up but because of that yesterday I gave the sell on square we told you guys that the technical on square and it continues to this buy is the one I gave myself without the technology you can see the tech Namit er actually gave a buy the day of the low and gave a sell yesterday going into the close I gave it we missed out on what was a seven or eight dollars down today so technology already down for you know a week or so and then probably hopefully get another buy signal on the techno meter because that buying cell killed it and then we still got Twitter I did not get out of Twitter yesterday would have saved me a little bit of pain today but I didn't get a sell no techno meter on Twitter so I you might hold here and still work higher I want to show you you P the dollar I still think I think this is some type of triangle maybe they did here so this might be one two three four five I'm gonna say I'm going to sell the next higher in the dollar I think that's gonna then put the wind really behind the back in the cryptos so I wanted at the dollar go a little bit higher maybe here it is over by the technology in short some here probably wouldn't hurt and here's the muddle still ABX that we're long techno meter 47 force is turning up so I think this is still maybe catch this uptrend line and continue higher so that's it we'll come back later and talk a little bit more about some crypto charts with the software sounds good so the first thing obviously finally we've been talking about this we gave a byes on basic attention token and an anticipation of a coin base listen I've I had some nice rallies from coinbase Pro but finally today coinbase calm and quinn based mobile did add basic attention token for all of its users now we did yeah I've been having these same targets from the very beginning I said target number one was always 5500 satoshis where target 2 at 6000 SATs this morning we did break through the 5500 Satoshi mark before the coin based news and I said is 6k stats still in the cards and I said it needed to consolidate followed by coin based news to make the final leg higher after the coin heist news we actually went to 5,000 992 Satoshi's so just missing that second target by 8 sets that is slide 1 what is that a penny so not even a penny a tenth of a penny so those targets really worked out and really congratulations to those of you in the community who capitalized on that we gave buys at – between 2020 2.5 k Satoshi's as well as we bought the pullback to 24 cents and of course right off that 24 cents it rallied up into 30s and then we saw up to what 39 or 36 or 39 cents off of that rally as well so shout out to you guys you know the reason I say stick to a plan and a lot of people were saying Austin Nick we capitalized on some gains at 5500 you know I sold just prior to 6000 at like 5859 I made all these gains that's awesome the reason you have to stick to the plan is because you need to take the emotions out of it on the coin base rally you literally had 30 seconds if you didn't have an order set you weren't gonna get filled and I don't know what basic attention token is to right now but it has just shoot the bed that's all I can say it's down to 4,800 satoshis so that's why we stick to the plan because this happened so fast you can't react you need to set your price targets keep evaluating and set some orders you need to have those orders set otherwise you're not going to get filled and again congratulations to all those people who messaged me thanking me for the trade thanking Todd for the trade off the 24 cent pullback and really helping them set some orders they're utilizing Wyckoff method which can be learned at Lauren crypto and our crypto currency trading course and it's back to a previous fourth wave on the chart so really I'm gonna say that because the software will I don't have bad it did not load which I'm not happy about because bad is one as you mentioned that we caught the exact low down here and and then we caught the 24 pullback that was right around here on the bat USD chart but I'm guessing that's a completed five waves out obviously with the depth of this reaction so probably that's a 1 and we're probably gonna hold here or slightly lower didn't work back higher I think and then probably come back down again worst case stand at a 3,600 but I personally think is probably gonna try to hold this 4400 or spring this area so make a low here ABC backup or a triangle come down and spring whatever low we make here in the next day or so and then I would thank still onward and upward so that's my thoughts we got JG over here says guys any feeling about gbtc as part of an our ir a high premium but for the long-term tax implications worth a look here's my opinion on BG BTC I think there could be gains there a Tata will have a different opinion too probably but my thing is if your in crypto enough to be watching this show the purpose of crypto is to hold the underlying gbtc is as far away from holding the underlying as you can be while still being invested in crypto currencies unless you're trading futures I mean that yeah technically that shares an IOU based off of a BTC holding they have but that's all it is at least if you're holding Bitcoin on exchange it's an IOU but coinbase is is holding it you can withdrawal you have a public address you can withdraw it to a private address at any time GP DC obviously you can't do that and really the purpose of Kryptos is to be your bank and hold the underlying hold the private key much rather be buying bitcoin and sending it to a ledger Nina less a treasure a private wallet whatever it may be then personally buying gbtc in my IRA I mean what's your feeling on gbtc Ted I mean the premiums lower than it has been so I don't think it's as I would never recommend it before I think what's the you know with the draining down here and the some of the premium wrung out I don't