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good morning everyone welcome to the Bitcoin SP channel you are listening live on Thursday Night Live that's right the thoughts and opinions of those on this show does not constitute financial advice and should not be considered as such with that ladies and gentlemen wherever you are whenever you are however you are put aside your worries put aside your your bags or vaults if you haven't already that's not financial advice and come to the special place the place that's beyond the moon the place that is on Mars that's right Bitcoin SV satoshis vision the real Bitcoin the real McCoy and you were listening to captain pick when yours truly humbly as ever some would say and passionate as ever we've already got four people in the room andreas jumps in and says first bsv guru says hello sinaia jack says greetings oh well ladies and gentlemen we are getting ready we are getting pumped because we got the battle station going hey that's right share this out like it dislike it if you need whatever you do we're getting operation center room we're getting it ready we're getting ready for the mass upload that's right on the 28th do you like my new room the new command center will be running this operation from very good I've even got new hat that's right that's right Nadia yeah I'm so happy I'm so happy things are going good we are getting prepared for the archival data upload on the 28th the 20th of July here on the Bitcoin Oh Speed Channel we will be doing a 12-hour show looks like wargames it's bigger than wargames Diddy we a crypto war games and we already know I mean that people I'm so excited we finally got the green-screen working how I managed to do that I never know thank you for all the technical assistance he'll there thank you for the people helping us build and doing projects you've probably missed me in the past couple of nights we are beavering away you are not going to believe what we are working on we are working on something that's going to change the world we're working on several projects several in completely new projects literally just been developed within the last week people I'm gonna grab the grab the proverbial rub rug and pull it under Roger bear's fate well maybe not but let's just say things are cooking on gas and just first of all let me just share the the show out share it out as well I want to make sure everyone Tunes in tonight because we've got a lot to cover a lot happens in Bitcoin history every day is a religious experience in Bitcoin is for you that's right every day is a religious experience quoting Roger via quote in Ryan X the legend the legend of Ryan X how is everyone feeling what's going down throw a comment let us know what you feeling let us know how you've been remember if you're new to Bitcoin is for you probably wondering why we ain't complaining about price we don't care about price because it's all about utility all about what you can do it's all about the businesses being built if you were cheerleader you are a spectator if you are building then you are in the game if you're mining then you're in pole position of the game and we are incredible situation I still haven't shared these links out let me just do this because everyone's gonna be wanting to know live right now great seats of regular faces how is everyone I'm very excited tonight I'm excited I'm exciting posts news comments things that you've been interested in that's plucked your interest remember Libra you don't mind Libra Libra minds you don't know where that come from someone told me the other day I thought it's very funny let's share of our Korean friends they will want to know the gist of what's going down this share of our BTC friends they might not want to know what's going down but we're gonna tell them anyway hey yes oh oh Ted's in the room speaking of a military man he's been doing good shout-out to my movies USA do you know what we might do well I might throw the link and we can have an impromptu people come on tonight discuss so just give us a little while stick around Ted because we could have you on if you're available let us know say in the troll box anyone else that wants to come on tonight that's in in the Bitcoin SV economy the space this incredible movement that we've got going down you're welcome to come on the show because this show isn't about me it's nothing about me it's all about Bitcoin SP and we've out with out further ado let me just switch on to that quickly for minute because I want to do some screen share magic I want us to go through the numbers I want us to see what's going down and let's run through in fact actually everyone quick everyone share they shout out right now hang on live right now hold on lie right now so yeah Wow what what if we got this occurrence so 24th what we 24th with the 18th today BST time here we've got the quasar a quasar protocol upgrade that's right that's two gigabyte blocks we have got massive amounts of businesses that are finally building on the bsv Bitcoin blockchain this is about building on Bitcoin you know no one else in the space is building on Bitcoin this is what is so incredible about Bitcoin SP satoshis vision is the real Bitcoin because it's Genesis block although unlike what some may say ours is at the original Genesis block right our checkpoint right and you know we don't do a ten minute checkpoint like some in the space B cash we don't do you know soft Forks and all this user activated soft fork because block streams so scared they're gonna lose control of a biggie Bitcoin I love this operation center you over there behind me switch on some buns you over there switch at radar on PPP baby baby target activated so destroy that's right Nadia destroy so let me just share that as well first someone share this out discord Shawn once someone share this out ah there's so much going down so we've got the quasar upgrade we've got the quasar upgrade it's going to be happening right we have got the incredible incredible incredible Oh Jim so totally what a studio because remember next Sunday we've got 12 hour show people next Sunday is going to be an incredible historic day we are so preparing because we know and look at my colonial Marines hat their colonial Marines thank you very much Ted force it well not Ted terry for sending that in thank you very much I appreciate that you know people were saying about priceless stuff later but we know it's about actual utility the speculative nature of price means that people pumping up the price there they want it to go high they take out you know their their profits rinse and repeat and it's the retail it's the hot lers it's the bag holders left across crypto and we've seen billions come into the market over the past few days right let's have a look at the coin market cap don't want to go about price but let's just talk about let's talk about the dirty dirty big elephant in that room yeah ladies and gentlemen if you want to come on the show let's know I'm always up to people coming on having a chitchat then we do a screen share let me know you can see the screen share that the dead-letter present to everyone present to where everyone it's gonna appear Wow Wow it seems that like almost 50 billion or now wait wait sorry nearly 40 billion has just appeared over the past three weeks and disappeared again going out across every all a sea of automated you know there is recent research indicating 95% of all crypto volume is is automated boss so pricing cashing out cascades out across the market as as people were a cashing out their their blood and flesh and taking their profits and and there is no word on utility there is no word on usage business adoption global adoption it's looking green though isn't it so we're at 281 I've billion dollars so we're literally down nearly twenty thirty billion dollars within what two weeks it's crazy no other industry as this you know it's absolutely bananas and I've got a I've got a big quite Frank you know don't know why like coins pumping up ten percent you know owner ain't even holding it no more we all know about that Bitcoin cash so be it but Bitcoin is for the real Bitcoin hundred and thirty four dollars for real big one ninety two cents yeah up ten point eight five Oh brilliant we're up there with the up there because we are the best we are the best because with a real Bitcoin we've got all this utility we've got people building stuff uploading whether they are uploading music files uploading are uploading all different kinds of things this is way beyond just the currency people you need to share this show out you need to share this show out otherwise the crypto gods ain't gonna be happy that you haven't done the right thing people I want to see some likes is 25 people in this room Charlie Lee is taking a second try it KP des says we do not know all we know is that all we know is that we know nothing in this space that I've got to be honest because look it doesn't matter what anyone says you said you is all about utility there is no realistic reason for any of these prices to be pumping up or deflating down apart from massive automated profit taking you know it can only explain 35 billion almost disappears over a week you just cannot make that numbers up people and and quite frankly we haven't got in my humble opinion to the point where we have not got in my humble opinion take two yeah so we haven't even got to the point where half of these useless choruses let's scroll down and see how many of the issues useless currencies there are every one if you're new to Bitcoin is for you're gonna we're gonna educate you what we're gonna we're gonna blow open your meaning structure on what's going on in in crypto and open your eyes is you know I'm I'm X BTC well you know let's have a look at its how many got whoa need 1,500 1,600 1,700 1,800 need 2,000 – yeah oh my goodness nearly to 2075 Reid coined all my goodness what an absolute joke absolute joke none of these coins will be around in ten years mark my words mark my words make a timestamp tweet that up stick now and Instagram I would say 80% of all kryptos will not exist in five to ten you know let's say five years no ten years let's go conservative oh man it's not looking good all those poor investors thinking that they were going to be on the next biggest thing they didn't do their homework all those people in BTC that think they're in Bitcoin they have not done their homework Satoshi Nakamoto lives in Bitcoin is for you ladies and gentlemen the proof is in the pudding and we are sitting on the spotted dick if that makes sense the proverbial spotted dick Ivan says captain if you were to suggest one video to a total newb what would you choose it's so difficult because there's so much backstory there is so much stories upon stories upon stories that we need to educate you about so that all these potatoes stack up and you get a bigger picture of this potato field in the field yeah they you're just gonna need to keep tuning in you're just gonna keep doing your research find out as much as you can on Craig right dr. Craig right a guy with 17 degrees that's right ladies and gentlemen contrary to any of the Fudd that you hear about dr. Craig right in my humble opinion and in many people in this space is opinion he is a genius I mean look at the facts the guy's got 17 degrees yeah they're all proven check Ryan X's video out okay Tommy great see but looking forward to when you're in the town so it can catch off for beers again people need to be doing their homework on SV all eyes on Bitcoin s fear ladies and gentlemen let's have a look at coin dance I love looking at this I love geeking out on the Block sizes it's all about the economic system that underpins be SV that's right our economic system is based not only on block rewards but also on transaction fees yeah the more transactional throughput that goes through the more miners can make rather than just relying on lower inflation which isn't possibly gonna occur on BTC a lot of people in BTC is sitting there thinking these have earnings are gonna be that in front deflationary aspect is going to pump that price up the only thing going for BTC is price that is a sorry state of affairs ladies and gentlemen let me tell you about the real Bitcoin real Bitcoin has big blocks so that it can handle data that means put in data ok put in on information and we're doing good let's have a look we've got 0.9 percent of hash rate