Bitcoin SMASHES Key Resistance!!! Crypto Winter FINALLY Over?! HODL Waves vs UTXO ?

what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombies so it's Friday it's the weekend we made it congratulations and if we have a look at what is going on another beautiful green day I will take that now having a look at what is going on in the markets we do notice that we have one hundred and forty three point four billion dollar market cap Bitcoin is up yet again beautiful day today guys if we have a look at the biggest gainers on the front page we have repo up 36% basic attention token 28% Tasos maximum coup coin iOS t khyber network nem a BBC coin another coin that's doing really well again today guys is ergo you guys know i'm a huge fan of this project they've been doing very very well lately they are just going up and up obviously they're only they're still on the third page so they have a long long way to go personally yeah could there be a bit of a pullback definitely but i still see this market cap easily hitting 30 personally in my opinion so that's just my long-term outlook on that but having a look at what is going on in Bitcoin we have so much good news to talk about today number one we broke through the 20 week moving average and number two we broke through resistance finally from this freakin downtrend that we've had for how long now finally we broke above it and also as you can see right here on the 20 weekly it was not very often that we were above it you know we had a little bit back here in July and let's see a little bit back here in in March of last year but that's really it guys so I mean considering that we are now sitting above the 20 weekly moving average and we have just broke out of this insane downtrend this is incredibly bullish for Bitcoin let me zoom in a little bit so you guys can get a little bit of a better look right here see this white line right here that basically is this that white line is this purple line right here so having a look we've clearly broken out of it Oh and look at this look at this stopped right there at resistance how crazy is that like you can't even fake this stuff but here's the thing what do I personally see happening well I don't want to make too much of a crazy prediction unless we get that uh you know Bitcoin might have an April Fool's joke up its sleeve right but um you know I mean obviously you're probably gonna see something like you know it might kind of play around this area might touch down here but I think this right here personally this area this blue area that is such a key level guys we tried to break out over here we tried to break out where was it back here but we just kept wicking above it so that's really what I'm looking for guys now obviously if we have difficulty breaking out of that what could end up happening well in that case then you know we may end up coming here hopefully we get supported by this which is the 3946 but if not we could go down by the way please do not take a picture of that that is the worst drawing I've ever done but hopefully you guys were following me so basically guys that's the situation that's what's going on and yeah it's a really good day I want to get rid of these really really ugly drawings right here so yeah that's basically it guys so I think that we could potentially come up here touch this blue level and then maybe test the you know support again but right now it's a very good day I don't want to ruin it for you guys but just obviously be careful interestingly enough the fear and greed index is sitting at 50 as well which is weird I'm curious to see what happens when it gets updated in the next 15 hours I would expect it to be much higher now here's the thing – I wanted to talk about April so as Josh pointed out over on Twitter April has historically been a pretty good month for Bitcoin why I don't know specifically it could be anything maybe it's because a lot of people get their taxes back in the USA you know cuz April's kind of like the cutoff I don't really know personally but as you can see 2011 up 358 % 2012 2% 2013 43% 2014 only down 3% it's not that bad 2015 only down 3% not that bad 2016 8 % 2017 29% 2018 33% so the question is are we on for another super positive April well I'll tell you one thing we have the havening coming up in May and we do know what that means so I was pretty much saying between now and May is do or die I don't really care if we have a crazy crash at this point I mean if Bitcoin crashes down to 2,500 at this point I don't care because I'm calling an instant instant v-shaped bottom and we're coming back up and that's it you heard it here first folks but obviously let's not get too excited let's have some look at what's actually going on I wanted to talk about a few charts so the first one is the number of unspent transaction outputs now this is really important during the crypto peak at the end of 2017 and early 2018 the UT Excel levels had reached 67 million before falling sharply as the great sell-off accelerated so it was around August last year the trend reversed and they started to increase again the curve steepened as the year began right so you had levels of unspent transaction outputs have actually just surpassed your previous all-time high and are now a definite sign that Bitcoin accumulation is real and I also want to switch to another chart real quick now these are called Hottel waves right there another indicator that people are buying and holding Bitcoin so this one currently has been updated by Twitter analysts flip flip who also included historical times that Bitcoin accumulation occurred before the next big bull run so looking at the chart it's clear that 2018 was very pronounced and picked up all the way through consolidation as Phillip Phillip observes the you know falling from 6 K showed a big uptick in coins moving between the lower ranges also if you guys want to see the original unedited chart you can come over here to blog Unchained – capital I will drop that below for you guys in the description all my goodness remind me tomorrow updates ok so lost my train of thought yes other things I wanted to talk about today so we have basically you know March 28th which is yesterday lose track of time over here in crypto world so yesterday we saw 380 3106 transactions confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain this is a record for the past 12 months according to data from Chane calm as you can see right here I know it's washed trading I know I hear you guys just let's entertain this for a second okay but we also have financial ratings firm Weiss you guys saw that right they said that this is basically the best time that you could be investing or to quote them