think it's a bad idea for your IRA but I probably would be in the you know I'd want to trade it so I wouldn't just buy and hold it I think I would trade it especially an IRA where there's no tax implications so I would do it but I would trade it so you're saying you'd buy that if you were trying to trade it for gains over there in US dollars I mean and then you would want a hold Bitcoin physical physical Bitcoin outside obviously as well but the premiums lower than it's been so I don't think it says were so buy I wouldn't recommend it before now because it had horrible premium but but I think we're bitcoins out now I think it's worth having some money in there then just hold that gbtc all right all right so here we go this is some big news today I mean not too big because I don't think anybody over here owns that we've always dismissed it never told anyone to buy it's not at any crypto private client group accounts at least we didn't purchase it in case you didn't notice by coin BC and developers are also exit scammed we have covered the misery around bite point on several occasions after getting canned from by Nance and other big exchanges there are a couple of the team members probably some freelance community still surfacing from time to time to promise a new roadmap before diving back to obscurity and opaqueness of the by coin desert by coin has had his pumps and dumps in the past we've always said that it had some scammy red flags behind the scenes this is why fundamentals are so important obviously the technical analysis on the chart is capturing the games for us to accumulate Bitcoin and our favorite projects but fundamentals are what protect us from scams fraud bit connects bite coins etc we have never once promoted a project over here that ended up being exit scammed or that was a complete fraud or a complete scam as you've yet knock on wood and that's because we like to do deep dives into these projects and make sure there's some legitimacy to the claims no overriding red flags and of course you never want to see an exit scam on a cryptocurrency that is in your portfolio fluffy pony himself according to he is the Monaro zli developer you guys probably know Hoover Cardo swag and he is seen him on Twitter he's got like a million followers or something he said quote the reality is that 82% of the coins were already mined before its public release so if you did any kind of digging into their black Explorer into their history into you would have seen that 82 percent of their coins where they're being held in one wallet were taken off the market before it was even released to the public etc even if the pre mined coins weren't done so maliciously it still means that 82 percent of the coins in the hands of a person unknown ain't invisible it's basically centralizing a decentralized currency and really ruining the whole point of cryptocurrencies to begin with on top of that the reason the biggest exit scam thing was they got listed on Finance right when it got listed on bindings it pumped to the moon and then they DDoS their own blockchain so that nobody can move them out of their wallets they sold it to the market they got one ahead and captured their Bitcoin moved it off financed and they are gone nobody's heard from him since I don't know if somebody holds byte coin hoping for some rain of pumps but if you do I probably and avoid the headache moving forward and moving into a project that we like that you like or whatever it may be or maybe move it into one of the possible next corn-based listings as I'm sure will try to kill that trade just like we did for the bat token as well you got some charts over there Tyler what's up um I've got the Bitcoin USD software's working on that I will say the LP I think is kicking out some mistakes I'm noticing but it does show the buys that we had and then and I mentioned it on the last show we did get a tech nominator reading up here forty eight point four or five which caught this high back here as well so again if you're a little more bearish than I am you know and we're in a downtrend probably sell 40 eights and normally by thirty six probably so forty eight would have told you maybe take something off the table it would have got you out a little bit higher than where we're at right now and but again I'm trying to say that we've had overlapping five waves up and maybe this is an a down we run higher for a day day and a half and then come back down one more time and I guess 6300 probably would make me a little more cautious than I am right now but we're just talking over the weekend more data comes into the software and gets the same where we need it here's XRP us digs I don't have enough you know as you know I want to bring up USDA USD T BTC charts so we're not gonna get that done still tonight I've told them to fix that issue here's XRP USD let's see if it'll load cuz I had him up earlier you see the technology I mentioned here and again the technology went to 51 really when we was around the 50 level so you know what it told you things were over body are looking for some type of ABC pool box so I'm guessing we probably have had that here so if you're day trading scalping I would think quite being along ripple here we'll try to come back up here to the 53 54 level again maybe trades sideways here for a week before we go higher so yeah some of the some of the coins got over about there I think let me see a theory I'm USD what's the software now is working good for subscribers that means we're dragging data from our Amazon server and my super WebSocket which means we've collected the fight metadata I'm gonna build bring up longer-term charts we're gonna get some sectors build I mean I'm gonna be pretty happy when this gets done so then here was aetherium you could see here on the rally here we went to a 49 so definitely told you up here at 220 or sell a little bit overbought