okay we are looking to incentivize those miners to be coming on over here for profit because we're gonna fill up those block sizes because we're currently 18.8% now you might think it's easy evan – sure coins but no now is free free dudes in the house and our ones a big massive dude and no one's realized he's King Kong King Kong's donk all right he's King guy and he's gonna slay these these turkeys it's gonna be a turkey shoot turkey shoot Oh what I desperately need says Ivan is the ultimate compilation of videos for total beginner we need that out people let's have a look at what's happening on the network of bsv bitcoin Satoshi's vision the real bitcoin ladies and gentlemen weird it's currently 2007 192 times 49 times more expensive to transact on BTC it's crazy it's crazy people like piglet sitting in the trough unaware that they cannot use their coin because it's so expensive bitcoin was never meant to be that way ladies and gentleman is absolutely bananas you cannot make this stuff up this is going to be in years to come the historical proverbial dinosaur of its time BTC because it is not as soon as I made segregated witness as soon as they took sign in the transactions off the chain which they did with secret the user a drift off fuck yeah they basically broke Bitcoin they made Bitcoin so that it wasn't Bitcoin okay and it's currently 2.20 2% more profitable to mine BTC so we're going to see the miners doing their jumps the miners jump between the chains to get proper Billy now let's look at this people this is interesting about two weeks ago we uploaded I uploaded the first HD music video ever in history on to Bitcoin sv these were stress tests these Sharpie spikes in the I don't if I could see my cursor okay in the middle of the chart as we're breaking past megabyte block size here what we've got here is we've got a slow building we we someone's obviously uploaded a lot of date or over the last 24 hours on chain so that's made that big spike okay the big spikes at the end you know there's some great comments there and I'd appreciate anyone in the 12 box to answer any of those says it's great to have some new people please share this out people I want this show out so that new people who haven't got the chance can see it so we're doing pretty good looking at the miners are waning off as profitability is falling we've jumped over the miners have probably jumped over we know the jump you know that's what they do every day they're doing the Irish jig jumping back and forth and we can see a lot of unknown miners disappearing as that profitability gone down so they've just jumped back to their chains and we know that a lot of these a lot of these competitors to PSV where the only thing they can do is fight fire dumped in on price here which luckily for us is a good thing because they're they're messing about they're dumping they they come over and – dump the coins you know and and then they jump back off and and this wasn't really supposed to be how Bitcoin was in the old days you know and you know so this is if you're a newbie investor than this isn't financial advice but I'd be looking at these lower prices as a chance to be getting into Bitcoin sv because at the end of the day when BTC was at around $200 yeah and and when you stick BSP on the table against BTC we can do so much more we're the original Bitcoin it's as simple as that ladies and gentleman let's let me just take over oh my goodness let's have a look at the news let's have a look at SH news yeah I'm not liking Twitter what does everyone think that we're so looks like CT on chain is booming yes CT on chain this is we put your data put your information there's so many people building applications and stuff on Bitcoin has faced a Toshi's vision right this is what it's all about people the complete technological stagnation in BTC has just left them clinging on to the price well they're being rammed in like a load of pigs in the pen yeah where they can't move the coin around and do anything vit they they got rid of zero confirmation transactions they got rid of unchained data storage and they have stuffed themself ladies and gentlemen whereas we over satoshis vision look at these great great t-shirts coming out I'm loving deal with it loving the dragon civil of Welf a symbol of wisdom you know the only thing that these other coins do is who duel with us you can do everything it's what bitcoin was supposed to be about ladies and gentlemen and and speaking of an alternate to Twitter we've got twitch twitch once someone throw some links in there people throw some links get some news in there I want to know what's going down today I want I want our friends who are new because we're getting a lot new viewers coming in from elsewhere right and let's have a look obviously Jimmy Wynn the legend the man he's been very excited about the quasar protocol upgrade which we've got coming down on the 24th yeah we know this is going to be the new party in the party in the park party in the house and this come out yesterday and so let me switch to my other screen and we'll read this out together yeah let's have a look make it easy on yourself what a beautiful day I cannot believe it we have had everything happening lately right let's switch that back there we go let me let me just move this to the side I don't know whether we're you'll be able to read this but I read this review and you could we can read it together right that's right and we just pump that back right up right so let's have a look so this is from the Bitcoin Association so on the 24-foot this was from yesterday right so on the 24th of July a Bitcoin is free network one to go a for Kim proposed a protocol upgrade this upgrade is focused on scaling the only change planned is to lift the default block size hard cap from his current 128 megabit block size to 2 gigabytes so that 2,000 megabyte right although the default block block size hard cap will be 2 gigabyte Ischl e a significant portion of miners hash rate will manually set their hard cap to a lower but still very bright robust level of 512 megabyte which is far higher than any other competing Bitcoin project so that's absolutely phenomenal people I mean a 512 megabyte this is massive capacity massive throughput this is as a megabyte you always trolling me on that Jim Jim um megabit megabyte yeah you're right megabyte you're absolutely right there right yeah there I mean yeah we've got BTC with 1 1 megabyte we've got a 32 megabytes on Bitcoin cache right big cache and we've got 512 megabyte for satoshis vision right Bitcoin the real Bitcoin right this is how scalability works the massive throughput on chain data storage we're going to be having meta net we've got email that's gonna be coming on businesses and enterprises can build England won the Cricket World Cup hey is that a joke you trolling me so the quasar upgrade represents a key step in the Bitcoin SV journey to unlock the massive on chain wait wait where are we I've just lost my words as I said then let me zoom in a bit more all right here we go yeah the quasar up upgrade represents a key step in Bitcoin as fees journey to unlock the massive fontaine scaling power that will always there was always possible Bitcoin and enable bsv to become the global enterprise blockchain bsv can already handle 300 transactions per second comfortably this capacity is continually being expanded and is expected to cross one thousand plus transactions per second in in the common mumps after quasar network upgrade Wow one thousand transactions per second ladies and gentlemen that is absolutely incredible news and and you know alright so the list is carry on and then we get to him and everyone share this out by the way we're just where I want us to hit 50 50 viewers Bitcoin association founding member jimmy wynn comments on how this upgrade it helps Bitcoin miners miners need to be aware that massive scaling is critical for their ability especially after the next block reward Harvin in May to 20 which reduces the block reward subsidy from twelve point five to six point two five coins and then again in 2024 when the subsidy is reduced to three point one two five coins and again every several years after from mining to remain profitable miners will need to earn more in transaction fees from each block to compensate for the lower block reward subsidy so this is the economics that we were saying earlier the underpin satoshis vision Bitcoin that makes it so robust ladies and gentleman this is only possible on bsv right so BTC no one else is doing this you know this is this isn't happening anywhere else okay this is why Bitcoin sv is so incredibly innovative this is only possible on vsv jorian a 21st of may test on the vsv scale in network a 100 mines which resulted for the first time in transaction fees which were more than the 12.5 coin block reward subsidy Wow that's that's important people because our economic system in in Bitcoin Satoshi's vision is just about to get a massive upgrade and if they're mining these huge blocks you know 1.4 gigabyte block right we're doing 500 megabyte so we're nearly a third of the way there people right we just got a start bill is built about building businesses so when people were complaining the other day about ninety ninety percent of transactions let's just quickly bring up on the network um hold on let me bring up something else everyone share this show out his first ni I'm feeling feeling excited we've got lots to talk about so let's just have a quick look what the let's have a look let's have a look traffic going on a network at the moment right cool okay so twitches which is Twitter on BS phase counter 44.7% at the network payments is four point seven and ninety percent point or ninety three sorry just there see it jumps up and down as it fluctuates which is healthy networking in my humble opinion so whether as fee is is real world global weather data which is valuable data right whether as phase the phenomenal project might see not and satoshis TV the founder was on there and figure better people you know once we have earthquake data once we have more data coming on these places this is where utility comes into play so you know we've got good amounts of traffic coming through we know this is growing ok so we're at work we're gonna open you know calmness July upgrade in 24th which is only what six days time we are gonna have the capacity to do 512 megabit blocks right so that's that's gonna be really good for us we refer to the way therefore the miners and think about it ladies and gentlemen what those miners going to do when it's more profitable to mine Bitcoin as fee yeah what are they going to do ladies and gentlemen yeah let me just have a look let me just switch back there for a sec we know what they're gonna do they're gonna start coming over a mine in us and they they're gonna come over a – and that they are gonna come over and that's we're looking on our chart coin dance we're going to start seeing let's know if you can see these people so we're gonna start seeing these miners coming over because it would be more profitable we've seen them we've seen the Bitcoin cash miners coming over we've seen the the we've seen a range of hidden miners they don't want to name themselves they don't wanna say who they are but when this when we uploaded the music video to the first HD music video my I had an incredible song humbly when we when we uploaded that we saw a sudden load of miners come over and they start burst mining digital digital and all the blocks speeded up and that sort of thing so yeah yeah so you know this is important stuff this is you know for the new people in the space this is you know letting them know about the war what war effort yeah so what I'm gonna do as well people let me let me fry the link anyone that wants to come want to show you more welcome I don't mind new people coming on the show no smoking drinking swear and Ted and and yeah just come on let's talk talk Bitcoin you know there's no problem I don't mind debates just keep it respectful I'll keep it respectful otherwise that kick you off right and yeah I I think there's so much great juicy things to talk about and and this I like talking projects people I like people talking about their projects what they're working on what they're doing how they're contributing to the space and and with that that makes it a very applicable let's bring anyone that wishes come on solo I'm just