Bitcoin SMASHES $4k!!! ? NEW $BTC Futures to LAUNCH! U.S.A. Missing Out?!?

Oh what's going on guys it's k-dubb here with another episode of crypto zombies so today's Monday back on the grind shout out to everyone that's been liking subscribing and commenting you guys freaking rock now if we have a look at what's going on in the markets we have a nice green day to kick off our week having a look right here bitcoin is maintaining over $4,000 yesterday I put out my video and I mean literally within minutes of my video being put out Bitcoin just skyrocketed $200 in like 20 minutes it was pretty impressive actually so if we have a look at the markets right here I'll give it a quick refresh live and yeah so we really aren't moving too much since this morning but you can see that Bitcoin is up four-and-a-half percent still over four thousand one hundred and fifty three dollar a theorem 36 cent XRP Bitcoin dominance 51.7 we have a hundred and thirty six billion dollar market cap and if we have a look yet again we have this really weird bug euro coin up almost sixty percent bitshares 12 percent digit X Futures iOS t holo neo Walton dent akeem digit bite and stellar all up today now having a look at where we were yesterday we were sitting right around here we were just waiting we were consolidating we were winding up and then boom we just took off now I actually added a few levels that we've been looking at obviously this one being the worst if we come down here and touch that $3,100 level that's pretty much like you know the floor but some of these other key levels that we could potentially test and we have to break through these resistance levels okay one of them right here is around that $4,100 mark as you can see we had multiple points of contact the next one being the 4378 mark followed by the 45 75 now technically this one doesn't really touch three points of contact but you can see there was a little bit of up-and-down around there and then ultimately I think what everyone's really got their eyes on is this 5500 $5,600 kind of level right here so moving forward let's talk about what's happened so clearly we had a massive spike in the market it jumped a lot of coins are up today so let's talk about what is going on now usually we talk about price predictions and what people are saying well I think right now we we knew what was gonna happen we were anticipating this now the question is are we going to be able to break through some of these levels we've already broken through that psychological level of 4000 the next psychological level would technically be 5000 but everyone still kind of has their eyes all the way up here on this Green Line so talking about there's been so much excitement over all these different exchange-traded funds you know ETFs and these tools coming in with backed and fidelity and Nasdaq okay so the lot of hopes have been pinned on this institutional heavyweights that are entering the crypto space hopefully this year the promise of more Bitcoin futures and crypto products from big players could potentially be the catalyst that drives the market to full-on recovery because we still have a long ways to go let's just be honest so we have the highly anticipated New York Stock Exchange honors contract about to be launched Chicago's eros exchange LLC will not be far behind now let's talk about this so starting next month the firm that claims it was the first to market crypto futures has split from previous owners and will be launching derivatives for some of the top crypto assets now this is going to be for Asian investors okay so according to the Chicago Business coin floor X a division of UK crypto exchange coin floor has been renamed to coin futures and lending exchange or they're gonna be calling it coin flex so it aims to enter the highly competitive market and has solid backing from the UK's oldest Bitcoin exchanges which will also retain a stake in the new venture so with a leverage of up to 20 X coin flex will be offering futures for Bitcoin aetherium and Bitcoin cash to begin with the difference however which is why I'm excited with these futures is that they will be physically covered meaning that investors will be paid out in crypto rather than fiat upon contract expiration so what does this mean well physically delivered futures contracts such as the ones that are going to be offered by coin flex our advantageous because their values are tied to the underlying asset this means that upon expiration contract owners will be offered Bitcoin or aetherium or Bitcoin cash rather than fiat okay the advantages of this compensation mechanism is that it breeds transparency as the process can't be manipulated this transparency is sure to engender more confidence in the crypto market that still suffers from regulatory uncertainties okay now this comes just before we have backed coming in as well now backed is also gonna be physically settled as well now obviously we don't know when backed is gonna happen with the government government being shut down right now but hopefully we get backed at some point we were supposed to get it on the 24th probably not gonna happen but we'll see so it's interesting because these futures are gonna be entering the market at a bottom okay which we haven't seen this yet because it's a totally different story than what we saw back the last time so when we had futures enter the first time