22 thoughts on “Bitcoin Running big!!! And AMA with Kelly!!”

  1. When you swapped your ear piece 37mins in Ben, we could hear Kelly loud and clear.

    You and Kelly (and Litecoin Little) are clearly so much into each other btw, love the show ..

  2. Litecoin Little isn't little at all. Little is equivalent to about 3 of my cats!!!! But nice to see where you come from man. You have a beautiful wife, and I'm glad she's a part of this and so supportive of you. Thanks for you all you do man. You're a part of the revolution and I'm glad to share this journey with you and all the other crypto investors here.

  3. I am not the type that contacts experts for help, not until my brother recommended Mr Ben Morris, he made me $28,650 profit in 4 days. Thank you so much Mr Ben Morris.

  4. For Ben, whilst in Jamaica, see if you can find a guy shimming up a coconut tree
    Using his thighs to go up and down. And for Kelly…you have beautiful hair, let
    A local woman braid it with beads. You will look gorgeous!

  5. Great video! I love Jamaica! Stayed in Mamee Bay, near Ochos Rios where
    The falls can be walked into. The water is like clear bath water. The natives will
    Give you a tour on horseback even riding on the beach and water! Something from a movie. Their food is good too! Steel bands, was just fun! When I left the airport to
    Go home wanted to cry while at the airport, the native citizens approach you
    To invite them to the US. They are bored there. When I first arrived to Jamaica,
    There was a band greeting tourists singing, welcome to Jamaica, make it your home.
    Biggest mangoes I ever saw! Everyone honks their horn in greeting! It’s a good thing there,
    Here it would be road rage incitation. Clothing was nice and cheap. Cows and sheep cross
    Over some of th roads stopping traffic. Might want to take Kleenex with you as
    Noticed some of the toilet tissue is a bit rough.?

  6. This conversation was like a Mozart music to my ears. Your Slavic soul explains a lot to me. Hope one day I will have an honor to shake your hand. ❤

  7. Thanks Ben my Maan..You and Kelly do bring is so much value and has for me and fam since 2017. Hope to see y'all at a meet up or on the Crypto Cruise!

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