28 thoughts on “Bitcoin Rises 10% | Is the global economy setting the stage for a bitcoin revolution?”

  1. Bullish readings on the hourly and 4-hour chart indicates a rise past $8,000. So it is correct to say that bitcoin will soon surpass it’s all time high of $18,000 range and then making it difficult for the lot and majority to buy a whole bitcoin. So now to take full advantage of this incoming bull run is to accumulate as much bitcoin now at least 20 btc in your portfolio before the full swing bull run. You can do this by dollar cost averaging which right now is expensive or by trading a small percentage of what you hodl and the hodling the profit. That’s what I do I started trading last month and now I have 12 btc in my portfolio. But a note of caution, do not attempt trading on your own if you are not seasoned or well oriented on it. You can make research on trading chart analysis which is time consuming and will take you long time before becoming a seasoned trader or you can also be smart like me and mirror the signals of an expert trader and by doing so learning directly from such trader. I have used a bunch of signals providers but no one comes close to Gérard Barrientos in terms of accuracy and also ease of implementation in your own trade. You can contact him through ([email protected] or on WhatsApp +447427159640).

  2. there is less than 1% change for a 40% pullback. forget about it.. it will either CRASH to 1-2k .. or will not have any signiifcat pull back – jus 1k max at a time.. until well above 10k.
    The shit will hit the fan worldwide soon.. that means huge volatiliy acroos every market .. banks are becoming pissed that they cannot gamble people's money on crypto .so they get a huge bonus if ti goes up.. and the comunist leftist golobal mafia state will svae their ass if it goes down.

  3. Do you have some videos on using limit orders or stop losses? Can you use stop losses with crypto?

  4. Bitcoin has reported over 9% in growth on the day and is trading at $8,727 by press time. Having briefly dipped below $8,000 yesterday, May 26, the top coin saw a sharp rally kick in towards the evening.

    Source: https://taklimakan.network/news/20481

  5. how would you read between the lines if several indicators show over extended and price keep ricing ?

  6. I would like to hear feedback on WHY the sudden price uptick, Nick. I understand from watching DavinciJ15 that Ripple bought a lot of BTC in the hope of making some money to make up for the loss they suffered recently in the news. Other than the news of why bitcoin will increase due to the halving and others who are making things happen in the background, and regular market price action…what other news is our there that would justify such an increase? What new news would justify this uptick? Thanks for all you do, Nick! Cheers 🙂

  7. Thanks for the great video Nick! What are your thoughts on Substratum, market cap seems incredibly low. Do you think they have enough funds to finish the project?

  8. Will it be possible for customers to get btc which they had on cryptopia before bankupcy or those funds are lost?

  9. I think the established alts will grow more than in 2017, but there will be less enthusiasm in regards to most other alts. I feel the true currency coins (LTC, NANO, DASH, etc.) will double or more their past highs. The killer app is money at this point- not smart contracts. We are a ways off from that. Just my opinion. But the risk appetite is still there, just a little more educated when it comes to the retailer.

  10. Hey dude. I met you at we work london… and gave you some dirty fiat stirling. Food commodities are going to ho bsllistic world wide. Vild wet weather crop loss. Media keeping a lid on it but its text book grand solar minimum cycle. 5 of them over the last thousand years. Check it out. The climate emergency does exist but its not climste chsnge brought about by co2. Ive been studying this for the last 4 years. Love the show. Big ups.

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