back on December 17th let's just rewind real quick and see where that was well look at that the all-time high well now that we have these futures coming out down here the question is are these guys really going to continue to short now I've always had that question in my mind as to you know what's the purpose of these futures right if you're gonna if you're gonna long it why not just actually own the asset right well now that they're gonna be physically backed by the Kryptos totally different stories so could we potentially see a you know complete reversal of what we saw in 2017 leading into 2018 we could see the complete opposite where now we actually have everybody longing and the price runs up now I don't want to jump to conclusions and assume that that's what's gonna happen but it's a strong possibility and it's definitely something to be excited for on top of that we have Japan's financial regulator considering allowing a Bitcoin ETF as well this is crazy so citing a person familiar with the matter the FSA is testing interest in an ETF with a view to potentially give the instrument the green light to trade on domestic markets the move would place Japan in direct contrast on fortunately with the US where regulator's are risk adverse on ETF's but permit physical Bitcoin Futures Trading something that the FSA has rejected if only we could just meet in the middle right so discussing the USS stance on the ETF's you had securities lawyer jake serve in ski now we always check out this guy all the time he's on twitter and he stood firm on his opinion that lawmakers were unlikely to change you know their opinion anytime soon so what was basically happening was some people were speculating that you know with it with this ongoing government shutdown that we could potentially see the sec just give the etf and automatic approval somebody actually brought that up on twitter over here it was like coin master so he says is there any potential chance and jake replied not really it's true that a proposed rule change is auto approved if the FCC doesn't make a decision by the deadline which i didn't actually know that it's auto approved that's pretty interesting but in reality he says this would never happen the sec has enough staff to put out a decision even if it's a one pager saying denied for reasons to be explained later so you're telling me there's a chance yeah so there could be a chance we're not saying there isn't we're just saying that potentially most likely they're gonna say no okay but moving on the one thing that i wanted to talk about you know looking at how the US has been lately the question is is the window closing on blockchain leadership in the US this was an article that was put out and this was this is a good question you know um the thing is is when you look at how you know we used to be originally looking back at the internet you know and how we were very open-minded to that versus now actually I'm gonna get into that in a second but I just wanted to highlight this super quick so instead of leading with hope optimism and open-mindedness the sec has been instilling fear into the markets by issuing a series of mixed actions publishing unclear statements and sending cryptic messages via occasional speeches they've divided and conquered the blockchain industry by stringing its participants along without sharing any form of original thinking the FCC is stuck in the old paradigm of trying to classify all special-purpose crypto currencies aka tokens you know any of them basically as securities by default which we know that there are utility tokens out there that cannot be denied you can't say aetherium is not a utility token you literally need gas to use the network on top of that if we didn't have a mechanism like gas in place you could just run endless smart contracts essentially you know sending it into just a spiral right so I disagree in a sense but that's what they're doing a lot of them are just saying there are all security tokens right well at the macro level the opposite of what took place in 1997 is actually unraveling today and this is the point that I wanted to bring up originally in 1997 the u.s. led the world in thought and in practice pertaining in electronic commerce regulation okay we were at the forefront of the internet we had this do no harm approach right President Clinton was coming out and he had his opinions on it and he was saying you know we shouldn't interfere too much we should let it evolve organically and naturally right but it seems like today this isn't really what we're doing with crypto I mean Greg did the u.s. hasn't outright banned it but we've been very very tough on it right now if you compare some of these other places for example we were just talking about the Japanese FSA well they've already received a hundred and ninety crypto currency exchange license applications and they're currently reviewing them Switzerland has published a well-defined token classification framework and continues to be a friendly jurisdiction for the foundation model to govern icos having cracked the code on how to manage the process you have Singh Singapore Gibraltar Malta which is whereby Nance ended up moving most of their operations to the Cayman Islands Cayman Islands okay although being smaller in jurisdiction but they have made positive strides and are welcoming entrepreneurs with open arms so this