38 thoughts on “Bitcoin, Stock Market CRASH | Gold SPIKE June July 2019”

  1. Thank you Bo. Me and another buddy bought your reports and between the two of us we have made over 6 digits in the last two weeks!

  2. Daniel 12:12 “Happy is the one who keeps in expectation* and who arrives at the 1,335 days!

  3. What happened to the last posted video? "Bo Polny – New Financial Era in 2019 – Cryptos, Silver & Gold Rules" It completely disappeared. It was the one where you were being interviewed by Greg Hunter. OK, I found it posted on his site.

  4. Can anyone tell me which is the best way to trade in Bicoin ? I have half a Bitcoin in my Exodus wallet yet wish to buy and sell easily along with these forcasts. Many thanks !

  5. Owing to the seeming accuracy of the forecasts, what assurances are there to confirm that this fellor offering such forecasts are not indirectly / directly part of any syndicates who are 'in control behind-the-scenes' constantly manipulating the world's markets…trying to extort quite expensive fees by getting people to subscribe to their forecasting services in order to benefit from their 'private' information ?

    Assuming that this chap is 'genuine' & not some hidden market manipulator (or working with any such manipulators ?) then next thing which comes to mind is their renumeration approach from their subscriber-customers :
    My stand is that 'trust' is a 2-way street i.e. instead of getting people to pay upfront what can come up to 4-figure US$ sum in membership fees (over a 1 year period alone ?!?) to benefit from their 'private' forecasts…if they want people to 'trust' their work then they should have no problem also taking the risks of letting people sign up FOC basis but with undertaking to pay them their fees AFTER the year is over & having made whatever the profits from their forecasts…to pay off the subscription fees & if the forecasts are really great they even stand to get fat tips on top of what they ask for in fees…instead of making people pay their subscription fees in advance without even having made a cent of profit yet ?!!!!
    Of course doing it this way they'll likely then say they don't want to take the risks of people 'running away' without paying their fees after having 'consumed' their services however in actuality it's no different from going into an expensive restaurant eating the food & getting the service 1st THEN paying for it later NOT upfront paying without yet being able to 'consume' or benefit in any real ways from whatever offered ?!?

  6. For the past few week now, with the number of videos watched from other channels, articles read from different crypto news sites, and looking at charts, signals, etc. The pattern I've seen is that 99.9% is expected an upwards trend. The other 00.1% such as yourself and a few others are are seeing a substantial pull back this summer starting in JUN. If we dip then you will be 7/7 and a legend.

  7. Great video! But what do you guys think…buy XRP now, or wait to see if it will dip with Bitcoin? Samantha Jane sees XRP to $10 by september.

  8. I don't think so this time. I think it will hit 10,000 and then you will never see 7000 number ever again

  9. Highly doubt US dollar goes down it's near all time high + during a collapse the dollar gets much stronger

  10. According to the prophet mark Taylor he doesn't see an economic collapse happening. He says do not listen to doom and gloom. Something's not adding up here.

  11. Should we bother even investing in silver anymore? It seems like the cryptos offer a much quicker and higher payout. The PM's are heavily manipulated and have been going sideways for the past 5 years.

  12. I hold both gold and silver and btc. Either way it teeters you can't lose. However, blockchain technology is not going anywhere anytime soon. It's just begun.

  13. The thumbs down are hilarious. What’s not to like here? This is posted for free! You’re welcome

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