but you know here we are back at neutral again same thing I think a couple days sideways to hair lower you know if the techno meter comes back down to oversold on some of these things I'd be right back in on a trade and maybe what could be a really good rally coming on the next buy signal Dustin says to check out Nicky USD well that's just going parabolic forever so go ahead and get on board Nick USD does like do you have a light coin USD chart before I go ahead and do the same my coin USB and although it's still a little bit slow but thanks for everybody tune in while that chart is loading up make sure hit that like share and subscribe button we are 140 subscribers away before Todd has forced to give away one of our Wycoff and cryptocurrency trading courses from learn crypto IO so if you want to see Todd give away course spread the word we need 140 more subscribers for that also make sure to leave a comment in the comment section below with their horizon Zen wold address ze Anna trades on Finance bit trucks any exchange you can probably name it's already on just got added to who OB today as well so get that address down there and get entered to win yourself some Zen I mean there's litecoin USD you can see we had a buy down here some of these things are gonna get moved around a little bit with the software so you can see down here the o P new low oversold that gave us a buy here a couple days sideways are lower probably is gonna bring the LP to new low it wouldn't take much to come over here to a new low and then get another tech Namit oversold which would be a really good buy signal again you might be LeConte this 1 2 3 4 5 to the upside you might be I'll count it 1 2 3 4 5 ABC which means here's a good buy so again I thought we could slow up a hair but I still liked the action so I'd like to see a couple days sideways and hold these things then we can see if they can work higher after that gonna be all aboard all aboard like one so that's it for now we give this away shout out to everybody in the chat box havin some fun out there that is what crypto is all about it's not trying to make some money gaining some knowledge and having some fun so shout out to you guys thanks for being here as usual so we are going to be given away this then from this last live show but make sure to come over to our YouTube homepage and check out all the recorded interviews previews and crypto tips and tricks spread the word share those and hopefully we can push this SUBSCRIBE count to 6000 subscribers alright let's go ahead and grab this grab this URL see how many of you are entered in this Zen giveaway area you need the beginners course you don't you know nothing yeah you need to you need to learn step one two three how to buy your first Bitcoin exactly because they know nothing all right guys one in 58 chance to win yourself some Zen props to all of you who are active community members and we this is how we reward you here we go and the winner is of horizon the privacy coin of the future huge a shout out to you a topic huge a dowel hairs there you go there you go so I'll be sending you that Zen tonight or tomorrow and make sure you come on the next live show and you say hey thanks for sending the Zen just to verify that we're 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people who follow us patreon so if you want to check that out it is slash learn crypto hope to have you guys in there the first fundamental review will be posted this weekend as well it will be for Ikon icx partnered with the software reading for a buy sell or hold and then we will be going vibed this weekend as well for the patreon users so hopefully we get you guys in there and I have a suspicion that there will be a handful over you that join and it might be a really intimate setting here for a little while if we only have three four or five individuals who participate in it so hope to see you in there get over there and sign up if you're interested in having a more personal one-on-one 24/7 access to me and Todd and it should be pretty fun because I guess I'm hoping to you know make it we're students and and I guess people with the software we can just all you know try to make sure we're not missing stuff because I don't have time to go through what's gonna be hundreds of charts so I'm hope it's just a way where we can all learn more about Wyckoff and do a lot of that stuff live and maybe start trading more you know maybe more day trading swing trading whatever some I'm gonna go ahead are you done I'm gonna jump on yes exile them chart yeah one second real quick Raziel says Nick did you see sky : pumped 20% simply cuz McAfee got a sky : tattoo yes and you know about eight months ago nine months ago McAfee would just say the name of a cryptocurrency on Twitter and it would go up like 50 or 100 percent and then also somebody said wall said $30 per month or weekly never use patreon that is per month walk so $30 per month is the top one that gives you access to everything as well as our discord and then as well as Palm Beach confidential Palm Beach trader Paul you know we're gonna discuss the pulse in the market software of course plus then a monthly giveaway for patreon users only and then on the $10 package you don't get the discord with the Palm Beach and all that but you will have access to anything we post on patreon as well as live shows and all recorded videos will be posted there before they are posted over on YouTube plus I'll probably try to go into more stock details so I can't do that here because lot of people aren't it doesn't care about it and we're trying to keep this you know much more crypto obviously I think the dollar index medal some of that still correlates square etc so we're trying to keep it more crypto related but I think in the future we're gonna want to talk about even some stocks over there especially people that us work so here's I