outburst of international activity is sending the u.s. innovation overseas you're seeing people leave startups are not working in the US they're going to these other places that are being more friendly and unfortunately the US which is usually known for being a hugely successful tech startup ecosystem is now finding its quite handicapped and suffocated by unfriendly regulation actions and by the way I think there was a quote up here yeah the Internet should be a place where government makes every effort not to stand in the way to do no harm and that's Bill Clinton 1997 so asking this question are we I don't know if anyone's watching from the US but um you know if you are do you feel that we're missing out on this advantage because we're spending so much time with these regulations which aren't even a hundred percent clear do you think that we're actually allowing these other guys in these other countries these other jurisdictions to develop faster than we are I mean I'd like to just start a conversation below what do you guys think about this yeah it's just a really good question to bring up I mean even speaking with them you have the globally renowned consulting firm McKinsey you know they released an article that described the blockchain industry as not having met its expectations or struggling to emerge from its pioneering stage the question is is what's choking it out though right what's holding it back is it the tech is it the regulations is it the volatility could it potentially be all three probably is so let's scroll down and talk about this because from one perspective there's nothing simpler than just being able to you know directly transact with anyone in the world without relying on an intermediary service that's the whole idea behind this so a lot of these entities now yeah they might lose a portion of the revenue from this emerging technology unless they choose to adopt it you know but a lot of these guys don't want to because why would they want to give up what they have right now when their remittance payments options are getting them you know sometimes double-digit percentages right so why would they want to switch some switch to something like this well anyway you look at this and lack of adoption is potentially what's standing in the way but furthermore there's evidence of the practicality and usability of blockchain and it's growing every day not just in currency but in other things you know talk about potential industries like insurance health care supply chain right actually in this particular article they mentioned cardano's specifically when they talk about incremental addition of value of technology as it grows and using Cardno as an example this is their example they say companies set on taking blockchain forward must adapt their strategic playbooks honestly review the advantages over more conventional solutions and embrace a more hard-headed commercial approach they should be quick to abandon applications where there's no incremental value if they can do all that and be patient blockchain may still emerge as Occam's right answer so stop creating problems that don't exist and start solving problems right now and I think that's where we got ahead of ourselves you know the ICO craze that happened you know late 2017 early 2018 some of these um you know DAPs that were coming out it's like we don't even need these things can we please get the infrastructure fixed first before we start trying to build on top of it you're putting the carriage ahead of the horse here you know what I'm saying so talking about that looking back the question is you know what happened last year right so the price fell but the fundamentals continued so is there anything that we actually gained from 2018 well there's a few things number one is increased public awareness you can't deny the fact that a lot more people know about Bitcoin today then did last year and then did the year before right okay so you can see down here as shown by James lock on this uh you know picture the creator of Bitcoin tracking website Satoshi info that more people in countries like South Africa Ghana and Nigeria are begin beginning to become increasingly interested in Bitcoin so why you know why does this matter right you know the US and and all the you know the UK and all these guys are already looking at it Australia and New Zealand we're already looking at it right well this is where it's really going to get that value because right now it's a lot of speculation you know we're just kind of you know buying this in hopes that it goes up but these guys are gonna create actual demand in fact I had a video that came out it was actually a really insanely popular video and it was called someone is buying tons of Bitcoin and it's not who you think actually I'll drop a card right here for you guys if you want to click on it and watch it and it was actually about the fact that the biggest purchasers of Bitcoin was actually the Venezuelan and the origin was Argentina I think was Argentina but it's definitely Venezuela and it was crazy how these guys were just purchasing it out of purchasing it out of actual need rather than speculation okay other thing to don't forget you had the are Bitcoin subreddit grew by sixty percent with over three hundred and eighty thousand more subscribers I think the cryptocurrency reddit hit like a million or something like that also