gonna check this out Ted's messaged me already Ted I'm going to chuck that in there but sure you check telegram I'm gonna chuck that in there TRO box so yep feel free to jump on board and let's talk Bitcoin let's talk about Bitcoin I love Bitcoin you love Bitcoin we all love Bitcoin let's talk talk talk Bitcoin so let me just get rid of my screen monitor we're gonna switch that off switch it hidden and we're back in the war room you should be able to see that yeah so so okay let's put things into perspective ladies and gentlemen we've got phenomenal technological development occurring we have got phenomenal alright let me just quickly say anyone wanna on the show right now no here's the link excuse me ladies and gentlemen so yeah we are in a phenomenal phenomenal phenomenal phenomenal situation we've got so many things happening in the space they're driving us fall we've got so many technological developments occurring where is all about utility it's all about businesses it's all about what you are doing to actually finally build on Bitcoin because for so many years we've been so stagnant projects have unable to develop you know smart contracts haven't been able to be delivered you know what hence why aetherium sick systems the proliferation of altcoins fragmentation of crypto this has led to stagnation technological stagnation so you know I think it's incredibly important you know that we get back into Bitcoin we get back into what we love about Bitcoin and and which is actually making stuff to help adoption so we can't say that an exchange coming on to s fee is is gonna do that an exchange as so not not SV an exchange coming on to Bitcoin isn't is it a group chat to talk about bsv yeah come on and ask questions come on live right now come on the channel and discuss any questions that you've got you know you know justjust come on if you want to ask any question is that's fine that's fine if you've got debate maybe got a question maybe got you don't understand maybe you you haven't quite made the leap with dr. riot and the Satoshi connection you know a lot of us have already made that you know mental connection you know it just seems very logical for us you know you've got Hal Finney the original creators and you got dr. Craig right all the credentials all in over 900 patterns he's gonna overtake Edison to have the most patents ever in the world you know the guy has got all the credentials absolutely phenomenal stuff absolutely incredible and and this is why we are in such a incredible moment because not only does that infect all those investors that have got the chance to come into Bitcoin SV you know the real Bitcoin now and get a phenomenal right and that's not financial advice ladies and gentlemen that's just my humble opinion and let's be honest you know when you've got more capability in SV then BTC and and and be SV is cheaper you know you that you're in a crazy alternate universe where the whole market is speculative in nature sorry I'll just drop my pen I just dropped my pen let's have a look at comments there's some great comments there great to see all the regular faces and yeah so I mean you know we're in a phenomenal time we're in a sit where is still the early days and and I'm just so excited I'm so excited about the 28th the 28th is when we're going to be doing our incredible archival mission operation data blast operation data blast is where we will be uploading video music this is all stuff that you own people you can't just go focus camera you can't just go upload in someone else's material and we're gonna be uploading this on to the SV chain so we are going to be filling those blocks up live on air Jim Jim how's it going man how's it going give us a mic check I'll say I'll say yeah when I can hear we got no signal unmute yourself there so hey how's it going my name's Tim my name is Tim and I'm a Bitcoin BTC support please tell me about your fake tension coin because I don't believe you BTC look I'm number we've got the highest numbers bitcoin is BTC you I've got the highest numbers with where the best coin and you see unknown we're number one on coin market cup you do know sex coin used to be top ten look at them now you've been crushed how are you Jim Jim what's going down you're absolutely right what Jim Jim's just said people is exactly what most people in crypto say because they're only thinking about the coin the coin and I'd like to have stain come and join us Steen there you go there's the chat come and jump in what's going down Jim Jim where you are online retired yeah because nobody else nobody else could we know they like my new war room everything's going down in this press I love I got quasar ways are in a few days isn't it that's that's the juice yeah yeah yeah I see you like quite a few interesting things and interesting the whole the character thing so they how much we can talk about obviously you can only say stuff like accused alleged the whole Peter Todd incident is quite interesting why what's the peanuts audience and you aware of anything going on that give us the Piton instant oh well he's a guy who invented RBF which is replaced by fee Oh controversial that he's that that yeah the cute sister home it's gonna go look it's gonna get a lot more concentration let me explain how p.m. first let me explain how II you basically write the the BTCC quotable that's always really risk and always is a risk of double spending but it's a question of the businesses I think we spoke about this every day is a question of the businesses being prepared to judge that risk so if you're selling coffee if one in 10,000 customers gets away with a double spend probably not intentionally I mean you're gonna be quite loser to try and sit there the world spending and default in some coffee shop our coffee but say it happens are they gonna care I mean how much do they lose on for your own credit card transactions or almost so some other things I just some coffee on the floor is a loss you know obviously if you're working a Lamborghini dealership you're gonna be pretty stupid to sell to sell a Lambo without any sort of confirmations I mean you might sit there and invite the person to a coffee sign of the paperwork and all these things and show them all around you might spend an hour with them after they have bought it and in the hour you've probably got six confirmations which is pretty good and which is good enough really and also Steve shadows I'm sure you could google it there's a great new innovations coming to defeat this hole or get ought to get around this whole double spending problem also the original way that Bitcoin was designed was that the merchant was supposed to be responsible for transmitting the transaction to the network so what that would mean is you would have a cell phone you would make some sort of contact or non contacts or so with the POS terminal point of sale terminal that would send to your cell phone a truck a transaction you would sign it so you see the number was correct you know I'm spending $200 or whatever in Bitcoin and you had send it back to the terminal and then a terminal whenever they wanted we could be immediately it could be after a few seconds or whatever would transmit that to the node or to the nodes of its choice now the reason that's a good a good security measure is because the whole part of double spending is it really helps if you control what nodes you connect it or what nodes your transaction gets propagated first so anyway you still listening you mate I'm listening intently on my Snider's I all right cut off no no it's fine it's fine I'll I'll say it as soon as you if we lose signal I'll let you know I'm coming I'm not in this war room by the way sorry it looks like I'm actually here if I turn around and just tap on some dududududududud get me Roger veer press this button oh yeah I'm not watching up but it turned off just in case is any sort of quality problems we've got a good signal for me today I don't know what you done man you called those magic fairies but they're obviously doing something right yeah so anyway the whole this is the thing so that you know you could argue there's a 99.9% chance that a double spent won't occur perhaps even higher than that you cannot say even if there's a Google video a YouTube video Steve shadows I think if you looked in YouTube Steve shadows double spending or minor ID which is a whole new new load of technologies coming into the space as well to really get around this and also as we spoke about the other day there's also the possibility of the merchant not having anything to do with this at all they're just going to use a payment provider who will include this cost it into the Finks and the merchant would never ever lose money it'd be like an insurance finger the merchant provider might have with another company as well offering insurance you know it would all be insured you would all be taken care of and obviously the in Jerusalem or the providers it's in their interest to really tackle this problem yeah so that you know they can't lose money so anyway but even so you could say there's not 100% certainty that there can never be a double spend because that's the way unfortunately the network works when it's decentralized you have to have this small risk now these crypto experts I say that in quotes I like I good on you because there's too many of those crypto XP well people thought is one now what they deal they like to deal quite widely in some cases they like to deal in certainties now think about that in cryptology if you're encrypting a message to somebody which is either very very nice to be very very private because maybe your life could be at risk if that got decoded mm-hmm and you think what happened to them to the to the Nazis with the Enigma machine when they both need a new encryption you know they even do some smart things like they lessen attacks happen they let certain events take place because they knew that if they stopped everything then the Nazis would know that they had broken the encryption mmm so anyway so with encryption you do need that sort of certainty that you know unless I provide the required key or the required password then my files are safe up to a certain point you know where they can say well it might take a few trillion trillion gazillion years with the most fastest computer to crack it okay you know that they did they do make the trade-off at that point they do accept okay this is pretty secure yeah that's how their minds work that's how their minds work now the problem is they know absolutely nothing about business and as I'm going to explain in a little little while I don't really think they know anything about just this they're like fixing their know anything about how the real world works in terms of good or bad the lies or truth evil or or not evil let's go there in a minute I'm speaking about the yes oh so they don't know anything about business so they're looking for 100% possibly have not not been able to double spend yeah so what do they do they realize quickly that you know I could a good week if we start the narrative that there's always a double spend attack then people cannot say that this RBF thing mm-hmm it's making double spending insecure because we can say it's insecure anyway because it's not hundred percent secure and now it is bitcoin is not secure for zero confirmation transactions sorry sir so it's insecure yeah that's their name so then they bring in this RBF what's RBF RBF is a solution to a problem that they created because they crave with the one megabyte blocks never I'm not going above that limit they created people actually been interested in the mempool I mean you know you know how it is on BTC nowadays if you want to see the transaction particularly a lower amount if you want to send a hundred thousand dollars with a Bitcoin you probably don't give it down but if you want to send $50 you probably have to wake up so now in the night or wait until the weekend yeah I'm going look mmm pool and go and trying to have a gauge and how many have said because you know you're one it overestimates the arrow spenders at it as possible but you know you spend too little it's going take too long and yet all these sorts of things or maybe you descend it now knowing that you might have to wait a week or two weeks for it to clear yeah maybe yeah you look stupid if you've waited two weeks and it gets rejected and never clears so this is the game so