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When you play a game of thrones
you win or you die. Winter is coming to Westeros, but let’s hope
spring is coming to crypto. Watch on in order to see
our reveal of the true king! I am Molly Jane, Stormborn of the House Satoshi,
First of Her Hash, the Unchained, Queen of the Exchanges and the First Coins,
Khaleesi of the Segregated Witness, Breaker of Blockchains, and Mother of Satoshi
Nakomoto and this is your weekly Game of Hodls. But first let’s take a look at what’s
going on in my Kingdom! What is dead may never die. This week Craig Wright, creator of Bitcoin
SV and self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, embarked on a legal crusade against those who publicly
questioned his claims to the throne of Bitcoin’s father. As a result, a number of exchanges, powerful
Houses of Binance, Kraken and Shapeshift, joined forces and delisted
Wright’s brainchild, Bitcoin SV. Many in the community have long dismissed
Wright’s claim to be the father of Bitcoin, calling him “a fraud”. Among them was a twitter user @Hodlonaut,
the initiator of the Lightning Torch. Wright set a $5,000 dollar bounty for whoever
will discover the true identity behind the @Hodlonaut, saying he intended to sue him
for libel and defamation. At that point, many in the crypto community
took Hodlonaut’s side, pushing the campaign #WeAreAllHodlonaut, where many adopted Hodlonaut’s
avatar picture as a sign of solidarity. The campaign reportedly used the Lightning
Network to raise around $30,000 to support Hodlonaut’s legal battle against Wright. But the hardest blow for Wright came from
major crypto exchange Binance, which decided to delist Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision as it
allegedly no longer meets the platform’s standards. Binance’s CZ had previously warned Wright
about the imminent delisting if Wright continued claiming that he is Satoshi. Kraken, ShapeShift and other exchanges followed
Binance’s example, causing the value of BSV to crash by 20%. But Hodlonaut is not the only one
Wright threatened with legal actions. He sent legal notices to a number of prominent
people, all of which have previously accused him of being a fraud. Among them, Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik
Buterin and prominent podcaster Peter McCormack. McCormack was the only one to publish the
letter from Wright’s lawyers, where he is asked to publicly apologize to Wright and
delete all the defamatory tweets. McCormack didn’t look intimidated and doubled
down on his claims, saying that he will gladly go to court to demonstrate once and for all
that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. The lawsuit, seeking damages of 100,000 pounds
or almost $130,000 was filed in the High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division. It also seeks an injunction to prevent McCormack
from publishing similar comments in the future. While the seven kingdoms of crypto have largely
rallied against him, Wright can still count on a few allies from the House of BSV: Calvin
Ayre, founder of CoinGeek and strong supporter of Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision and Jimmy Nguyen, president
of the Bitcoin Association and nChain Chairman. We reached out to Peter McCormack asking him
to comment on the imminent legal battle. We also contacted Jimmy, who will tell us
his perspective on the issue. So Peter, why did you decide to take on this
legal battle? Because somebody needs to stand up to him. He is a bully and he’s a liar and he’s a fraud
and he is defrauding people. And there was no big grand plan here. I just saw the fact that he issued papers
to Hodlonaut, I thought I saw the papers, I thought they were a joke. And I was like: right, well, let’s get my
own papers, let’s get them out of the public domain. Everyone realizes what he’s putting out there. He claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. He is not. And that was a fraud. And some people say just ignore him. But I think let’s do it once and for all. Let’s go to the court
and this time prove it. And there is a high risk I could lose. Of course I could lose. But I got very interesting legal teams both
in London and in America who are very-very happy to support me pro bono and represent
me in this, because the mountain of evidence that proves that he is a fraud and the mountain of
evidence that proves that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto. You previously claimed that bringing Wright
to court is in the public interest. What do you mean by that? Because he eventually
leads a billion dollar value protocol. Bitcoin SV was valued, I’m not sure if it’s
still now, but it was valued over a billion dollars. He is telling people that this is the original
Bitcoin, this is Satoshi’s Vision. He has convinced a large number of people
that this is true and people are investing their money into this and they’re going to
lose the money, they’re going to get wrecked, because the protocol will die. The protocol has no use and has no value. But he is doing it, he is convincing people,
because they think he is the guy who wrote the original white paper which he didn’t. So the public interest is for this project
to die, because it takes people away from what the real and the true Bitcoin is. Why do you think it’s so important for Craig
Wright to demonstrate he is Satoshi? To petuate his fraud. That’s the only reason. To continue to have the doubt in people’s
mind, to continue to convince people that he is, so he can push his fraudulent scam
