21 thoughts on “Bitcoin SV up 200% WTF!? Apollo Currency COMING, SparkPoint APP Launch!”

  1. Tony I'm 71 in the contest and I think I gave you the wrong ERC20 address how can I correct this sir 0x94097A293C4Db5C900ad40a1d88f69B5D82c30d6 correct ERC20 address if you have not already started distribution of awards thank you so much Tony APL-YRVH-DKQ5-DV6K-F6DHZ

  2. i love that tokenix has blockpass KYC integrated which is definitely making it much more secure. think traders will appreciate this platform regardless of their opinion about bitfinex.

  3. BLABLABLABLABLA APOLLO BLABLABLABLA, when u get some price up like every other coins in the middle of the fucking bullmarket, than u can talk about apollo and utility and God knows what BS are u guys shilling and selling over a year already, there are practicly NO MOVES in price, in the bullmarket, nothing to talk more

  4. BSV price is just a manipulation, mainly via Korean exchanges.
    Wright has already proven that he is a fraud. To register for a "copyright" in the US means nothing. There is no procedure, no request to prove anything. Everyone of us can go tomorrow to the US and also register as Satoshi or even as Jesus. They will just register that we registered and thats all.
    Actually would be funny, if some people go to register themself as Satoshi to troll this fraud. And in the end: we are all Satoshi!

  5. One of those things that I can't explain to my self, bitcoin sv, wtf? Anyway thanks for the video Tony, cheers

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