what they did they invented RBF which is replaced by 3d what that means is you can set a low fee for your transaction yeah send it wait and see what happens if it looks like your transactions not going to be getting in a block any time soon you can send it again replacing the fee with a higher one so well actually replace that transaction with it within the the members of the nodes so basically the idea is you keep if you want it to you could keep shuffling up and in a mout little man little man little man little man yeah is going till you realize shock I don't have spending more money on this I'm going to have to wire well that's your idea what does that do that turns zeroconf from being something that was maybe known most of the time it's secure let's let the businesses decide how they want to use it you know how much trust they want to give do they want to wait one confirmation do they want to wait ten confirmations are they happy to think knowns good Hackerman and wane sealer confirmations because no one likes a cold coffee or a hot beer they so these are locusts all about freedom of choices stuff they've taken the choice away from the businesses so anyway this RBF they originally said oh but don't worry it's optional it's not going to be a default it's going to be optional yeah if you look at any dictatorial regime in the world most things come in slowly most things are optional at first army until the whole population is used to using it and then it becomes mandatory yeah and that's what's happened with RBF some people sell on the server side no but I'm speaking about the client the core reference client isn't an omlette coin if you download it now RBF is on by default and what does that do it totally ruins you a comp nothing because now to double spend okay somebody who doesn't know what they're doing in it's so simple I could explain it now you go and find your coffee well unless it's a block that comes along within a few seconds and then you're paying for it yeah let's say that one doesn't you wait for a block you see that our blocks just appeared you running you buy your coffee you go back out again and then you look and send that money to yourself and never address with a slightly higher fee and you you replace the the coffee transaction so yeah because there was a guy who got weapon was he got robbed in in England Jim Jim some trade a dude and the guys or these fake police officers that burst into his house he gave him the Bitcoin as soon as they left he did a replace by faith coughing back chain the transactions and you have to going into what it bass it's pretty easy to do those there are tools that don't obviously people like Peter Todd mmm they for sure love demonstrating how insecure zeroconf is now that they've broken it yeah people don't realize this history they don't realize what's been deducted from BTC over the years they don't realize how it's been subverted by being controlled this is the same dudes and dudettes controlling it the same clique you know and that's the great black pill with with about Bitcoin at the moment people don't realize and and the Bitcoin that happened in 2009 and the BTC that's around today with its alpha base Segway soup you know they're two different coins you know and and the average crypto person doesn't he doesn't even know that that's why it's so important in gym what you're saying about these little historical things and so going back to that fee market the queue system I like to call it because it's like a kind of payment model isn't it about the way that transactions are put through on the BTC network and that's what's been changed from high throughput model that BS fee you know Satoshi visions based on it's not like it it's not really like a queue as we'd imagine an ordered kill well you could say a queue where they arranged people by height for instance and the tallest people always move up in the queue first but all right from the shortest people that's still ordered it's a bit discriminatory but it's still autumn isn't it this is more like this is more like a queue that's formed when there's a load of music playing and the light and suddenly the lights turn on and you know maybe by fighting a bit you realize maybe you're going towards the front that key but you don't what you know where you're gonna be if you're gonna get on the next train or not because someone else can always come along in the meantime and and by a higher transaction or people can you know just before you you know you could be thinking you could be looking at where what the men pose like you could be thinking okay I think I'm going to get in I think so and this is going to be it you know this is and then all of a sudden some massive transaction could come in there knocks you out hello twice about me big train big bunch of people yeah takes up more space more bytes more money for the minor that fits nicely in this block you know what there's no there's no the thing about queue is you know if you're in a queue at the doctor's and you see there's ten people in front of you and half an hour later five of those people have gone and then there's now five you've got a good idea that okay well it took five people half an hour there's five left I'm guess I'm good I'm gonna be seen in half an hour yeah but it's not like that at all with BTC because you've got the whole Monday to Friday the blockchain is always classically it's always busier and you know Saturdays and Sundays and it's generally quietens down that's Christmas Day is probably one of the most quiet days I mean I haven't looked but I suppose I think it probably is which is also an interesting thing would you think about it on Bitcoin by bidding on I'm a Bitcoin SB is that with our usage especially with twitch earring and things like this right now we probably have like a chain that always maintains pretty constant transactions because at night time and even say that you think of the globe is night so it's always nighttime somewhere isn't it but thinking about it you'd have business transactions in a day let's imagine if we just look at one country you have business some transactions may in the night time you double your going out for meals buying a beer buying a coffee xx blogging all these other activities and nighttime wouldn't you so it's kind of like really distributed and you probably going to have people connected to sleep monitors and all sorts of things while they're sleeping as well who knows what what things people are going to do anyway back to Peter Todd go on back to our be there because it gets even a lot more disturbing now the story I'm going to be careful what I say because I know you're based in the UK libel laws and all that stuff but firstly anyway our movie sachet one good thing he did when Bitcoin cash fucked off from Bitcoin is they removed the IBF which was a great thing everyone was happy you know they make they make bigger blocks make megabytes I believe at the time and they removed the RBF is like where we haven't gone yet we haven't got a Segway we've got out before Segway before the first Segway transactions were made and yeah we didn't have IBS so that's when Roger started going around set you know doing it doing what watch it does well to be to be to be fair to Roger onboarding people you know yeah yeah like going street people together with two cell phones and yeah let's be honest tell me what is good at that you know in seconds you've on board somebody yeah he's the on board Jesus yeah we're missing I think what we're missing a bit from them from Bitcoin s fees this is maybe something like by German we've got it online online you see people dinging and donging and all this stuff I mean somebody physically going out there in the streets and you know getting people to you know certain people bsv is there anyone here how they're in the audience who could take that mantle and become the next good Roger fear rather than the Judas of the Jesus but go and know it be back to your point are you ever going to the scandalous stuff anyway so you could say Todd totally screwed with the Bitcoin protocol now this is the thing they say I'm gonna have to be careful here with my pronouns and all this stuff a transsexual person who made a comment on Twitter I think it was like the end of last year or the start of this year saying that alleging she wrote on Twitter that Peter Todd was a rapist oh this is what you read now no this is this is if you look on Twitter now who showed on your screen just going to Twitter and type Peter Todd enter and you'll see all the tweets about it alright more tweeting this life go easy we're close to the edge of the plate yeah but you can say interested is fine what he did he may he sued her for deformation so he did a Craig Wright move shall we say you know who sued for deformation what happened worse rather than her deleting her tweets they stood up bothered and Dave did he in them they didn't heed their to incite what they did was they called in certain Zuko everybody know whose new clothes Zuko Wilcox no no he said developers is easy cash oh yeah he's the head guy of Z cash they called him in he made a testimony about how this Peter Todd was a creep around his lady friends and weird stuff like kind of like harassing yeah and also how another friend of his told him a story yes it's obviously alleged that Peter Todd raped her in a hotel and that the other woman also told that the transsexual person who has been respire this lawsuit the same the same story as well and that sort of legal documents now go on cordless there now I mean when I type it when I so type in cou RT on my key wall what a complete would go to the to the quaint white stuff in on court listener now it's like to call listener archives you have to look at this one is full of live stuff now Oh gladly you know maybe it's true maybe maybe the allegations are true maybe they're partly true I understand there's a lot of people in the sector saying is creepy as a bit creepy but they could also not be true but the problem is I mean maybe imagining they're not true because there are a lot of things going on with these these movements and people trying to scandal things easily and then I spend cases of women crying rape and it's been totally false just to defame someone just just to ruin somebody's life and looking and if of you because this is his mindset remember he's the guy who who invented RDF he's the guy who thinks that because zeroconf was not 100% secure that it shouldn't be used at all maybe his mindset he thinks well because I hundred percent didn't do it then I should make of deformations also against her yeah now much of my legal trails and stuff even now I've got my judges wig on my head right now if you're looking at my screen my avatar but what I do know is sometimes things are just like left best left I say huh I mean I case the nasty tweet about me but unless I'm 100% sure that I'm 100% squeaky clean and probably not even in that case because you know a lot of these things it's just the whole lot being involved in a scandal which is enough to do damage to you yeah you know it's a it's a difficult situation for these men who are mostly men I imagine who are totally unfounded ly accused of a serious sex crime like this you know and the accusation is enough to taint you forever in a lot of people's minds so you know with his equipped a mindset if he is innocent maybe he thinks it's all like crypto it's all 100% true 100% false and you know crypto the technology always wins I'm sorry but I think he's gonna I think he's gone and wrecked himself his retinas only SCADA made you know the Barbra Streisand effect well hey it's not our auto question Jim Jim and and and and it you know how did you think Rogers wrecked himself you know because Roger lodges what you can just set up his Bab and by BSB if he hasn't got it already when he wants I mean this is serious stuff this is not about holding this corner holding that coin this is about you know serious stuff where there may be there could be late further allegations or maybe there could be a criminal case open somewhere this is serious stuff where this guy's reputation depends on being able to speak and get involved in quickly projects for a personal level like thinking like if he's innocent is it's a guy I'm a guy poor guy I'd hate to be in that situation from a Bitcoin er I think screwing these idiot invade RBF and nice but you know but you know it's