49 thoughts on “Bitcoin Should You Panic?! June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis”

  1. Hey dude don't let the haters dissuade you. You make this very entertaining and you're very enjoyable to learn from. You've created a drive in me that I haven't had in years. Thank you for all that you do and congrats on 20k subs.

  2. Hey Krown! Thanks for an other great video man! What do you think? Can we aspect a 30 – 40% BTC pull back without the 2 or 3 day jewel 'warning signal'? Thanks!!

  3. Thanks for ALL your help Krown I tune in every morning to learn and get the best updates on BTC daily. Love what your doing so much info is awesome
    I can really understand this market listening to your analysis

  4. People hating on krown and hes been long since 4k. Y'all are stupid. This is the market man, it will do whatever it wants to. Just learn to manage risk. Always be ready for this kinda market behavior..

  5. appreciate it man. Keep an eye out for an email from me. I would like to introduce myself and open the door to some interesting dialogue. Stay well.

  6. I honestly love and appreciate your perspective. Astonished how accurate your targets have been lately! Thanks krown! Appreciate your content. Major respect ?

  7. hey krown, you say now is time to be a dip buyer. so why did you short then? was that a small side play? Do you consider this a dip? Are you buying? Thanks for your thoughts dude and keep up the good work!

  8. Dude your fucking really amazing. Best I have ever seen online and just a great dude. Appreciate you – Look forward to it everyday.

  9. I almost catch the downtrend but is all good no problem…, I had a short at 9.000 to cover my long but I got scared….. anyway learning so much, great comments, positive mod always, so much to learn from you. Thanks man!

  10. Massive respect for the streamers that stayed during the bear market and kept teaching us how to stay calm and know when to take steps for a nice trade. Plus, the info you give us is incredible. You're a legend Krown! Even more of a legend if you'd live in The Netherlands

  11. Yes you were clear about the upside and the downside yesterday.

    People only hear the bits that confirm their opinions… the rest is noise…

  12. suddenly i found out that you are not speaking too fast.
    I just listen too slowley……..

  13. Krown you will never know how much I appreciate your content bro and you always stay neutral, learnt so much about EMA's from you, it was the final piece in the puzzle for me, your an insanely quality trader

  14. do you consume any of your content (podcasts, people you follow etc) at 1.5x or 2.0 x . I do and I bet you do to. lol Sicko.

  15. Hey – Tone Vays will you trade eventually?

    Take him out

    You gotta keep 'em liquidated

    Hey – Tone Vays you disrespecting me?

    Take him out

    You gotta keep 'em liquidated

    Hey they don't pay no mind

    If you're going 100x long Arthur's gonnaa fack you every time

    Hey, shout out to Krown's Crypto Cave

    P.S. CZ loves you and will keep you SAFU at night

  16. Yes you are always very clear Krown. I think many people aren't willing to think things through and learn. They just want simple signals when simple signals are not possible. Ignore the haters and keep doing what you're doing!

  17. bro from one economist to another. I think you chat is exceptional. Top notch mate. These haters are weak and young.

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