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welcome to this June 29th edition of what's happening in crypto with crypto LARC broadcasting to you from New Zealand and bringing you all of the latest from the world of crypto and beyond Bitcoin 5960 $2 yes we are seeing a Bitcoin below six thousand dollars once again aetherium eyeing up the $400 mark is anyone out there sleeping or is everyone just watching their portfolios sink farther and farther and farther into the red well it may be a good time to be investing in Pfizer I think they sell the anti-anxiety and anti depression drugs don't they of course not everyone is so depressed apparently one fifth of the UK Millennials are ready to not sleep at night they would rather invest in Bitcoin then in real estate this is an unsurprising story in the sense that the global real estate markets are getting more and more in accessible to regular human beings whereas Bitcoin especially at current prices offers a very attractive option in fact if you invest in Bitcoin you might actually be able to afford a house someday big news from by Nantz finance Uganda yes by Nantz Uganda is launching they're launching a Fiat to crypto exchange by Nance's actual first crypto – Fiat exchange is being launched in Uganda apparently cheng feng jiao knows the way nerdy way we must protect the Queen only she can show us the way let me smell a little I Spit on them overall I find this to be a very encouraging story finance is buying up a few different countries on the African continent it's really really awesome to see them rolling out a crypto 2 Fiat Exchange in Uganda that's gonna give a whole new level of access to an underserved crypto market really really awesome move bye-bye Nance so my hats off to them speaking of feel-good stories claim base CEO unveils crypto charity for the unbanked the unbanked those billions of people out there waiting for cryptocurrency to save them all the coin base CEOs thinks that he can be one of those people to have that impact quoted many who invested early in cryptocurrencies understand it can make the financial system more efficient lower fees and reduced transaction times early adopters saw the potential to unlock widespread innovation if the internet had a native currency and almost everyone I met in the community early on believed cryptocurrency could finally Bank the unbanked of the world the billions people who are locked out of the financial system and are trapped in poverty as a result initially they are aiming to raise ten million dollars by the end of 2018 increasing that to 1 billion dollars within the next two years overall a really great story from coinbase I'm happy to see them moving a direction of really trying to give back and to enable people to enter the crypto ecosystem who have previously been excluded the US House unanimously passes bill to help fight illicit use of crypto currencies whoo I don't know about you guys but I'm so happy to see the house stepping in here because I was really really worried about the illicit use of crypto currencies the quote from the bill goes to carry out a study on how virtual currencies and online marketplaces are used to buy sell or facilitate the financing of goods or services associated with sex trafficking or drug trafficking now on the face of it that sounds pretty good but I'd like to introduce you to this guy this is a $20 US note mr. Jackson if you will how many times has this particular bill been used to buy weird porn by drugs let's pry some drugs on it actually maybe what about paying for sex that could have happened what about paying for some bad rap music that also could have happened is that a crime that could be a crime the point being nobody knows where this bill has been his history is unknown and to look at cryptocurrencies and say they're the bad guys is just yet again one of these false narratives being set up by the government saying see sex trafficking and drug trafficking it's all because of the cryptocurrencies while ignoring the fact that 99% of these transactions take place in dollars speaking of drug trafficking Silk Roads Ross Ulbricht denied review of prison life sentence by the Supreme Court now Ross Ulbricht in case you don't know is the creator of Silk Road arrested and sentenced to life in prison in 2015 for his involvement in the Silk Road marketplace convicted of helping the distribution of drugs computer hacking fraud and money laundering among others again so great for the Department of Justice to be out there protecting people right because no one else has ever distributed drugs that kill people and no one else has ever laundered money that had terrible implications except for of course that the big banks are regularly caught laundering money and no one really does very much about it they get a slap on the wrist they do not go to prison for life that's a long time guys and of course we want to talk about drugs prescription drugs kill over a hundred thousand people each year now what Ross was enabling was a marketplace where people could buy and sell drugs and I'm sure that some of the drugs that were sold on there were more prescription drugs a lot of his pride is the weed and to put someone away for a web site for life is obscene while the big pharmaceutical companies every day have doctors pushing their pills which are killing people not a single pharmaceutical CEO has gone to prison to help highlight to the Sepik receipt renegade artist Dominique Esposito has put an 800 pound forged steel sculpture of a burnt heroine spoon outside of Purdue pharmaceuticals Purdue is one of the biggest producers of oxy cotton which of course is one of the prime killers when it comes to prescription drugs now they actually just brought this art installation and dropped it in front of the pharmaceutical office it was of course later removed I can only imagine the reaction of the CEOs when they looked out the window and go oh my god what is that call the Chief of Police get someone down here quick onto our next story this one is from the weird and the wacky inside Bitcoin topia the desert crypto kingdom of the future apparently these guys were not able to get tickets to this year's Burning Man event so they decided to make their own libertarian Bitcoin paradise based on Disneyland's Epcot out in the middle of the desert what these these stories are too good I can't make them up guys this is real life apparently these guys want to set up their own 3,000 acre bit coin topia the capital of the United States a Bitcoin they actually want to set up their own country based on Bitcoin and sweet amusement park rides because why not confirmed travel booking giant Expedia has quietly removed the Bitcoin payment option I'm not sure a lot of people were even aware that this option existed or that they were using I did try to pay one time on Expedia using Bitcoin but it's unfortunately not available in New Zealand I'm not sure a lot of people were using this unfortunately we have seen it disappear I imagine we'll probably see it reappear in a couple of years but currently Expedia has taken it away I don't think many tears are being shed about this however an amazing story about sending lots of Bitcoin in fact 300 million dollars worth a Bitcoin and paying a fee of less than one u.s. cent that is shocking if you're to go to a regular bank and try to send that money you'll be charged a few percent at least because if you have $300 you probably have a really really good Bank and really really good bank rates but still that is shockingly low and when you look at these kind of numbers you realize how bitcoin is going to really shock the system of global finance and the bankers are taking notice cryptocurrency firm circle sees institutional interest spiked 30 percent this is a reminder that if you are selling Bitcoin now if you are selling your etherium now on the other end there is a banker happily buying that from you all the FUD that's been created all the old men coming out and talking trash on Bitcoin all the exchange hacks all the regulatory BS all of this has created a situation of fear in the market in the institutional investors they're only getting more and more interested you need to ask yourself do you want to think like a regular Joe investor and be selling your money buy high sell it low the classic equation or do only thinking like the big boys and taking this as an opportunity to get involved because remember if you are selling it now this guy is on the other end and finally before we get into the Jeep and token giveaway winners and announce the next giveaways that we have for you I just want to do a quick shout out to come and join the live stream on July 2nd Monday 2 p.m. New Zeeland for a lot of you guys that might be Sunday night topic shopping the crypto candy store what you need to know in the bear market to get ready for the next Bowl run onto our first winners and again thank you to the team over at Z pin for giving some sweet crypto to give away to you guys six winners for 2500 Z pin each who is it gonna be Boras first winner congratulations to you who is our next winner gonna be Saran congratulations as well on to our Facebook giveaway who are our winners over on Facebook gonna be weren't very many entries on Facebook it's easy place to certainly pick up some sweet crypto Raphael congratulations and our next Facebook winner who is it gonna be and Malcolm Murray congratulations to Malcolm and Raphael and finally the retweet competition who are our winners gonna be over there Dennis congratulations and one more winner from there and all day crypto congratulations all six of those winners will be getting 2500 is even a piece and on to our giveaways for next week I've just had an interview with the guys from ad Bank they're gonna be giving away 10,000 ad Bank tokens to six lucky winners here's how you bien to win go over to the interview like and comment on the interview here on YouTube there will be a link for the Facebook as well go over like comment and share on the facebook video and get over to twitter and retweet the interview all of those will get you in to win 10,000 ad bank tokens and we have a second giveaway going for next Friday the guys from eco meet are giving away three of their card wallets so if you want to be in to win one of those like and comment on the interview get over to Twitter hit the retweet button and get over Facebook and like comment and share on the video super easy to win is $179 value for those card wallets and it's a very innovative and cool product so definitely someone get your hands on thanks so much for watching the video let me know what you think about any of today's news stories in the comment section down below thumbs up the video help our community grow by sharing these around the internet join the conversation over on Twitter long live the blockchain and beefs out the next time