did you know I I'm just you know but I'm just tweeting this and having a look actually and it looks like some pretty heavy stuff I mean these are serious this looks like this is gonna kick off for for this guy I mean we've got to be careful what we say here buddy because you know this is all going on at the moment you know but it's all kicking off and and this ain't no oh yes all that it's all alleged but it's definitely kicking off on Twitter and it does not look good and yeah that's what I'm saying if you search for Peter Todd I don't know clear x ray poor Peter Todd sexual you have probably got like five results a few days there's loads of much power there's thousands but looks if you look at if you post a link in and read it somewhere this Peter Todd guy has been responsible for so many attacks on Craig right and people look up to this Todd guy because he is a smart guy he's a crypto guy he's an OG Bitcoin now but yeah could this be projection all the time we say in fact oh she's faked oh she speaking about legal things speaking about course speaking about all this stuff and the Craig's a fraud so many tweets I'm sure the only reason that the Craig hasn't done anything against it is because this Todd guys in Canada is Canadian if he was him if he was in the UK he would be he would be in court before before McCormick Reformer McCormick you know because McCormack's just an idiot peon Todd ha I had a lot of respect and if you look there's even people like vitalic like seeming to go onto the sign of z cache of suit groan that's also the whole thing where there was some massive quick tour argument I've been watching it the most leading up to this between Zuko and between Todd about C cash being a scam and Todd Sanders has come so the whole involved I'm only alleging here well this is one massive sex up by Zuko it's alleged I'm alleging this you know it's just like you know something like crudely I'm just looking at mausoleum well how about this how about because this is hot potato give him this is a blogger let's drop the hot potato people can look this up but it's not looking good and yeah you know this some interest in articles in the news about this and you know again the backdrop of everything going on it's you know it doesn't look good but we you know who knows what's going to happen I suppose did he says it right my advice stay out of it absolutely we can't RBF and how he totally screwed the Bitcoin protocol yeah absolutely everyone's loving the the new background which is great I'm really happy they're loving the new Bitcoin SV Wharram I'm so excited for next week Jim Jim I think it's going to be absolutely phenomenal we've got people gearing up for a massive absolutely massive for Sunday so I think it's gonna be really good it's gonna be absolutely good and yeah I don't know what what kind of I mean you know there's so much going on at the moment it really is war in crypto at the moment doesn't it there's so many things going on that is going to bring people down it's gonna bring people up and you know against the backdrop of it we've just little old Bitcoin satoshis vision over here we're just cracking on with building we're just cracking on with our love of Bitcoin you know talking about big blocks geeking out everyone building businesses and patting each other on the back and saying go on you can do it and you know I'm loving that I mean what what kind of vibes have you been picking up the kind of positive energy too much involved in a little subreddit I'm sure people who follow my my blog I've seen some some of the shit going down captain it's a it's a cinch it going down out I was making a moderate moderate a brilliant I think it was an accident no got a moderator on a forum designed to attack Bitcoin is fee hey so you're yeah a mistake at brilliant or it was it was a setup I don't know what happened but in some ways it's on my blog I'm sure your post the link somewhere in the chat yeah positive news yeah I just see I think me always a lot more twenties now I see more twitches off yeah yeah I see more people twitching on aren't watching more go off yeah I forgot to turn on my dark mode because I was worried and then I saw but cuz I was worried if I turned on my dark mode and I didn't like it would have to pay a dollar going to turn it off but no apparently on Twitter if you if you activate the dark mode you can turn it on and off on and off on an officer but as much you want once you spend a dollar and that's a really really good marketing thing because you think people I've seen some people complaining about it that's not fair one dollar for letting dark feature but think about it folks I'm not these I'm not sure they if they take any crap from the transactions and anything they do because I think they probably do a little bit but anyway I don't have to buy uh-huh and these sorts of things like you might think hey they got my one daughter that shit he does yeah they actually if you look to the actual feature and the code behind it if what it won't be that wouldn't be that much but that one dollar it's paying for the other stuff you probably don't see they're complicated things when there becomes a lot more users a lot more use cases there's further costs there's more server costs there's more maybe they need to rebuild the the infrastructure to make it more scalable maybe they need to do a lot of these things so when you pay your one dollar for your dark creature and I think there's another feature to use on Twitter which I might use but my Twitter's still not come back here captain so there's no point in me paying for that feature why now you know these $2 features you know they're paying for a lot more and we need to support the system now these guys are taking the risk if you can go and build something better than 2x then go and do it now's the time to do before twitch get too big before they take over all of you guys feeding home 2% the block tiniest twitches well then a I'm hoping that's gonna be earthquake data soon and you know more business down on their people and you know the TWiT the twitches is just the start the frog army their bomb just imagine how it would be if the attack of the attack in insane time is hey look at the PSP 97 percent of the transactions that witches and people look at the statistics it's true you know ninety-seven percent of transactions and watches look two percent of transactions a whether webOS B to this thing what we have now where they say it's 97 percent webOS V which it isn't I think it's around 86 percent which is still quite high considering number so to whom and being shooting yeah it's all made stuff yeah you gotta remember as well that what that Weber sv is doing therefore every second is pumping out a bit of weather day of oil a transaction so it's actually useful data yeah and and that's that's historical so that's good because remember you know as you know UK has got one of the longest historical records in the world isn't it where people you know the the journeyman of the seas you know the Navy and all that kind of stuff so there's this real utility in the weather s3 system or when that when I'm looking forward to earthquake data that's gonna be phenomenal because that's useful dar and and the thing is as well that I think a lot of people not giving credit where credit's due is is that it is is a real-world business function so what about when someone's making I don't know coffees or whatever or parking tickets on chain you know you're gonna see parking tickets flying out and then you're gonna say offered sent the network's parking tickets you know is that bad no that's someone running a business doing utility and and what I think one thing we got to talk about right for minute here is the technological stagnation in BTC it's absolutely stagnated there is no no nothing going down there's nothing going down there even line in networks not really going down you know everything they can't give themselves enough with it and it's an absolute joke and and in this space in Bitcoin is free everyone's so excited because every day this stuff going down people building stuff people are using stuff people are building businesses there's a real work ethic ephors in this space that you get down and get busy get dirty with it you know and I think dr. Craig writes kind of set that standard isn't he said that if you're an SV you need to be building you need to be getting on it you know I don't see that that that drives me a lot Jim Jim passion passion and and also utility you know so I'm loving whether SV I'm seeing lots of utility coming out of that I'm loving the twelve chairs because as as someone said in the chat thing those guys are gonna be those guys and gals are gonna be billionaires in the future and Twitter it's gonna be gone yeah I wasn't I wasn't being critical of whether SV what I told no no Zach no no no I was responding actually to the lot of the bad Chris yeah that where 4sv has got fired from the the core camp you know well what you have to remember is that whether I serve a there's not it's not some corporation called Weber sv who's playing for these transactions it's individual users who are going in choosing the location closest to them maybe looking around and seeing other places they have an affinity with or maybe even random places and selecting nose as well to send where they I think pretty much the whole globe is it's covered in that respect I'm not sure there's that many bsv users in all these locations in the globe or you know are either question I don't know if these are Weber fans who are started using PSV or because he finds a staff who have got this amount gotten themselves into Weber you know but it is kind of like organic you know it isn't people paying for these transactions no what I was suggesting was it'd be funny in a year's time if we look and see 97% of all block de stretching and 2% is the Weber by that I mean the transaction counts haven't changed they've only gone up so the Weber which is now 97 90 80 4% if that is 2% just how much of how many people are going to be twitching if Texas at 97 yeah because ya know that's fantastic because Bitcoin says a great Court says whether s freeze 90 percent of return transactions not all transactions so thank you for that comment because Bitcoin so what does that mean in the OP return transactions what house not returned transaction different from a traditional you know I'm sending you a bit of bits kind of like a note attached to the transaction all right yeah yeah literally no monetary value involved other than the minor I think this is how for instance your your music video was was a massive series of what returns which yeah a sequence ayats representing parts of the file within each transaction and the this I'll call a master transaction for one of a better word which is basically describes the ordering of the transactions so how to piece back together that file to be able to play the video if you think about bits on if anyone's ever used bit toe and maybe on a graphical view you see it it doesn't download in sequential you see it jumping around everywhere putting up green or whatever kind of it is to represent a part of the file downloaded you see it goes all over the place downloading various parts all at the same time that's kind of what happens here if you finally get split across transactions so yeah not return very limited by core I think it was 24 bytes I know it was over 20 but less than 30 I think is 24 bytes now I think it's like it's big I think I'm not sure it's Anjan 28k or 20 or 50 okay it's massive compared to what it was its massive it's big old no in there then it's going to be limited yet if you look every quest for instance every twitch I think when you write the text that you want to treat this as a limit isn't there that is that is return you can actually go and look at the block Explorer you can go and find your transaction and you can see the text of you of your twitch Wow on the blockchain same thing if you like something it's probably a much smaller much smaller of return but it's basically saying like this of a transaction saying that you like that over transaction and that over transaction of course has an awkward term which is it which is the original 20 of what you like yeah that's how it all connects now I'm guessing on twitch if you think about the features that are going to be coming they're going to be having follow user so you can