24 thoughts on “Bitcoin Smashes $4k!!! Could Golden Cross Actually Kick Start the Next Bull Run?!? Fidelity LN Torch”

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  4. Where is the content, opinions on crypto… Its just news reading an weak ass news as well. Can we plz hear your feelings an thoughts on project A or B an if you have news from BS articles how will that affect price action or associated projects. Zombie you have become a man void of opinion an just a news reader!!! Step up your game man

  5. With the 35 minute video, I was; hum maybe is to long… and now at less than 20min I'm kind of feel; Hoo just that!? No more news!? lol We are never really satisfied! Keep up with your work, your video are amazing and so useful!

  6. Hey K-Dub, Check out my man Steve over at Crypto Curb University YouTube channel. He is the 1st person who I've seen call out the Death Cross we've had in 2018 and is calling the Golden Cross he believes will come around June-Aug. 2019. One other thing he did was start to compare the 2014 BTC chart to the 2018 BTC chart and it has been coinciding almost move for move… I give Steve all the props in the world for being the #1 go to honest and genuinely good guy who is also a veteran pro trader. You can be the judge but, he has saved us from losing money and helped us gain money many times for FREE… Good vid as always K-Dub!

  7. Someone who can photoshop, make a meme of the Geico fisherman w/ a moon on the line and a bitcoin underneath…."Almost had it!"

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