want to go the excel in the software is not bringing this chart up which is not making me happy obviously I put this up last time we were here so we had to we definitely had to buy on this ABC pullback so I'm showing this as five waves up ABC pullback the most bullish count is this is a one two and we're working on this three I mean exilim is holding in there extremely well which makes us count look a little more viable because again if we get sideways for a day or two this thing holds up you would expect we could maybe rock it through this way five high and get this way three if not you're gonna call this an ABC to the upside that ended here are gonna end and then maybe another ABC back down to check the $0.20 level again so I think that's your two choices but for now still holding in there pretty well so can't complain and let's look at let's go back to Bitcoin cash and I apologize about the software not bringing these up because I feel like I'm trading naked in a pool without the software now so I'm had two big gain in Bitcoin cash we call this pork blaster here which really is an ending pattern that would be a way for Elliott Wave so that was probably the fifth so same thing here I'm guessing making an a wave low rally for a day maybe come back down here again check five sixty and then I'd be probably bullish again especially if the software lines up so we'll be watching that over the weekend anything else you got over there we got Hilton stone said she just became a patreon pork blaster VIP shout out to you dustin nelson said thirty bucks a month I'm bullish on that yeah we tried to be fair look you know I've seen some some people out there who are a hundred bucks a month for their trading calls or discord or whatever it may be and that just seems a little absurd to us we want to make it available to you guys while still you know you know getting benefited for our time that we were putting into it we're going to be in discord as much as we can have daily conversations obviously everybody there is in there to make money so you guys will be able to chit chat with each other and then since I am a cheetah in to Palm Beach confidential Palm Beach trader I think those are very expensive you know there's 125 bucks a month each I got oh gee then I've been with him for 3 years so at this point I've already paid all my dues but I'd love to share that information with my growing learn crypto community in a proper manner of course and then tied with the software he's here trading all day singing from the charts so we were trying to figure out a way that we can share that knowledge with you guys and really get everybody in the community who's really trying to triple those bags involved more actively I mean we try to get here as much as I can but we do have other things going on so we go live four times a week for like an hour hour and a half but that's not enough you know Kryptos never sleep and it'll be nice to be able to interact with you guys whenever we're sitting in front of our computers but and I tried to triple those by I think also we're trying to prepare for what we think snow the bull market right now saying we're gonna do this in patreon them it's gonna rock and roll I think you know bull market starts off then Nick's gonna be here way more and there's gonna be a lot more going on so we're trying to launch this new website we're talking about we're trying to get the software right and go at this hard so yes that's what we're doing here and here's the thing on top of that is you know I have a great job great salary job but it's not my passion I sit there on crunch numbers for a bunch of people in suits and a bunch of people have a lot more money than me and make performance reports analyze and do research on different investments and stuff and really kryptos is my passion this community's become my passion and you know we're doing this to where if we get enough patreon members plus YouTube and the software and everything really going that I you know I would step away and put down the salary job to go full-time crypto and full-time what I enjoy doing although from the start obviously I'd be taking a hit monetary wise but you know you only live once and you're supposed to be living for your passions so that's kind of the direction we're trying to go to Moke make it more feasible or more of a living wage and then you know we can be here pumping out even more content more recorded videos more daily shows etc so that's really the end goal of all this woggs dragon crypto hoarder what's up you want comment on 125 million giveaway on xlm what it's gonna do at a price I mean I've got the chart up here first yeah so as far as let me show this chart real quick because they're talking about pork blast and we've called this I mean this is how I had it marked a huge pork blaster on the daily and then the chart I just showed Xin the pink so we have done what's possibly a 1/2 which means we are ready to totally extend here which you know if if Bitcoin is bottom then it's gonna look more like you're gonna get a really good 3/4 you're gonna probably get a 5 up there looking another ABC back down over here maybe to 35 and then we're totally off to the races so on daily that's an extremely bullish chart now if you want to talk about answering that question then you can jump all over yeah I think a short-term price appreciation from the air drop isn't gonna it really doesn't benefit anything if anything it might be a little downward pressure if people decide to sell their $25 worth of xlm I think they'll hotle it for the people who take the time to do it I think they'll be holding it but what I do think it does is it's kind of a marketing tactic to where I think over the long term that it will directly affect price but like I said I don't think it's gonna affect me in the short term and I don't think there's a rally right now due to the