follow users and all that is if you look like memo got SV how that works similar I'm not sure what happened there memorize mo memos are sv guys because they come in they are in some ways further ahead than twitch um is it because they they have like you can follow users you can easily post images even though the images that I stored off chain you could people see images quite easy but I think what happened worse they originally started as memo cache and they kind of like went with both chance if you think about it just from that point of view their their resources in the way I had to split into two we've got a memo that s me which already supports bigger op returns the memo got cash sorry Bitcoin is free which supports bigger op returns than Bitcoin cash which is why we could in theory upload your your file to the Bitcoin cash a lot of video if you haven't go into block we could do it but it would take a hell of a lot more transactions not you couldn't just say oh it's like a lot more charred ashes because your return space is a lot more linear it's not 24 bytes like like BTC s it's high everybody up clothing is that much higher mmm so yeah of course costly even if the coins were the same price it would be a lot more costly because you have to do more transactions this is why memoed is fee I think the limit is 65 thousand characters for a post on memo sv if you were on like a cached like things like 256 or 300 characters awesome it's important to do folks if you if you've had memo cash from the old days before the four you can actually go just settings and split the you can split your profiles so then what you do is if you have two different wallets so you then find pictures of memos sv that are not specific to memory the cache and also that means right now if you using log memo not cash account whether you are say tweeting whether you're sending a message on memo and the cash or memorize three it goes to both chains unless you split it well that's what we need to yeah moving on to what you said about BTC adoption I mean what doc seal is there the only thing no interest in I saw on BTC was our favor a king of Bedford as he calls himself you know I'm talking about mr. McCoy Matt yeah making it attacking you can probably call it up if you're not blocked by him making a tweet attacking PSV suppose one thing but then he goes on an attack sending musk and well Andy well it's a lot of ego and something I just got a move move beyond there you know I mean if the saltiness is high this it's like the surface of you know the euro Saturn's moon Europa hey Ted can you hear me of course we can hear you oh good I just had to put on some headphones I'm working in these guys don't – we do need some toilet I'm putting in some toilets today I got three toilets and I'm moving a water main it's proof of what connect people an electrical outlet so that I don't have to spend none of my kids money on this movie so oh man I gotta give us a quick update on the movie turn that camera around and look we want to see you we want to you come on come on tell us what's happen in the movie I saw some pictures going down ya know we're moving through our schedule we've got these students are wrapping up this weekend and then we go into the men and black in the forest and we'll wrap up a big finale scene tomorrow during the day everybody in full costumes for this this fantasy scene we've developed within the fantasy that is Bitcoin so it's pretty exciting to be where we are right now the pictures don't do the the sense of urgency and excitement justice that these actors specifically the actors feel when they're at work because they're working for free everybody else you know doesn't want to hear but the actors will come where the camera is so we're we're having a good we're having a good time bless you that's it proof of what can end yeah and just to recap so my movies is your project which is you use on the show you signed the first ever a actors contract with money button so that was the first wasn't it I did the first we did we stream the first ever feature film a Cameroonian West African woman she streaming her movie for ten you doll ten cents in US dollars to Cameroonians so they can all afford a movie right now Wow problems in that country so it's up to her to market it of course but we were able to put it up there and she does not pay to store it because any storage fees she would pay I mean that's the cost of groceries in Cameroon you know so she's not she's not being stung by any of that and she gets 90% of the gross to that wallet and so that's what that's what bitcoin will do if people like me are allowed to succeed in building these models because with the industry a predatory industry like Hollywood as soon as they get the controls and systems that I'm manipulating for everybody's benefit they'll clamp down their actors and their stars and no won't tell anybody how this works so we're gonna come in first and Wow we've made we've made many firsts and I'm just sitting on a bunch of movies and the reason I called is I got a bunch of peers and they all have movies that they own the rights to and they're all decent movies because they're from the heart but until we figure out the encryption in the watermarking and the fraud systems once those are in place then the content providers they could come running to to get that kind of security in a highly pirated industry so the Pirates are afraid of the Pirates and so what we have to do is you know get the get people to change their models and allow them to you know share what the people add the most value to the copyright because that's the bottom line you know yeah and how how just you could just quickly so just to recap everyone Ted's project is Lord Timmy and and and the mystery of the last masked master is there yeah and we had your actor actress and actor both signed contracts wasn't it they they both did the money button thing they were payer plays meaning they got paid whether they worked or not and because they were you know okay hold I gotta go to work guys see later CLA buddy where he's just dropped in ladies and gentlemen thank you very much sorry about that Jim Jim and that was a great comment he was just saying I love it I decision yeah thank you the nature of choice is that in the war room anyone can turn up the money to get security on that on the war room on the operations day yeah yeah we sharing it out but it's going to be an interesting day have you been thinking about operation date of last any force on that pot away rebirth I wake up thinking about it exciting man it's gonna be amazing problem is I'm not great or I'm creative in a way I'm a I'm creative shitposting and annoying people I'm not a song what buy her a video star I guess you know yeah but you're why don't you go why don't why don't you tell everyone what your your co-pays tell it tell everyone Jim Jim what your skill says I tell everyone in the audience what your skill set is come on that's not very good lift he's a techy wizard yeah I've been 8 years old my favorite language is poison I can't do JavaScript don't really like it I don't like it at all basically all of the SVG available disease then you're using javascript but you know I'm sure we'll get it on to Python in the end yeah yeah Oh Julie I've done cryptography so for before it got kidnapped by the cryptocurrency folks when QuickTime used to be cryptography not really high level stuff but you know I it came with the loan of that config stuff pilot systems admin windows I probably can still use Windows but I try and avoid it whenever I can Wow a guru we host like so I guess 20 years ago yeah 20 20 years ago I've been using Linux muscles Wow so you understand you're working you got good understanding this oh yeah so yeah yeah just quickly twelve until now – joke joking it in the twelve box and so yeah and I enjoy I enjoy YC is I don't see a lack of developers I know that I'm not the best thing I've got a lot of talent in a lot of places I wouldn't say jack of all trades master of none cuz you know that seems to me like a despising myself like you know cuz when you say that to somebody you like you don't know you know a lot but you don't know much at all I do know quite a bit in different areas I do know respect that there are availa cause a lot better than me who are they open all the time or there's that's my mom said stupid dog with it you can't be the best at you know link who see a lack of probably because we haven't got like block stream behind in this or work some of it back might be me ideal social media response by that I mean we've got developers we've got people building things don't take care of yourself but as I always say these are going to be hard times coming captain it's all fun and games now but when the harding comes it's going to be stargate in copper cage I don't like a house great position right now to be honest it's not where come at all I mean I'm not I'm not sure what it is right now that when the last time I looked it we below and that's you know that's it's not a nice to look I don't think that you know let's just cut out this hacker right well I'll have to it's not yeah it's not nice to look at when it's like someone 10 it's kind of you know be honest I'll be honest it's gonna no no no bit nervous cushion it'd be nice to be seen that you know 5% even you know all these things will come with price what I do know is is that um this they seem to be a lot little noise on the social media finally though there's this whole vacation narrative for instance I mean mmm it's going in the kitchen coke keeps going and the sad thing is I really I think it's working because if it wasn't working we probably would put will probably be seeing bsv number one on the coin market cup right now so we do need people on the Bitcoin cast side especially people who can't provide anything else that is you know they they they can't they don't want to make it a lie screen show like you do well they don't want to make songs to put in a blockchain or they can't do that they can't program they don't read much about the technology but if they can make of many if they can maybe you know if they can learn enough about the technology to figure out a spot blatant lies and stuff you know go on post you know go out there get spreading the message not just spreading the message positively when you see attacks by them go and defend quake right go and defend Bitcoin sv go and defender these rooms I'm not saying if you're a developer don't waste your time in that if your time spent developing if you really want to do something you can't think everybody else to do you know maybe you can help in that yes let me add to that that's an absolutely superb point that Jim Jim's just said there ladies and gentlemen we need to build a Satoshi's army of 10,000 warriors across social media and here is by raising awareness everyone has got if you're developer if you're a builder if you're businessperson you know what you need to be doing everyone else needs to be out cheerleading screaming fighting in the dirty trenches of social media why because we are in days of information war it is a battle of hearts and minds but that that is only one aspect that supports the the building this is a multi-dimensional war why the builders are building and the businesses of business in you know other people can out be out out there working the crowd letting everyone know we're trying to do that on this channel and and we need to get that price see the problem is is that it is about price to the masses yeah but the truth is that crypto is not about the price it's about what the crypto does Bitcoin was about what it does is it a technology that does something always it a digital token sits in your pocket to 99 percent of the crypto mark here and the crypto market isn't the world and this is what I like about satoshis target audience our target audience is primarily the rest of the world but what happens is is that they hit the shores of crypto and they're inducted first by the noobs and and and they're inducted by BTC and they get their claws on them and that means you know you know that that means we're in a situation where you know basically it's just about price for those people we need to be building and working and just proof of working it everyone getting out there and we need 10,000 of us essentially our numbers what what we if we was to grab the whole social media scene what