Bitcoin shopping season is here! CME Futures , Elastos, Switcheo, Matrix AI, Ripple, Stellar Lumens

is it really the right time to buy Bitcoin was the bottom three thousand five hundred US dollars alright so we're going to be talking about all of that in this video so if you guys are already part of the YouTube channel please kind of subscribe to my youtube channel smash the like button and let's get into this what's up Crips a Nation how you guys doing today we're having a very lovely day the price of Bitcoin is 6% up and everybody's really enjoying these times because we've been having a very very bad year and finally it seems like the markets are really improving you always have to remember that I'm not a financial advisor this is not financial advice and whatever we're going to be talking about in this video is truly going to be my own personal opinion have you guys noticed that we've been having extremely bullish news during the past few weeks whether the price of Bitcoin is twenty thousand US dollars or one thousand US dollars the fundamentals still remain the same so it really shocks me how people really react negatively especially when the price of Bitcoin is down but of course not everybody's like that personally I'm so excited and I'm so happy that the price of Bitcoin dropped as low as three thousand five hundred US dollars in case you guys are wondering today's the 29th of November so if you guys are going to be watching this video a little bit later you can always check the price of Bitcoin whenever you're going to do watching this and the current price of Bitcoin is about four thousand three hundred and fifty US dollars so I wouldn't advise anybody to buy right now the smartest thing that you can do right now is obviously wait for a slight correction because obviously people really got to make a little bit of money I did manage to get my orders filled right around three thousand five hundred and fifteen US dollars so right now I'm actually six percent up so I'm really excited I wouldn't advise any of my subscribers to be buying the Bitcoin that I'm going to be selling so what you're supposed to do is place your buy orders because you know it's just a matter of time – the price of Bitcoin correct so cause we're always going to be zigzagging we go down we go up we go down and we go up it's always going to be like that so if you guys are very smart enough you can just you know play with the volatility and use it to your own advantage we're currently facing major resistance and a lot of people are having their sale Tigers are about four thousand seven hundred US dollars but I think it's going to be a little bit lower than that anything which is going to be 4400 US Dollars and below is really going to be you know a good selling point for me due to the fact that I really go in a little bit you know it's a very great idea to always take precaution and in case the price of Bitcoin goes down again I do have a little bit of buy orders which are going to be set at a lower price point like for example 2915 I've got buy orders at 1350 just in case we have like a very very deep decline in the price of Bitcoin but it really seems that the boos defended the price of Bitcoin especially like right around the 3300 US dollar Valley so a lot of people are thinking this is the bottom I remember when the price of Bitcoin was around 15,000 US dollars a lot of people were claiming that Bitcoin was going to bottom out around three thousand five hundred US dollars and recently we hit that price target so it really serves as a mental milestone so this is actually one of the reasons why I really think we're not really going to go back to three thousand five hundred US dollars because it really is all about psychology because a lot of people had that mental picture in their head I don't really think it's going to stare 3,500 for a very long time I'm not really going to be surprised if we see a steady increase in the price of Bitcoin because a lot of people are beginning to buy back but anyway if we think about the worst case scenario in case the price of Bitcoin goes back way below three thousand five hundred US dollars you guys already know what to do I think it's really going to be a golden opportunity try to get as much Bitcoin as you can try to accumulate as much Bitcoin as you can because the next bull run is going to be ridiculous you guys already know what's happening we've got back coming there's going to be a lot of institutional money which is going to be flocking and just coming into the cryptocurrency market for example Queen Bess right now is working on a lot of facilities which is going to allow institutional money if I can put it that way to come into cryptocurrencies just to summarize everything they are going to make it possible for a lot of big money to like come in and the price of Bitcoin is obviously going to go to the moon and that's going to be a very great thing the other thing that I really wanted to talk about was the CME futures tomorrow's the 30th of November and CMU futures is going to expire so I don't really know exactly what the effect is going to be especially on the price of Bitcoin so if you guys really know exactly what's going to happen to the price of Bitcoin due to the expiration of the CME futures please let me know in the comment section below but personally I think we're going to have like a slight decline in the price of Bitcoin as I'm recording this video the current price of Bitcoin is now 4269 I really think that the price is really going down because people are taking profit let me just go sell my Bitcoin because I really want to like you know hold the kids that I met 1 minute 37 seconds later I am back I just had to secure the bag you know it's always very important to take profit and just be safe because you might never know what might happen tomorrow what else did I want to talk about oh yeah I wanted to talk about a few alternative cryptocurrencies that I'm going to be buying and right now I don't really think is a great time to get into out coins because if we really get to consider the previous bull run like last December to January during that period obviously Bitcoin experienced a lot of massive growth and a lot of alternative cryptocurrencies were pretty much Doman so it could have been wiser and much more profitable if you invested first of all in Bitcoin then after Bitcoin like runs out of juice then switch to a lot about energy of cryptocurrencies I'm obviously going to be looking at a lot of out coins for example alas dose I think it has got a very very huge chance of being successful and I'm really thinking of buying a whole lot of Velasquez especially when the time is right the other cryptocurrencies that I was thinking of buying is actually sweet shell so Swisher is some sort of decentralized cryptocurrency exchange so as far as the centralization goes I don't really know how to centralized it is I think matrix AI seems to be a very interesting one and really looking forward to having a master node on the matrix AI block channel as well because I really here is going to be extremely profitable so I mean of course there's the usual suspects for example everybody has got x RP stella lumens neo etherium there's quite a lot of great alternative cryptocurrencies out there so please let me know which alternative cryptocurrencies are super exciting please give me a reason why you really think those alternative cryptocurrencies deserve to be looked at I'm obviously going to talk to you guys a little bit later it's been fun talking to you guys and obviously swing you love the faces you guys are awesome and thank you for the support thank you for all the love be good take care and see you

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