the best time to invest could be very near right and also with reports like these and companies like block by offering six percent annual interest on their bitcoin savers account for people who plan to hold their positions for the long haul you also have universal protocol they've got all different kinds of things they're working with cred earn ten percent on Bitcoin holdings it's not hard to be looking at the longer term investing over day trading which is what Tim Draper has been recommending who is very bullish and he's calling for a two hundred and fifty K price by 2020 so you can see this post right here from Anthony Populi on o the United States can pay any debt we'll get to that in just a second but basically you can't print more Bitcoin right so that is the thing and here's something interesting at a limited supply of just 21 million that's not even enough to have one Bitcoin per person in one country okay definitely not enough for the whole world there's seven point four billion people right so what is he referring to well here's something that I want you to show you and this is exactly why we need things like Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to save us from you know this traditional system of just printing money here let me play this for you guys real quick it's only a few seconds you see right here 22 seconds our US Treasury bonds still safe to invest in very much so I think there's a this is not an issue of credit rating the United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that so there is zero probability of default yo did you see that guy's face when he was like we could print like a guy he's just like what did he just say so yeah that's definitely something to keep in mind I also want to talk about some really good things we're gonna have a really quick rapid-fire video today cuz it's a very good day in the market so this week reports have revealed that two major funds in the crypto market you have pay tarah capital and xrp capital are finalizing a 175 million dollar fund and a 100 million dollar fund respectively with freshly raised capital but who would do this in such an ugly terrible bear market where bitcoin is just going to zero right well investment firms like Pantera capital the first Bitcoin dollar fund in the cryptocurrency sector have been successful in raising hundreds of millions of dollars during a very steep correction because investors remain confident that quality projects will survive the so called crypto winter I got our good buddy Tom Lee over here I'm sure it's a very bullish prediction whatever it is in that video and just getting on you know reminding you of what I said yesterday what Tom Jessup said from over at fidelity he said in terms of our pipeline prices haven't really had an impact if anything they are institutional investors are as encouraged now as they were when prices were higher so this is a good thing moving forward now it's time for some crazy coin news so Dan Larimer you know from EOS so he posted on Twitter how many people would you have to hold hostage to censor all transactions on your decentralized chain how long would it take to recover somebody replied more than 21 I think that was a bit of a jab at the block producers to which he replied what is your chain I could take down Bitcoin and the theorem for quite a while with just three pool operators come at us bro come at us bro so things are getting a wild things are getting crazy guys we also have COO coin announcing that it has partnered with simplex to re enable users to purchase certain kryptos via credit card and debit card so the partnership makes it possible for COO coin clients to purchase Bitcoin aetherium XRP Bitcoin cash litecoin with USD in Euros in over a hundred countries now you might you might be asking yourself what do you mean reenable well it's said that they had a major upgrade to their platform last month so as a result they actually had to temporarily suspend credit and debit card payments but now they've been re-enabled again and as I said they've added xx RP and it looks like bsv I'm not sure because they wrote it as B CH ABC so I don't know what's one they're referring to but maybe you could Bitcoin sv2 let me know I don't know so moving on we have the main net coming up from qlc you guys know qlc is a project I've had on the channel before they used to be on neo they're they're migrating to their own maintenance LC which will introduce some amazing features public chains attached to staking contracts including token mintage voting power confident usage every qlc holder can stake their net 5 qlc to deploy the contract get access to various applications functions and in the same time receive Q gas so I am NOT a hundred percent sure but I think this would be very similar to neo gas ontology gas stuff like that so yeah pretty excited about that definitely I want to like use this when it comes when it when it like really gets ready so I'll let you guys know how that works moving forward also as you guys know basic attention token is doing very very well today what was it up yeah up 28% today so just kind of wanted to talk to you guys it's a little bit of an older article but now is the time that it probably matters the most and this just basically goes in the difference between brave ads versus Google ads so if you guys want you can read this read the difference also just to let you guys know if you hate watching ads on these videos I am a verified brief publisher so you can just like watch my videos and tip basic attention token which is totally cool that's getting away from centralized crap so yeah and if you use my link you do get five dollars worth of basic attention token you could use my link below obviously guys but you don't have to you could just download it but if you use my link you get five dollars so yeah also moving on we have the Tron Foundation has now announced a new acquisition coin play a blockchain dap store so Tron's just buying up everything basically coin play is a hub for blockchain taps that includes software and games as well as indices and ratings of crypto currencies the app also stores excuse me the app store also plans to include transaction volumes and support of multiple platforms in the near future the App Store has been built with the goal of easing new market entrants into the space now I do know who I mean I'm not gonna talk about it here because it's been floating around but I guess Tron has been under some accusation people weren't really happy with the Tesla giveaway they were a little about like um I don't know something about like if it was a real person or they accidentally gave it away to a bot I really haven't been following