coin BSV forward and for his own personal benefit. And probably there is also some narcissistic
grandiose reasons behind it as well. Thanks Peter. Jimmy, you have been among Craig Wright’s
and Bitcoin SV strongest supporters. What do you think about the BSV delisting? I think it is setting a terrible precedent
for the cryptocurrency industry. Exchange CEOs should not be making business
decisions about whether to list or delist assets of their customers and investors around
the world, because of their personal feelings about an individual backer supporter
of a particular coin. The problem with what has happened is that
it removes objectivity from the role of exchanges who have a fiduciary responsibility to protect
their customers digital assets. You have every right to
pursue your legal remedies. Exchange CEOs such as Binance and Kraken’s
CEO disagree with that, they don’t like that. But whether he is pursuing his legal remedies
correctly or not – that’s for a court of law to decide, it’s not for exchange CEOs to say:
“I don’t like that and therefore I’m going to delist a token that is far bigger than
Craig Wright”. There are people and companies, entrepreneurs
and miners all around the world that work on BSV beyond Craig. And it creates subjectivity, the potential
for market manipulation in the future. But Kraken delisted BSV not because of Jesse
Powell’s personal decision, they did a twitter poll. Well, let’s talk about that. Do you want twitter polls deciding digital
asset listings of exchanges that are regulated at some level around the world. That’s the most ridiculous
thing I’ve ever heard. Can you imagine Nasdaq or the New York Stock
Exchange taking a poll to say: “You know Elon Musk did a TV interview
where he was smoking pot. Should we delist Tesla?” That is not what you should do, and the poll
is not even of just their customers. It’s of an entire community of people interested
in cryptocurrency including, as you know, people in different camps
who don’t like other coins, right. So it’s polling this big community including
a lot of people who may not like BSV and saying should we delist. It leads to mob rule. And of course it can be easily manipulated
in game because they claim 70,000 users voted in this Twitter poll. We don’t know if they’re 70,000 unique people. A lot of people have multiple accounts under
anonymous names. There are bots that can be easily used to
manipulate twitter polls and buy votes. That’s a good point. But do you actually believe
Craig Wright is Satoshi? Well, first of all, I don’t think it matters
whether he is or not with respect to whether Bitcoin SV should be listed or not listed
on an exchange. We have never asked a single person to buy
investor support, mine Bitcoin SV based on whether or not Craig is Satoshi Nakamoto. We’ve always been clear saying we have a vision
for the original protocol and design of Bitcoin. We’re the only project following that. And if you believe in that vision that’s why
you should support Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin SV lost 20% of its value this week. What will be the impact of the delisting on
this future of the currency? I think it will clearly obviously, it’s had
a temporary effect, but in long term I think the coin will survive and thrive because of
its fundamentals. If you look at the people who work in our
ecosystem, they’re all building things to try and build real world value and utility
which is why we’re trying to scale bigger to have lots of transactions and generate
lots of miner fees for the miners. It’s about real world utilities that long
term and has real sustainable less volatile value. There will be a dip in the price, I believe
temporarily and we’ll see how long it lasts because of the delistings. But when one door closes others open, I predict
the trading volumes are just gonna move to other exchanges. Thanks, Jimmy. Peter, what do you think? Can Binance’s decision to delist BSV be considered
an act of censorship? I think it is a weak and lazy argument because
these are private businesses. And a private business has to make a decision
they want to make for its business. I mean look at Binance, there are 1,500 coins
on CoinMarketCap that they don’t list. Should they list all of them? My view is this is a fraud
and it needs to be closed down. People don’t like it – go and move
to another exchange. So if you and Wright actually end up in court,
what are the possible scenarios here? The best case scenario is we go to court and
we prove that Craig Wright is a fraud and he disappears from the space hopefully, with
any luck he’ll end up in prison, because I believe he’s committed a crime
which deserves a prison sentence. He is defrauding and conning people and people
will lose money from him because of this. I think he should be in prison. And with any luck that will happen, sadly,
people may lose money, because they have invested in BSV and I feel very sorry
for them if they do. But I can’t do anything about that. I think the worst case scenario is that we
go to court and I’m not able to prove that he isn’t, so he can perpetuate his lie further. I just don’t think that we’ll go to court,
because there is a mountain of evidence that proves he is a fraud. What do we say to the bear market? Not today! Forbes published a list of 50 blockchain-related
companies with a minimum revenue or valuation of $1 billion. While cryptocurrencies are still far from
becoming mainstream, the underlying technology is gaining traction in many sectors. Besides crypto related companies like U.S.
