26 thoughts on “BITCOIN SKYROCKETS!! NOW $9K!! 160+% YTD RETURNS..”

  1. Hey Guys!! Bitcoin just hit close to $9K!! That's a record 160%YTD Return which is absolutely Ridiculous!!! We've been absolutely on target and it's Not FLUFF. BitcoinRich.com is the NUMBER #1 Trade School in the World for Blockchain Education.. JOIN NOW!! https://amtvmedia.vhx.tv/buy/bitcoin-crypto-private-academy-limited-seating?code=todayonly

    ??????Happy Memorial Day WEEKEND!! Save BIG before this Goes Away… God Bless!! – CG

  2. You know, Chris, what really gets me is the people who were doing bitcoin prior to November 2017. After it dropped from 20,000 LIKE I TOLD THEM IT WOULD. They would say "bitcoin is taking a beating." I"m like "Pffft…." even at 3k its up from the 180 I originally spent. You know? Some people don't get it. Compare that to your mutual funds which are considered "good" if they're going at or above 3% return. I mean, come on. I'm really interested in what Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Cash will do. Very Curious to see if some of these little spin offs will do well. They say Bitcoin Cash is gonna be around 3000-6000 due to a planned change… I read it in an article. Can't remember the details. Will be interesting. I've got soooo many different cryptos but I went through a lot of abuse/disappointments in life so I expect someone to jump out and say "HA HA! Fuck you! No lucky breaks for you, bitch!" and then lose what I put in LOL!!!!! Its sad but true. I'm a pessimist. I can't believe this is real. But so far… it is. Awaiting my test results for Leukemia. LOL!!!!! If its not one thing its another. :p My Doctor tested me for Leukemia. Why that makes me laugh, I don't know.

  3. Chris, how many students are you going to have before you close the "limited" seating? What actually LIMITS the seating? I wouldn't want to limit how much money I could make off the weak personally… hahaha. bwwwa ha ha haaaa

  4. Black chain and means nothing ever goes away it's there forever that's when I get off the internet and I throw away my smartphone in the garbage can or I'll sell it to somebody for really cheap when that day arrives I can deal without being online ever ever again to the day I die if in fact that technology ever does arrive.

  5. I'm unable to learn anything can't do it mister green sorry nothing against you at all I can't do your course.

    You can't take it with you,
    when you Die…

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