it to be honest with you but there is something so check that out if you guys are interested in more of that juicy juicy controversy speaking of juicy juicy controversy there was a bug in the code of stellar that had allowed an attacker to generate two point two five billion lumens back in April successfully they quietly patched the bug in version zero point six point two that was released in May and the only thing that they had noted about it was this they said fixed inflation bug that would calculate the wrong amount under rare circumstances so stellar didn't make a blog post or overly public announcement or really say anything about it instead what they ended up doing at the time which this represented 25% of the xlm supply they basically ate the loss they burned two point two five billion corresponding tokens from their reserves to true up supply their goal was to prevent dilution among average holders so on one hand not too happy about stuff like this happening on the other hand I think they did the right thing I can just see the comments now an ol decentralization no they should have never been able to do that I mean listen guys I'm all for decentralization but you know for example you remember what happened with the Bank or hack when everybody lost their funds but they were able to freeze the funds and return them half the community was like thank you so much I got my money back the other half was like screw that backdoor entrance that's not decentralization I hear you guys I hear you but the thing is is if that was your money if it was your money on the exchange with the bank or hack what would you be like yeah well you know there goes my money decentralization or are you kind of happy that they were reimbursed you right so I think they did the right thing here by fixing the overall price because it could have you know obviously have really affected it so good on you stellar good on you also we have United States energy firm Ameren and Canadian software engineering and solutions company Opus one solutions exploring potential use of blockchain technology so amber in which currently services around 2.4 million electric and nine hundred thousand gas consumers will examine blockchain as one of a range of options in its clean initiative as of May last year Ameren was listed among the top 20 US gas and electric utility firms so there you go also check this out are you a fan of the of do you use Airbnb well digital gift cards and mobile phone refill provider bit refill has added an option to make Airbnb reservations with cryptocurrency so you should be able to use they say you will be able to use Bitcoin aetherium – litecoin and and wait for it dogecoin awesome the card is technically a voucher product meaning that obviously the customers purchased the US dollar equivalent Airbnb itself does not actually accept Kryptos we get it but it's a step in the right direction one day we hope that you know we can move beyond just this like voucher kind of gift card system but a lot of people bring up the whole tax situation right when did you buy the crypto when to just you know sell the crypto so you know the tax situation is gonna create a lot of issues with these retailers accepting it but moving forward this is a good step and this is definitely like I said a step in the right direction also coinbase custody is now offering staking what yeah so they're offering it they're starting with Tasos apparently and it says client to me it says client assets will remain inside coinbase is fully insured cold storage at all times mitigating risk to investors since staking requires some funds they're gonna put up their own coins initially after deducting coin bases fees clients can expect to earn about 6.6 percent annually the firm says guys you're not gonna get that in a bank you are definitely not gonna get that in a bank and before we go I have one story that I wanted to speaking of banks that I wanted to bring up so this woman she had a savings account right here she had 72 thousand dollars in it and basically her bank SunTrust declared her account dormant in April and closed the account because she hadn't touched it in five years right so yeah I mean it she was able to get the money it wasn't really a big deal but I just kind of wanted to point this out to you like Bitcoin Never Sleeps Bitcoin doesn't shut down your account okay so um you know I'm happy that she was able to get her money back but you know she did have to struggle for a few weeks with these guys to try to get the money back so there you go that is the news for the day hope you guys enjoyed this very short video today I feel like there wasn't a lot to talk about except for some really great fundamentals and price action so yeah having a look we're still looking pretty good over here guys so don't go anywhere because we have to give away the t-shirt again from yesterday so remember it was the size large astronaut t-shirt so yeah let's go to yesterday's video and make sure this is yeah there we go doot-doot-doot let's see here drum nope not drumroll not Dremel no drum roll yet all right let's pick a random winner drumroll please hey I'm a large please love your channel Cody that sounds like you directly are commenting about the shirt well I got a large for you so you are getting a large so all you got to do is just go to the about Me section you can either go here or if you want to join the official telegram the link is here or in the description totally free you can come and chat there's I think there's like 4200 people in the chat in the group now so if you want to join talk some crypto so thank you so much and I do appreciate it guys obviously everyone that's using the links below supporting the channel keeping your crypto safe on a ledger I do appreciate that guys also five dollars in basic attention token if you'd like to use my link below and also I just want to say thank you for everyone that has been sending me Lightning Network tips you guys Rock I love getting tens to Toshi's in the morning it sure brightens up my day almost as much as waking up and just having another opportunity to talk to you guys you guys are freaking awesome thank you for your support this channel would really be nothing without you guys I mean I definitely get up and do this every single day because of your support and I really appreciate it and it's totally mutual also as you guys know we are giving away the ledger on Monday so any comment on this video will be eligible so that's it for me today guys thank you so much for coming back to the channel my name is k-dubb this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto and peace out

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