we had higher academic interest so this interest in Bitcoin surged more than ever last year which is apparent from the number of Google's scholarly articles naming Bitcoin so we had eighty three of them in 2009 around four thousand in 2014 ten thousand six hundred and twenty seventeen and despite the fact that price continued to fall for an entire year we had a whopping 15,000 Bitcoin related scholarly articles published just last year alone now let's not talk um excuse me let's not forget about the Lightning Network has officially started to unleash its power we just had wallet a Satoshi get unveiled over in Australia a few people left me comments yesterday telling me that they actually downloaded it they're giving it a shot they're seeing what it's all about and as of you know reading this article more than 5,100 nodes are up and running the software now remember just a few months ago people were saying they're not you're not even gonna have over a thousand oh yeah well now we have five thousand one hundred and also five hundred and forty eight point three Bitcoin roughly around two million capacity on the network right now okay this is a huge step forward and let's not forget the fact that this also is going to allow the ability to have smart contracts on the Bitcoin network so the Lightning Network is going to use smart contracts to get rid of the processes that miners have to validate each transaction of the blockchain so with miners who are effectively the middlemen in the whole transaction they're going to be out of the picture lightning Network can carry transactions off line I'm gonna repeat that again lightning Network can carry transactions off line okay we've seen what those guys were doing with the Bitcoin satellites okay you could do this without even having internet connection you could do it through cell phones you have go tenha the all these solutions I mean if you guys think that this isn't gonna explode within this year you guys just be patient I mean it's it's right now there's so many guys working on it that when they get this perfect it's just gonna be absolutely amazing and the final thing I wanted to just say too was enhance network security Bitcoin core has been non-stop implementing improvements in block propagation at a steady rate all year and with the nodes upgrading the efforts seem to be yielding a lot of the desired impact in fact we've seen almost double the amounts of transactions in the past three years and we're still having around two cents per transaction and that price is going to be cut even lower once the Lightning network implementation continues so I just wanted to point that out now I always like to kind of put things into perspective right where are we in the grand scheme of things this chart is actually a little bit old as you can see right down here it says 2017 so just you know I think this frenzy phase we kind of went through this personally so I would put us right around this area okay the bubble burst so we went through the frenzy now you have widespread applications deployment phase centered synergy and consolidation okay so we've already had the infrastructure in early use cases and now we're trying to transition into this deployment phase okay another way you can kind of look at it too is the market curve essentially you have the hype cycle okay I think we're pretty much well aware of that being the peak of December 17th now we're coming back down to reality and you know now we find ourselves here so look at this this is all the failed technology aka the what was it over a thousand dead coins we looked at the other day so this is what's happening and now you're gonna see the liftoff to ultimate market opportunity and finally the sustainable market now is this gonna happen overnight absolutely not in fact we're looking at a pretty prolonged sideways pattern potentially happening for the next you know q1 and q2 of this year and they use Amazon stock price as an example you can see you know here's the hype it goes down here's the hype it goes down and then it builds and then it goes back up obviously so another thing I wanted to talk about too was gold I mean look at the price of over the course of history this I mean this looks pretty volatile to me but overall the trajectory is up now this reminds me of something so I was looking at reddit this morning and somebody brought up that freaking store of value argument again there's always someone that says bitcoin is not a store of value now these people tend to be people that bought Bitcoin a lot higher than where it is today ok I bought Bitcoin higher than where it is today I bought I was buying Bitcoin around 11,000 when I first got it not much I bought most of my Bitcoin around 22 but the point is is we've all lost but it doesn't change the fact that Bitcoin is actually a store of value but you know what don't listen to me let's have a look let's see what's going on so I went over to invest opee do what is a store of value well a store of value is an asset that maintains its value without depreciating gold and other metals are good stores of value and their shelf lives are essentially perpetual whereas a perishable good you know like food they they use milk as an example is a poor store of value due to the fact that it can decay over time so precious metals don't do that so many economists throughout history have used gold