is there a thousand of us reckon four hundred five hundred free it's hard to count which is putting away because we do seem to be spread out quite a lot maybe I'm not sure that's a good thing or a bad thing like for instance I've not been there yeah I'm going to get in there one day like all these telegram boobs we've got this net I see you group which to be honest I'm not sure of the value of that is it just like paid membership just just to being the same slack janitors Kraig I've looked at one no no no ideas no Matt no I see you is a digital castle in which is a soft pay wall on it to prevent trolls getting in there so it's more of a troll wall in there it's high-quality signals and information and low level noise okay so that's what it's about I like to think of it as a castle okay Joell delay is someone in the space that has been really dedicated to bitcoin you know he survived both hash wars just like self jim-jim and offers out there and and they're a bit like so you got Lantis slack which is full of you know he's the over 300 developers we got the Inklings slack which is where the Frog people live you know twitch yet we've got the Bitcoin SV galaxy which is what we're developing at the moment and and you know what everyone I'll give you a little what I can't I can't tell you at the moment people but within the next week we've got some sort where we're opening up a fourth castle yeah we're building these castles here and and this is gonna mean that we've got the infrastructure to be able to take this on to a whole nother level that's what's lacking I remember in November sitting here thinking where's the Opera where's the social media team where's everyone nail in it where's the couldn't where's the battle station where's the Operations Center didn't have none of them that's why what the SV channels here ladies and gentlemen we're gonna get wit we're getting our military hats on we're gonna be uploading data next Sunday yeah Sunday the 28th we're gonna we're gonna make Ironborn us work no I'll say now we are gonna make 512 megabit block live on this show Jim Jim's gonna be helping me everyone's gonna be coming on this show we're gonna have a 12 hour session and we Jim so we're gonna have more tea and coffee and cakes and biscuits and you can throw a cake and biscuit yeah I'm so confident about this and and the way that you take on a bigger force is you gotta keep splitting it off and channeling it down and that's exactly what's happening ladies and gentlemen we are gonna split them down we need to get organized we need to get mobilized and we need to get activated and radioactive with this Toshi's vision and there is no the letting this down we will not relent this is all about the technology this is all about Bitcoin this is all about you know Bitcoin sv is government business friendly is all about adoption it's all about the dream of one coin that everyone builds on and that was lost that was taken away by block stream so we are doing essentially God's very work in crypto yeah it's interesting you know what we're saying about all these groups in a way and it's like even Craig himself said it it's BSB society like a collection of communities because as I said I think was it would be very strange if every single person got on within the bsv community you expect there to be factions maybe maybe not people at war with each other but you probably you know you there won't be factions because not everybody in real society gets some of each other do they you don't have to get on with you to use the same codes and also people not getting on with each other guys probably provide in a ways some a higher standard of competition the people who have friendly competition you know nobody likes making enemies EEMA you know it's not that bad I'm also trying to judge the how big the bhp community is it doesn't make it kind of hard mm you know because you know you don't know if the same users of different charts with different names you know let me tell you what I know me so let me tell you what I know I see us as a budding economy and a multi-faceted society and like clearly we've got you know as any real-world scenario you know not everyone thinks the same but we're all magnetically pointing north which is the main thing yeah and we're all in this together trying to make it better you know and III get this feeling that that we've got we've got so many core people working hard excuse the pun copybook no but we've got so many people within the space they're a proof of working it and getting stuck in and right in the front yeah enemy territory you know a working hard building businesses building projects and one of the things that we don't give a lot of credence to or credit to Jim Jim which I think you mentioned there is the amount of of people in this space that are hidden and not even talking not even coming up let me give you a scenario I remember it was in the just post hash war must have been bigger early December second week til coming up to Christmas and it's a perfect example of many people loved spoke to in his space there was a there was a sorry brain activate Irish dude and if he's listening I want him to get in touch he was a kind of business development dude that was clearly like Harvey Specter of suits Irish dude working in London this guy and we was talking because we're I didn't know anyone in a space I kind of just met random people and got chatting and stuff and and this guy a was I don't know he was blazing a trail he was speaking to CEOs and in his words I'm speaking of market makers captain Bitcoin he said you know and we are we our purpose is all about adoption senior high levels you know and all it and and the feedback I got from him was all of these market maker people could see what was going on they see exactly clearly what was going on it don't matter about the noise of the cesspit of of crypto yeah sometimes matters what's happened in RL real life yeah and I was so inspired by it you know I know there's people out there like that they're probably listening to the show people that sometimes I'll get random messages from people that just say oh you know you know we're working hard where we are at what we're doing and and that sort of stuff and that's so inspiring for me Jim Jim that that goes to show me that out there in the world people were just working hard and making this dream gonna happen and yeah I I'm I'm confident but I know we've got a big job on on our hands and and I don't think it's gonna be a clear win you can't sit we can't sit here rely on dr. Craig right he's relying on us we can't sit here on our hands sitting on our hands thinking it's gonna be you know we're just gonna roll over you know the rest of these these scammy altcoins you know we we are the only legitimate currency out there people if governments and ministers and business people know about what could be done on Bitcoin SV the real Bitcoin satoshis vision that we wouldn't even my job would be done I could just close up shop because I think if government's realize I think if government's realize what could be done we'd be shut down tomorrow the first thing we need to do is get the government's on the blockchain so they can't show no no III think I think because of we're gonna be see I I don't you know what I say I think a lot of it with amount of streamlining we can do the amount of cost savings we can do that you know Pete there's nothing wrong with rules like government ministers no they can't they shouldn't be driving their car at $80 you know or buying a duck house with government you know public funds some do a couple of people do that yet but does that mean all ministers are bad no so the systems that hard bacon rules through smart contracts and Bitcoin smart contracts and Bitcoin accountability is only making the system more efficient you know and and and we've got remember the Bitcoin SV essentially is is is a clarity system you know not a surveillance system the clarity system a system of clarity in accountability and I think that if we used to say if we had Donald Trump in the battle station right now with us in this operation centers and we explained all this he'd probably be saying this is interesting this is gonna speed up my business which we told it we'd be saying mr. president or you know mrs. May or any other government leader you know if they knew how this could helper in the fourth Industrial Revolution this is the fourth fourth Industrial Revolution Bitcoin the route we are the real Bitcoin that's what we're this is going on if people go oh yeah BTC we're the real record ain't the real Bitcoin they can't do what bitcoin was designed to do we can do on Zangara zero confirmation that a whole host of things weighing above what just mere price Mir Mir currency not that that's a mere thing in itself we're the best currency with the fastest we're the most capable we do all of a fing there any other could do and we're follow the white paper it's it's bananas that most people don't know this so yeah I don't know that's what I'm thinking I think governments would want a piece of this pie they want more efficiency they want accountability they want taxes to be able to be paid they want people to be able to streamline their business through bringing the the Bitcoin blockchain system in interacting with businesses and streamline and business processes up if the only they knew this is the unlocking of the blockchain and and rather than the speculative blockchain applications that we've seen the distributed ledger technologies you know we we are the promise of proctoring and I think that if we used to sit down and that's the kind of conversations we need to be having from a business development and ministerial-level we need to be explaining to these these ladies and gentlemen there are in governments and businesses saying look your coffee distributor okay what you distribute coffee all the way from Venezuela to you know Americas and all in between yes yes yes and what's your current system are we using super super spreadsheets I don't know whatever they could replace that with the blockchain that is just one example of the hyper efficient Bitcoin economy that's growing and we haven't even got this thing off this is gonna be the fourth Industrial Revolution this is gonna take off on a whole nother level that's just my two aunts I add to that Jim Jim that's what I mean man yeah I wanna see your politicians certainly in their public life on the blockchain so yeah I think that's not a bad thing here you know they're in the newspapers they're in the newspapers on there you know an accountability could be brought to a whole new level that could help genuine you know genuine stuff things as well like charities especially I mean maybe we could argue that there isn't it won't be a useful for a lot of charities Waner there is if you donate money to such a you donate money to help the starving children in Africa there's probably some guys mice luxury office in London who is taking a quality Rover staff who are taking 30% of that money maybe 40% 50% who knows where you could get in touch directly with a village elder who's who's been because of his past transactions and interactions maybe people have actually flown out and met him as well he is kind of like given some sort of trustworthy status on the blockchain especially because it's a village elder as well I suppose that he could be trusted to point you in the direction of families who have starving children where you can send the BSP directly 100% of what you send – action fee which is not even worth counting in absolutely Jim Jim Jim cerium – is just finally shipped but not bring up your bring up your screen dude this is interesting to talk about actually right now I just fought let everyone know yeah we sold a Bitcoin cash they seem to be on her like on a think is great that a fair iam I'm Ivan a bit serious talk or not so they're going to use the Bitcoin cash blockchain temporarily at least but yeah who's your daddy you know who's you know how how about these these Bitcoin cash developers who promised their users Quadra varies on video promising in May this year that they would upgrade to bring a blocks again they would go to those go 228 Meg's I think they're you know it didn't happen yeah now under vitalic comes on board it says white Roger I want this this this this and this I bet you they'll be nice order pretty quickly well I was thinking to help