air drop I think the rally right now from xlm is people taking profits from bad extra P and others and buying into xlm due to the chart pattern that Todd was describing via if you like patterns Elliott Wave are Wyckoff all three of those were looking bullish for exo-m on top of the fact that it is rumor that exilim can and maybe the next coin on coin base and we just saw what that did for ZRX we saw what it did for et Cie and now bat as well allowing an opportunity to make some gains so and more important news it appears pornhub paid out their monthly affiliate links that's Jerry O'Connell just through us 50 well with the pink whoa the drug dealer levels of dollars all I know is Gary main you must been following the trades or something made some money if you're tossing about 50 bucks like that that is awesome shoutout to you Gary next time ask a question or something you know I feel bad when people just give money on here don't don't ask for anything ever doesn't feel bad heel blade till 3 in the morning and then he lit me up on skype he's gonna charge back back he'll give me yup tonight about three he keeps me if anything moves while I'm sleeping he keeps me posted so actually it's a good good good check for me because he keeps me keeps me hot so pre-show meter what else we got to talk about bitcoins not moving 6480 I got this so US elections were going on in the past couple days and we saw Newt three new crypto friendly politicians win their governor races all three have different reasonings for being crypto and blockchain friendly some like blockchain technology some think that cryptocurrencies can benefit the monetary system and others like it for you know for more third-world reasons citing the fact that he thinks it's very sad that Brazil Venezuela Iran and all these places are having such monetary issues in sinks crypto has the possibility to start to stabilize some areas across the globe so you know the vision is really starting to become a reality the financial revolution is beginning and if we get more people elected into office that are crypto friendly it's only a matter of time before we continue to get more crypto friendly regulation ETFs and we're already seeing that institutional infrastructure be built with backed exchange etc and for anybody that is saying that ah there's no desire to buy Bitcoin you shouldn't be buying Kryptos nobody's interested I will tell you for a matter of fact working for a multi-million not guilty billion-dollar company there is no way you spend millions and millions of dollars on research and development for a back platform from ice from Eris X platform from TD Ameritrade Microsoft Starbucks fidelity Goldman Sachs and list goes on and on if you are not interested in Bitcoin and if you are not going to tell your clients to be interested in Bitcoin you just don't waste that kind of financial obligation and headline risk if you are not pushing it in that direction that is what is coming and we've been having buys on the software all around 6050 $800 saying that somebody is behind the scenes accumulating Bitcoin while you're getting panic shook out because Tom bass thinks it's going to $2,500 I think you should continue to be accumulating at these levels we have we saw a nice rally we're around what the 6200 range went up to 6500 real quick it can happen this fast and it can be really hard to catch the train once it gets going whenever that day comes and on top of that you know if you're in the game you're making trades like bat-like x RP like some of these other ones where you're accumulating a Bitcoin while still holding some of your afraid for tokens and guys that's happening 133 Kaiba Corps were taken off the market within four weeks that's 850 million dollars is that a retail investor probably not the selling pressure is being shown on the opion the software saying that selling volume is increasing yet the price is going up and remaining stable that means somebody is accumulating and soaking up all that selling retail prices because they got the big dough I've got balls of steel the institution institutional money or somewhat new whales coming into this ecosystem and I don't think they're dumb money that's all I can say on that yeah and I was gonna address a few other things from some of the YouTube channels but I don't think I will I mean be careful what you listen to because a lot of people I don't have any knowledge of the game and don't know what they're talking about there's this futures and ETFs and show can I get my money back I don't like Nick shirt well do you like the belt let's see if you can see the belt that's a gold Puma it's the only Brown belt I can find this morning and me and I don't know where I got it from it's just like a gold Jaguar bill that should be driving a Jag with this belt though someone mentioned ZRX and yeah that one's not acting as well here coming a little deeper I'm it's back to what could be support but definitely a little weaker that needs to be so that one was pretty well still owned and needs to find support I'd say right around in here or hair lower bitcoins still holding you up pretty well 64 80s so I still think sideways to higher crypto bum says do you guys think in the future everyone will be running a master node from their house appliances or be told what to mine and if caught mining something else could go to jail or get into trouble I don't I think that's a little far-fetched I do believe that master nodes are staking coins really could be almost like the new bank accounts you know you're locking up a certain amount of funds and in return getting rewarded just like the bank account you have money in there and you get rewarded although it's like point zero to five percent or something ridiculous it's kind of the same methodology and I think other people might approach it you know a lot of people got into – masternodes is some of