silver and other precious metals as currencies because of their ability to store value and their relative ease of transport as well as the ease of forming them into different denominations well obviously we know bitcoin does this better but I'm biased so let's continue objectively the United States was on a gold standard okay if you didn't know about this it was in which the dollars were actually redeemable there was a time where you could actually redeem your dollars for gold but then in 1971 President Nixon ended this and he took us off the gold standard so since 1971 the United States has been using fiat currency which a government declares a legal tender but it's not tied to anything so the only reason that the dollar is the dollar is because the government says it is that's it there's nothing else behind it there's no more gold behind it so you know we get pissed about bitcoins price fluctuations but bitcoin is actually being decided by us by the people by you know the holders the the people that are using it whereas the dollar is basically just designed to be a dollar and that's it and it's real difficult to compare to anything right so currency can sometimes come under attack as stores of value for example hyperinflation Venezuela you saw what happen over there so in those instances you'll notice that historically other stores of value for example gold silver land right real estate fine art and stuff like that have proved their consistency over time in particular the price of gold will often skyrocket during times of national peril or when a financial stock hits the broad markets as the demand for other widely recognized stores of values grow while the relative value of these items will fluctuate over time okay I just want to say that again will fluctuate over time let's go back Gold imagine gold here down here up here down here up here up here down there you know imagine somebody that bought gold up here they probably don't think gold is a very good store of value but most people think that it is so having a look at this okay this is the purchasing power of the US dollar okay this is what everybody says is a store of value the US dollar right well it was created in 1913 the Federal Reserve created it so if you look at this this is a graph this is a chart from 2013 obviously we've gone farther since then so in 100 years the dollar has managed to depreciate by over 95% and this is this is where we're at right now I mean there's no arguing this this is where we're at okay now let's have it look at the Bitcoin chart okay well it sucks what happened but let's go back here when Bitcoin was pennies literally pennies guys okay in fact if we come over here you can look at it even better going all the way back to you know 2010 Bitcoin is seven cents so even after everything that it's gone through right here Bitcoin has gone from seven cents – it just broke up again over four thousand dollars that's thousands of percentage of gain in ten years in a decade Bitcoin has gained clearly more than the dollar has because the dollars depreciated so I just wanted to point that out guys and I just want you to remember don't be like Greg I wish I kept my 1,700 Bitcoin at 6 cents instead of selling them at 30 since now there are $8 gosh darnit Greg you could have been a multi-millionaire but you know what are you gonna do terrible store of value get rid of it sell it give me those dollars back right so what else are we gonna talk about today well I wanted to talk about the ledger nano X guys you know I love my ledger I have multiple Ledger's and now I just purchased the ledger X this morning because I I couldn't resist it guys this is really cool now let's have a look into this and see what it's all about so we have Bluetooth le support so you'll be able to use it as both a USB stick and Bluetooth it's gonna have a slightly larger Oh le d– screen the buttons are now on the front which I don't know if that really makes a big deal higher storage capacity this is cool you can hold up to 100 apps compared to the fact that you can only hold 18 right now that's pretty that's pretty cool honestly that means you're gonna be able to hold a lot more currencies and it also has a rechargeable battery built in which could go either way you better remember to keep it plugged in when you need it right so yeah bluetooth touchscreen pretty cool I mean this is gonna be really good for the phones you'll be able to use your Leger nano X with the phone right now so this is cool and also just to let you guys know if you guys have a ledger I don't know how familiar you are with how Keys work so I'll just let you know super quick if you already have a ledger nano and you wanted to get another ledger nano you can always just give the one that you have now to someone else and you could just buy this one and all you have to do is just reset the other one and just remember when you wrote those words down when you first got it you just transfer it to the new one that's the beauty of it that the the the cryptocurrency is not actually on the hardware wallet the wallet is essentially just a gateway into the blockchains right so that's something really awesome if you come over here you can have a look at it now I I got one of these this morning i pre-ordered this one right here it's the UM the Genesis block edition January 2019 so these are gonna be shipping out in in March