23 thoughts on “Bitcoin, Sex, & Drugs – Crypto Burning Man – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News”

  1. Lark, I saw you in person at NAC3, I just can't stress enough how your personality and passion is a bright spot amongst this oftentimes money oriented crypto community! Keep up the good work, and all hail Uganda Knuckles!

  2. Keep in mind Ross allegedly also tried to have competitors / others killed and put hits out on them via cryptocurrency.

  3. You raise some very valid points for which I am passionately aligned. (Just a little point: I dont think Ross is accused of the actual 'creation' of the site, just for being the alleged 'mastermind', correct me if wrong).
    Bitcointopia… Dont get too excited, if you watch Roger Ver's speech at Anarchapulco you will hear how he plans to purchase land from a 'developing nation' and pay for its independence (after he runs for the US presidency of course), thus creating a Roger Ver 'non nation'…. look out Jones town and Waco, Rogers own Helter Skelter is on its way! Thanks for Mr Burns 😀 So true.

  4. Enjoyed your video as usual. Onc thing I noticed.. you forgot to mention the ones who actually most enjoys the anonymity of the fiat is POLITICIANS! 😉

  5. Adbank is a great project and I would love to win some tokens if possible. My Ether wallet is 0x258F8773e3d753997372449331fa62974370D4d2

  6. Sure, I also want the price to go up, but to me this is less about the market and more about the movement! Crypto can bring us security, equality, and P2P connection…very powerful video Lark, well done!!

  7. ya even here in Canada i never saw a btc payment option. but too bad anyway. good video. i never knew u held contests? anyway good job lark sincerely jr of exciting world cryptos

  8. Reported by the Daily Mail (UK) “Every British bank note is contaminated by cocaine within weeks of entering circulation” – as far as I’m aware no Bitcoin has ever been rolled up to snort Coke !! Perhaps the US authorities are investigating the wrong currency for links to illegality , they really are soooo dumb

  9. What was I laughing at again? Oh yes, that crippled Irishman! Haha love the reference Lark, great vid as always

  10. Harvard reviewed 30 studies in 2015 and they determined prescription drugs are killing 400,000 Americans every year as well as over 2m long term injuries (injuries that are typically sustained for at least a year). Illicit drugs are responsible for less than 20,000 a year and the vast majority of those deaths are not attributed to the illicit drug itself but rather what these drugs are 'cut' with. How many more of us need to die? #NoMoreLies #TruthHeals

  11. Legalize everything –> SAFER communities and smarter people. Portugal did it. They're doing better for it…… The two sided agency that is corporations/government in regards to drugs is probably one of the biggest hindrances to human progress, YET they blame US for inciting crime when they have been proven to be the biggest perpetrators time and time again…. Hypocrisy at its finest

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