the most popular and first master nodes and that worked out very well they got in a $10,000 masternode watched it rise to 300 thousand dollars while earning a dividend on top of that that was I was quite a ride and even right now during the bear market – master notes are still like 150 K plus they've been just accumulating – or selling for Bitcoin and USD all along and you know that's why I love master notes taking and mining I can decide every day I earn coins so I hold those do I switch to Bitcoin do I use it for cash whatever it may be while still remaining in the market place of cryptocurrencies which I think has such a such an upside such a high upside objective I have to laugh when the software is finally done here because I know people are talking about trying to follow volume this way and and go to crypto compare and you can get it all for free that's all not true crypto compare is not going to give you volume from 96 exchanges for free Christ I'm paying $600 a month for that data now to offer it on the software and and I'm sorry to say no one's got a better mousetrap nor going to build one so I've got software from modulus which does it for major banks exchanges goldman sachs of the worlds i've we've got I'm gonna say the best API feed and I'm gonna say we've got the best three custom indicators if you don't believe that then go to the other 90 normal indicators that people are trying to play with so you can't go to trading view and watch a bit the next chart with RSI that's a joke I'm gonna laugh at you as we move forward so you better you've got to forgot somebody to watch all the volume and if you want to figure out your own indicators cool but I'm gonna tell you there's no better indicators in the opie force and techno meter so if you don't believe that bring up the Charter Square and tell me you could trade it better there's no way someone was asking if my opinion on ECA ECA is one that we liked right around 6:00 Toshi's and watched a rally 2:30 had a couple swing trades in their live on air while staking that as well it has come all the way back down to around 7 or 8 sets now so even if you bought it from day one we had a couple trading opportunities staking and you're still up a few sets ECA has a great community ECA is a lot of partnerships that I think that they might be able to capitalize moving forward the problem with ECA are the same red flags I brought up from day one they're token economics as far as circulating supply and total supply are starting to cost them they just had to reduce their staking rewards from 50% down a two and a half percent due to approaching the total supply on top of that there still is supposed to have masternodes there's still talk of masternodes in my opinion I do have math degree that is not feasibly possible due to the remaining supply and the token logistics that would go behind that and making it incentivize users enough to pay the 15 dollar hosting fee in order to create a master node on the ECA network I do believe they probably will have another run during the next bull run due to their partnerships and integrations that they are accumulating but I still believe that the the dev team is kind of lacking lately with having to split up the fork into multiple phases and I believe that the token economics with the supply is going to cost them in the long run of that project another person asked is red coin dead red coin to me has always been an interesting one it's one that we've talked about traded a little bit and staked as well and is it dead I think they're just not very transparent or active over there personally and really one of the target competitors for a project that I'm an advisor on Rapids RPD a brand new project that's really the market sector that they're trying to dig into and from what I'm seeing you're gonna start to see some really familiar faces pop up with Rapids and the toka swap coming into q1 I think all I can say is I think Rapids RPD is going to be a nice competitor two red coin and gonna definitely be a lot more transparent with better taupe again the token economics on a lot of these projects were not well thought out they were thought out for the short-term gains and not for the long-term potential and that's the one thing we wanted to hammer on with the projects that we like here like Zen and others and that we built into Rapids as well so I think that's what you need to start looking at as you know you've got to get past these coins that were like in it for the quick money grab and now they're coming close to the total supply and still think they're gonna figure out a way to incentivize people to put masternodes and staking on their network and that's just not mathematically possible guys eventually it runs out and no longer are you incentivizing users to start a securing and verifying your POS network and you've got a math degree I have a bachelors of science and applied mathematics with a minor in business administration a Masters of Science and accounting that's why in a sway you're too much of a bookworm what else we got anything else yeah I need a software up for me to do much more and I can say guys I think what's this thing gets gone I think you need to have the course the software and then we need to hang out and keep finding these trades because there's nothing better than Wyckoff so jack says for some reason my gut is telling me to go all-in on big kinect got a good feeling on this one cat that's hilarious Gary says I've been here for over a year and these deadbeats won't let me take the course yeah that's true I told ya beginner's course was you're a beginner we backtracked Gary's IP address and whatever that comes in denied ooh we don't accept payment from Gary O'Connell right Nixon nerd that's why I don't take him anywhere where we go to party cuz he's not good with women art Bricker said would you recommend a Rapids masternode