based exchanges Coinbase and Ripple, the list mentions large corporations such as Facebook,
Amazon and Walmart. As you may guess, these companies are not
that much interested in the initial vision of blockchain as a global, decentralized network. Rather they are using blockchain to power
private centralized networks and “Speed up business processes, increase transparency
and save billions of dollars,” according to Forbes. For instance, Forbes mentions the case of
DTCC or Depository Trust & Clearing Corp, which provides custody for most of the world’s
securities for a total of $48 trillion. In the next few months, the company will realize
the largest live implementation of blockchain ever by transferring to the blockchain all
information on their $10 trillion worth of credit derivatives. The majority of the companies in the Forbes’
list are using Ethereum and the Hyperledger Fabric, a blockchain framework hosted by the
Linux Foundation. According to International Data Corp, Forbes
reports, total government and corporate expenses in crypto in 2019 will reach $2.9 billions,
which is 89% higher than 2018. By 2022, this sum should hit $12.4 billion. The night is dark and full of scams. And now to more big
business on blockchain tech. If you need evidence of serious, big time
adoption, look no further than Nestle and Carrefour getting together with IBM’s blockchain,
to track instant mashed potatoes on the blockchain. That’s right! The two food giants are on IBM’s Food Trust
blockchain platform to track the supply chain of the popular brand Mousline, for French
people who’re too busy to do this. Here is how it works – shoppers pick up a
packet in a store, scan a QR code and get the entire life story of the potato, from
birth to early childhood: Mr. Potato head is a mystery no more. This of course is nothing new. There are about 5 million food items that
are currently using blockchain for their supply chain, an industry that started out as a baby
potato is fast becoming the baked potato it was always meant to be. U.S. supermarket chain Albertsons is also
getting in on the action: it is using Food Trust to track lettuce, but they hinted that
more products could follow. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole idea of this is to give consumers
greater transparency in the food sector. As Carrefour stated:
“By simply scanning a product using a smartphone, consumers will receive reliable and unfalsifiable
information on the supply chain and production.” Here with us is the Global Marketing Leader
for IBM Food Trust. Hey Nigel, so what is
IBM’s Food Trust blockchain platform? So, IBM Food Trust is an ecosystem of different
food and beverage companies. So we have small scale farmers all the way
to large retailers in our network. And what’s really exciting is they’re able
to share transaction data in a way that’s important for their businesses
and also for society. So why did you choose instant mashed potatoes? So, in France mashed potatoes, this particular
product Mousline is really famous. It’s something that the
French diners really enjoy. So we chose mashed potatoes because it was
exciting product for us. And in fact when I say “we” it was Nestlé
and Carrefour working together. What’s really exciting is for consumers to
see the farms where this was produced, to understand the different composition of potatoes
that went into it, they can actually see photos in different media about the places where
the potatoes originated, then they get to see where it went to. What is the greatest challenge that the supply-chain
industries face, and how does blockchain solve this? Typically it takes about a week or so, sometimes
several weeks to understand where a problem occurs in the food supply-chain. With blockchain that situation can be resolved
within seconds, meaning we can find out where something ended up and the entire supply-chain
in seconds and so we’ve already proven that out last year. The other aspects is in terms of things like
food fraud, so the providence of our food. So many times we’ve been hearing in the media
about fraudulent food that’s entering into our food system. So we know about honey, for example,
we know about seafood. Seafood is a really good example. Food is quite easy to tamper with, how can
your tech guarantee transparency? I think what you’re getting at
is garbage in, garbage out. And so how can we trust the veracity of information