me think strategically it strategically we've got to think that there is a good possibility that those two would try to combine to it to take us on right and and well yeah yeah that's what we want and then work our Foreman off because the work what you do is is let's let the enemy coagulate yeah and then as sons who says just stream it in a narrow tunnel get what we do I mean we we know we're already strewn oh we're developing we know that we've got the capability in the great words of Denis Leary two words nuclear fucking weapons we've got the crypto nuclear weapons and and bsv bitcoin has got the capability a fear IAM can't do it I ain't touring company ain't no world computer that they promised it to me yeah yeah anyway no sound this is what happens is that if they merge what it means is there will be a much one big system relying on two different separate well one will be a proof of work system and one would eventually be a proof of stake system mm-hmm it's kind of like to attack surfaces now hmm you know so takedown ethereum get the knives out make a massive market short and just go and hit the hash rate of the Bitcoin cash chain you and you cash chain only mine in empty blocks or 51% attacking or you make it split off with the ten check with the 10 block checkpoint ring you put all your day money behind there do a really bad actor you short on ethereum as well you can make a lot of money just by making that chain use this may gasps changes which will have the same effect as making a salient more useless than it is now that's interesting these about to attack surface kay Podesta's great coin says it would be one big funeral instead of two small ones and what would be interesting actually and I'll be interesting the comments from the audience or put them in if it's recorded hey tree says a fear would do smart checkpoint in I I just you know I it's gonna be interesting are they gonna be you know thinking oh no or tech can't do it let's gang up I think there's a bit of that going on are they going to try to survive and and use what they've got clearly let's see how the next few weeks pan out because we know a fear iam is is gazhams and if a fear iam fails hundreds of why SEOs fail if if if as Jim Jim explained be be Bitcoin cash you know someone starts going on there and mine in empty blocks you know they're gonna cave in half the cryptocurrency market you know so you know it's almost we don't want to tell them what this could do for about all those all those all those ERC 22 yeah it's not you short you basically short the entire side of the market you go for it all you need but at the same time it could be at the same time there's a big crisis in BTC anyway and maybe it's not even profitable for – to mine on BTC it's not profitable for miners you have to mine on tomorrow go ahead a cook off a satyric in your throat the air nicotine it's not palpable for – the mine on Bitcoin SV maybe as well so and the normal with normal circumstances what you would see is you would see a turn off of the mining equipment – which off half their equipment maybe or all of it now what could happen in such a case is the whole market could be going for a big dive anyway because for the – to be turning off and then people can start to see hung about I take out half the market I'm not gonna be on the good side of that so I can be showing it shorting all of these shit tokens shilling a failure shorting Bitcoin cash just risen money turn all these miners are not doing anything important what is a bit castrate and let's just mine empty blocks and actually you could even argue it's not an attack an empty block because an empty block is a valid part of the protocol it happens sometimes I mean Asmus if you just start fighting the coin base text and you start going through push your bot propagation times don't really matter that much no we're going through all sorts of proxies nobody know who the hell you are where you're mining power is coming from but you can lean they're finding empty blocks all night all night and the whole value of that the whole system were just a component to a scrap yeah and it's interesting as you're absolutely right Jim Jim what would be interested in as well as how would that factor in with all the SC SEC coming down on these I cos that which they're yet to come down on we know ladies and gentlemen that the SEC and all the legal hand hasn't really give it a good proof of smoke bombs yet on them whole crypto market you know we saw early as over two and half thousand crypto coins so you know as you Jim Jim this is a whole new attack sector lining itself up and could actually play into our hands in the great greater scheme of things particularly when the patterns come out we've got common case all these variables etherium the fact that he's done that I reckon Vala tix getting scared I think he's thinking my coin can't do it I'm looking at one he'd come and do it with us he knows he's already been taking a call boy doctor right isn't he for defamation or libel or whatever for calling factory yeah yeah it's been served so we knit we know that the fella tick is probably Fink no no you know my enemy's enemy is my friend you know and he's thinking on my coin ain't gonna you know he's gonna be great old man by the time they get to a fearian 2.0 and then it's gonna be a proof of stake thing you know if one on their gpus well gee hands mine it with an ASIC you know the whole thing is that absolute joke and all these all these oh I see oh is hanging off the coat skirt tails just said right they they are all getting lined up to get panned major it's gonna be yeah is we need to just keep buckling down and working hard that's what our main thing is here I think we're coming to the end of the show as well Jim Jim because it's coming up to a good near two hours and my brains gonna fall out but I hope I hope everyone's enjoyed the new war room and this is getting ready for next week's upload I'll just turn around on my new computer system tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap to look at my computer it's amazing flick some switches over there flick some switches over there how cool is this it's all real yeah Jim Giovanni give a final thought from yourself and then pass that talking stick back tomorrow for the four we are referred to Vitalik metallic has always been a fan of Bitcoin cash if you remember back in the day and probably a lot people remember when Bitcoin cash it was a Farion was number two back we market cut big con cash was number three Bitcoin cash I ever took a Farion it was Bitcoin one well BTC Bitcoin cash number two iPhone before Vitalik actually did one our treat congratulating Roger congratulating because I think big con cash its mechanics favorite cryptocurrency which is probably one of the reasons why you start attacking Craig why in the first place I'm not sure he's got any but probably got money invested there which you know it's quite easy to like something when you've got your money invested there as well I'm sure he hasn't got all his eggs in their very own basket knowing how dangerous it is and knowing just how badly it's scaling badly it's it's proven to work now it's getting big so yeah I'll leave that there one more thing put your put your donations thing in there the the buy this man a beer ladies and gentlemen check that yeah yeah and if you want to donate to the SV channel help our war effort and it's going to be going on uploading date or actually fornix next weekend make sure throw something in hand cash down here so contrary to what you may think ain't a name openness [Laughter] nomination like this look at this [Laughter] ticks and buttons over there I click that red one I press the button press the red button behind me and where's your Jim Jim racial donation thing there dude so yeah my final thought would be is that even though in the midst of this it's all about technology is contrary to what it may feel like in this space it's all about how cool Bitcoin is Bitcoin Satoshi is vision the real Bitcoin we've got the two gigabyte blocks coming up we've got next next Sunday after that we're going to be you've just launched battle bsv thank you yeah contrary to what people may think it is all about technology you know don't worry about the politics don't worry about all the hearsay all the drama and everything just get on with building get on with the love of Bitcoin get on with you know the the satoshis vision the mission which is what we're here really to do which is to follow what's going on and to communicate with all you people out there so that you got a good quality signal to noise ratio rather than just Lambo moon everyone just talks about price we try to just not talk about the channel we're just talking about geeky stuff what's going on in space and so you know and obviously this it's not financial advice or anything like that so it's an absolute pleasure to join you folks once again captain Bitcoin here and I've got Jim Jim what legend here let's just share his pictures he can see him he's got the Badger with the court case we're gone and how very relevant in this time you know we need a few people like that out there making sure they're fighting for the word and and the same with all of you wonderful people make sure that you're getting involved getting active and we see you again towards Friday night hopefully we've got who we got until tomorrow night we've got court from five bucks yeah sorry my brains not working two hours yeah so yeah and then after that and we're after phone lines open so jim-jim your mom welcome to come and join me if you want to sit in the battle station and geek it out anyone else want to join us share this show out make sure you hit the lights we've got 45 people in remember I've only got 30 likes there and yeah share the share share tag Bitcoin cash yeah thank you Jim Jim tag everyone and yeah it's all about utility and utility utility utility so have a great one peg penguin great to see you in a cage free Jim Satoshi trial was always him paper a hammer hv the man from switzerland got want you on the show tomorrow night that'd be great a hammer price is wrong KP dad Daniel Christopher ah so many people in this space that make it amazing every day is a religious experience in sv and with that signing up have a great day

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  2. This F&*%ING YouTube is now again blocking me from adding likes to people's comments > : – |

  3. You guys are still giving way too much benefit of the doubt regarding Core devs and their "lack of understanding"… I am 100% sure they are not doing this because they don't know this, they are doing this because they are doing it on purpose. Even the RBF and this idea that paying more Tx fee to make your Tx more secure is complete bollocks because security of all Tx is exactly the same once its in the block, you could pay 0.01c and pay $100, the Tx is equally secure, the only thing RBF and small blocks do is allow only the richest people to transact, and no one else.

    The best scenario of 7Tx/s gives around 600K people to make 1 tx per day… we have 7.5 billion people, so what this shows is that it is only the top richest people who are all billionaires and top millionaires, will ever be able to use the BTC network, for as long it lasts (as it won't last for indefinite amount of time as miners won't have incentives to mine) which is literally the very same mentality of the top richest class where they don't want to have the people have nice things and nice standard of living, they don't want people to be able to fly to holidays, they want to be the one who have massive privileges but not for the rest.

    This whole BTC hijacking thing is literally the rich class fucks screwing us over…. yet again… so the whole idea of Bitcoin is to eliminate this inequality in access, usability, etc so to give EVERYONE a chance to use the system and benefit from it, and the bankers funded Blockstream and hired them, to fuck it all up… that's what this is all about, the absurdly rich bankers fucks want to keep control, power and their privileges… as every corrupt sick psychopathic fucks wants!

  4. HEHEHE, I've "HandCashed"(this could be a new term?) you some real bitcoins so you can show that BTC supporter "Tim" how real Bitcoin works (instant, all the time, every time, cheap as it gets), maybe he'll wake up 😉

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