right now Rapids is still in the ERC 20 token the token swap as well as the the reward structure are going to be public announced here at the latest q1 2019 apparently development is moving along and it might even happen sooner than that guys that's about all I can say once that becomes publicly available obviously I will share that with you once you know I am on the advisory board for that project so being transparent on that not trying to shill it do your own research go to Rapids Network IO and you can get all that information straight from the source right there and I will say digi bite is acting a little sloppy I think the software gave us that a little bit higher software was just looking like I think actually we had a cell signal the last time I brought it up so hopefully we'll get back to that Monday but yeah it's was looking pretty well here till just the last month or so then it's it's knocking heavy so I don't know if somebody's in there selling into this or what and I like better her sooner and what I'm not sure yeah and I mean from a fundamental perspective ditch abide is really expanding getting more and more exchange listings and really breaking away from there the world's largest UTX oh so they're competitors with fur coin like one Bitcoin etc they do have more usability and arguably a more secure network with or five algos but you know competing in it's like when a Bitcoin is no easy feat so they are splitting and creating another use case for the blockchain there are announced something called digi assets which is almost like a protocol layer all in the did you buy blockchain where other individuals can build tokens just like ethereal and then on top of that did do have digi ID which they are integrating into websites individuals can use the blockchain to verify their identity so that way you have no way to get your passwords hacked I mean these are they have three value propositions and yet the market is really main remaining indecisive on it I think it's one of those cheap coins that whenever I have a little extra spare change from from a trade I go ahead and buy another few hundred did you buy and that's just how I've continued to approach it and like I said if it was a great trade and I've a point 0:01 Bitcoin sent around I go by myself 300 did you buy and just leave it in the bag and let it do its thing clifford says it's gonna be sad because we won't be back till Monday so what's the plan new Nick because I don't know if I'm going home here's the plan coming Todd's not going home and if you're sad about waiting till morning I might as well get a divorce not as well carry you can come down here and join the live show so yes we're not gonna be back until Monday but we did officially launch patreon and if you're 10 dollars are up we are gonna have our first patreon live show this weekend hopefully I think we're gonna do it saturday so if you're available on Saturday for a patreon only live show that will be going on so you can join that on top of that I do the Twitter voted and my next full fund amount of review is going to be on icon icx which again I will post first on patreon Friday Saturday or Sunday before it ever goes to YouTube and along with that video the other special feature is that tad will analyze it from a technical perspective and put a bi hold or sell rating on it with price objectives which will not be available to YouTube at least until we go live once again so oh you know what – patreon get on board and check out the different tiers we have three different tiers depending on what you're interested in how much you want to get involved with Kryptos and really how much attention you want from Todd and I and I think it's gonna be really awesome and just with the various you know communities were part of that we can share that knowledge with you with Palm Beach confidential Palm Beach trader Todd's trading my fundamentals etc like I say we're getting ready for a bull room that's what we're getting ready for go ahead and hit the button with the patreon link so they can get jump on that before we head out of there that's not it so shout out to everybody a tune in make sure to LIKE share and subscribe and leave a comment in the comment section below with your horizon Zen wallet address for your chance to win we had a lucky winner today q Jay who is actually a PCG client so shout out to you that PCG account just got a little fatter and do with what you please with the Zen but I really recommend checking out their super node and secure node infrastructure that's all I think log says as Adam Sandler once said do it do it Clifford Chapman said I'm I'm watching for your Saturday show I'm not even going P so I don't miss it there you go that is what it is all about we will be doing that so get over there spread the news about us finally having a patreon if you do sign up for the thirty dollar patreon keep an eye out for a private discord link I will be sending you so you can get into the discord obviously was spruce it up add a few more channels and make the patreon page look a little nicer but the content was what really matters and we wanted to make sure just to get it live for you guys finally as the market seems to be finding a bottom around these levels and we're starting to get some really good trade action from the software as well any last words Todd I'm winning I'm ending every show that way that's awesome catch us on Twitter guys catch us and patreon and until next time stay tuned for your daily updates on crypto currencies right here I learned crypto yes the likes join the todd hey stay positive pal most people they lose they whine and quit she gotta be there for the turns everybody's got good luck everybody's got bad luck don't run when you lose play hard play clean be careful out there we'll see you all again sleep tight you

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