that’s being put onto the blockchain. So one of the things that speaks to that is
the fact that for the first time you basically have a digital fingerprint. So in terms of entering data what blockchain
does, that the current system doesn’t do, is it basically keeps track of the person
entering the data. It’s basically like a digital fingerprint. And so if Molly enters data into the blockchain
there’s a fingerprint on there that says Molly entered the data. If I upload data there’s a fingerprint on
there that says Nigel entered the data. And what that does is it increases the level
of accountability, because we’re held to a higher standard. We can’t hide behind our nefarious actions
if that’s what we chose to do. What’s next for the IBM’s Food Trust platform? Adding different types
of technologies and analytics. So you can add IOT, so Internet of Things
sensor or data to look at temperature ranges and look at inventory across the supply-chain. You can then do things like add analytics
capabilities to get additional insights, machine learning, artificial intelligence. And so by building upon a data and adding
different capabilities that we have we can get further insights to increase business
value and to bring fresher safer and more sustainable food to everyone. Drakarys! This week the beloved Parisean landmark, Notre
Dame, went up in flames, and the rich and poor around the world rushed in to raise funds
for its restoration – an architecture competition was even announced for its spire. Now, somehow crypto is
factoring into the equation. France’s Minister for the Digital Sector,
Cédric O, is apparently pro-crypto. He said this week that he is open to allowing
crypto donations to fund the reconstruction of Notre Dame. To date, the French government has launched
a website that accepts donations, but so far it does not accept cryptocurrencies. With nearly $1 billion already raised, it
is hard to see how much crypto donations will help at this point. Monsieur O said the same conditions would
apply to crypto donations as those for fiat. Organizations must not charge commission,
data should be collected for tax deductions and funds should ultimately be routed via
one of four approved organizations. The Cointelegraph-backed blockchain event,
BlockShow, also launched an appeal. In addition, major global crypto exchange Binance
also launched its own crypto-donation program. French journalist and Bitcoin bull Gregory
Raymond actually launched #NotreDamedescryptos. So far, it has raised
just over 0.2 Bitcoin ($1.2K). We spoke to him about his efforts. When the fire happened like everyone in France
I was shocked. And I thought what
I can do for my own part. So I started a fund-raising campaign
to raise Bitcoins around the world. And the next morning I woke up
to a lot of messages on Twitter. That made me wonder,
I was full of questions. I was suspected of a scam at first, but it is
true that I was very emotional at the time. And perhaps I launched
the campaign a bit clumsily. Because no one really knows
who I am as a public figure. So I joined with several key players in
France including ‘coin circle’ which is the oldest French association
that works with the cryptocurrencies. They helped me create
a multisig wallet. So basically it would be
impossible for me to do an exit-scam. People are rather happy with the initiative
in a general public. For once we don’t talk about Bitcoin in terms of buying drugs
or weapons over the internet. And we can see the possibility
of a positive social impact. Well, see how it came about is I was contacted
by his office to find a solution. We are currently discussing a solution. And maybe in the next few days the
government will make an announcement, And we will be able to tweet that you can send your Bitcoin
to the goverment address. If we get to this point I will be extremely happy and satisfied,
that we could make this contribution. I agree with that. But as you can see the amounts that have been
collected in Bitcoin are relatively modest. It’s mostly the social experience behind it,
and I think if it’s a good thing that we talk about Bitcoin all over the world and
maybe more initiatives will be set up. So we promised you to reveal the true king. And the true King is… Like, subscribe and hodl,
and remember to keep your Queen warm!

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