they're up for pre-order they are a hundred and twenty bucks which really isn't bad considering like you know do you value keeping your stuff safe so if you guys want um you know I do have an affiliate link below if you guys want to it it definitely helps the channel out you don't have to it doesn't cost you anything but if you do use my affiliate link you will be helping me out and I want to say you know I do appreciate it but yeah I mean you know no big deal like like I said it's no different than the other ledger except that now you can really just use it for mobile and Bluetooth which is pretty cool um also some people were concerned about the Bluetooth you guys can go into the tech specs of it I'm not really gonna go over it right now but don't worry about it because the buttons are hardwired into the chip themselves and the Bluetooth is dealt with in a different area so you don't have to worry about anybody you know hacking the whatever Bluetooth okay so just wanted to point that out now talking about some koi news so we can get the heck on out of here because it's getting late we got to do this it's Monday and we have a lot of stuff we got to take care of so bye Nance has added three new stable coin pairs it has packed Tru USD USD Ct USD and USD see packs why are they doing this you might think this is stupid well really all it does is help to increase that ease of liquidity being able to transfer tokens faster and it's just better for the ecosystem to just have these trading pairs right you know speaking of trading pairs Ripple obviously XRP we've seen a lot of those so I just wanted to talk about kuwait finance house so they announced the launch of its instant cross-border remittance services using ripples blockchain technology so according to the tweet that they put out instant international transfer service is now available customers will be able to make remittance transactions in saudi riyal to beneficiaries of al-razi bank I believe it's pronounced so far the KF H have not revealed whether they're using X current or X rapid although I would assume X current but it'd be nice to see if they use X rapid you know that would increase the use case for the tokens but regardless they didn't indicate it but they said that they have a lot of plans in the future and they're very excited about this partnership now I do want to clarify something so it turns out that the whole thing about Manero and the fortnight thing it says actually fortnight's brief foray into crypto was accidental we worked with a partner to open a merchandise store and somewhere along the way monaro payment was enabled so I guess they're saying they're not accepting cryptocurrency but they were it wasn't like like people lying about this it was an accident they turned it on but they said no no you know we're not we're not quite ready for it just yet so sorry to break your you know spirits guys but the fact that it can be enabled and we have seen it shows us that this is a possibility in the future and I think actually instead of getting upset over this we should probably take this as a positive thing you know they weren't saying screw Kryptos they were just like nah you know maybe a little bit later you know so not too bad okay also one thing that I thought was really good news that I wanted to end on today was a new bill to exempt crypto currencies from some security laws is currently under consideration by the Colorado Senate a bipartisan effort sponsored at Senate level by Republican Jack Tate and Democrat Steve fen Berg the Colorado digital token Act aims to offer limited extra freedoms for crypto currencies and traders the bill provides limited exceptions from securities registration and securities broker dealers and sales persons licensing requirements for persons dealing in digital tokens so that's all I got for you today guys a lot of things to think about with these you know different ETFs and futures products that are coming in although physically backed physically settled that's something that we really need more of I'm tired of these paper bitcoins you know like these they're fake is what they are they're paper that's what they call them they're you know there's 21 million bitcoins ever but if they allow us to you know do leverage trades like bit max doing hundred X right so something to keep in mind that being said before I go you guys freaking Rock if you guys want check out the ledger nano X I bought one this morning I don't know how long they're gonna have this limited edition Genesis block edition but looks pretty freakin cool guys yeah and that's it for me today so if you guys want you know link in the description helps the channel and that's it for me guys today we are starting this week off with a bang I'm happy to wake up and see the green I will take it does this mean that we're out of the woods not 100% but hey it's a start thank you so much for everyone that's been liking subscribing commenting everyone that's been hopping in the crypto zombies telegram chat you guys are freaking awesome you know love to hear everything that's going on in the community hope you enjoy the start to your week and that's it for today guys so for everyone that's been liking subscribing commenting you guys rule my name's k-dub this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto and peace out

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