Bitcoin Rich List , Ripple And Arrington Wants XRP At $300

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor I am sitting here watching on CNBC the House Financial Services Committee is having the CEOs of some of the largest banks in the United States and they are asking them various questions and I have been literally dumbfounded by the ignorance and what is the proper word complete incompetence of some of these politicians and I hate to say that because these guys are the ones that are gonna decide about the token taxonomy Act but these people I earlier today I heard one of the people on this committee asked the CEO no they're just as a backdrop this whole hearing is to talk about how things have changed for the better hopefully after the financial crisis of 2008 and there was someone on there that was asking about what the bank's overdraft fees were now and how fair it is that this person or this person is getting paid and all this to be bringing things like that I that have absolutely nothing to do with the financial crisis and how our country almost collapsed to have people that are so ignorant and so incompetent to be getting up and talking about things like this that have nothing to do with what they're talking about it just it really it makes it it kind of depresses you to think that that is who's leading the financial the the financial services committee in the United States Congress it's unbel evil to listen to these people at the lack of knowledge of finance and what's really going on is unbelievable and it makes you sick to think these people have are that clueless and then the bankers and that they place the other thing that I got and get out of listening to this is the amount of faith that these people have put in all of these bankers after all of this Tom after what they did in 2008 these guys didn't see anything coming they were a part of the problem and for these guys to put after they bailed them out on the taxpayers back bailed them out and now to still place this much faith and dumb like they need to lead all of us is just embarrassing it's a joke okay this is from digital rookie this is a he sent me a tweet from Marcus Treacher we already knew about the rational effects but he hadn't tweeted out about it rational effects payment service to Sri Lanka powered by ripple and then hashtag runs on ripple I don't use that hashtag but I need to start using it he says love it rational FX is partnered with ripple to make international money transfers to Sri Lanka faster and more secure for our customers and then there's this I saw this article today and I just thought that I just needed to show it to you it's unbelievable um you know I've been talking a lot about I talked a lot about how Amazon back in the day just like blockbuster laughed at Netflix and all the retail companies they laughed at Amazon who's gonna buy anything off of the Internet and now look what's happening today retail Apocalypse Now analysts say seventy five thousand more US stores could be doomed and I just wanted to read this section down here to you an estimated 75,000 stores that sell clothing electronics furniture will close by 2026 when online shopping is expected to make up 25% of retail sales to UBS roughly 16% of overall sales are made online already this year retailers have announced plans to close thousands of stores as they keep up with the changing consumer habits payless shoes source which filed chapter 8 bankruptcy protection in February is closing all 2100 of its Us stores while Gymboree is shuttering its 800 locations Sears with which is closed 1,300 Kmart and Sears stores since 2013 is scrapping an additional 80 locations a number of other retailers are in retailers including Gap have hinted that store closures are on the horizon so the and this folks this is what's going to happen to the banking business as well but physically I'm not saying that the banks won't exist but they will not the physical the physical brick-and-mortar banks will are slowly going to disappear it's just the way it is folks just the way it is because we're talking about the Internet the internet of value whereas the Internet of information put the retailer's out of business the internet of value is going to be what puts the banks the brick-and-mortar banks closes them all down it may take 20-30 years to do that but it's going to happen and now of course I've got a slowing down computer let's see if we can get this thing to I know you all love my slow computer and I and one thing I know that so many of you really love is my microphone and I'm going to tell you a dirty little secret about my microphone because everybody that listens to this channel they think I've got a horrible microphone the truth of the matter is I don't have a bad microphone it's not the microphone I sit in a room that is it has wood paneling and I need to go into a different room to do this but it requires me to pick up and take all my stuff to another room where it's corporate where you would here that sound like I'm in a tin can or whatever people say it sounds like one day I'm going to change that for you I'm just not ready to do it quite yet and I apologize so all of you those of you that put in my comments section your your microphones terrible all this that at this point is not a very original comment I have a good microphone that's not the issue you need the correct statement needs to be you need to to broadcast from a carpeted room so that we don't deal with this echo that's that's what the comment should say of now from Peter Schiff made your ass kissing on Capitol Hill as CEOs of bailed out banks till Congress exactly what it wants to hear too bad none of these guys has the balls to tell the truth that government caused the financial crisis and bailout bailouts ensured that the next crisis will be much worse and and he's a thousand percent right now Peter Schiff is a gold guy he's anti Bitcoin at least but I like Peter Schiff I think he's a smart guy I think that one day he's going to change his tune it may not be on Bitcoin but it'll be on digital assets in general but what he's saying right here is a hundred percent true and let me tell you why I know it's true my father was a home builder for years and years and years those politicians they created a situation where they forced and came up with program after programs they forced the bankers they said hey wait a minute you guys have to loan to this group of people and that they required it they forced the banks to do it they and I could give you names but I'm not going to call out politicians because this show is not a political show that's not what this is about but they that it was forced on the banks to do to to make those loans they were they were forced to make those loans and then once they were forced to make the loans the blood the banks gladly went along because they were the whole design of the banking system is you're they're all in the same the government and the banks in the same club the government gives them money they're a little make money on lending it out and so of course they're gonna go along with it they're they're going along with the government every day of their life they're in bed together well what's it that's not sustainable if you're not doing the proper checks when you learn people money it doesn't matter who it is if they don't are not responsible and don't have the kind of credit necessary and they're still getting loans it's just a matter of time before that collapses and that's exactly what it did and then because of the central bank and the and the politicians and the banks are all on the same team then they bailed out the banks then the bankers turn around and gave themselves bonuses instead of doing anything responsible so it's all one big racket well Peter shifts write the the politicians literally were the root cause of the financial crisis and the irony is those same people were then given the job of revamping the banking system to try to fix what they broke it's crazy all of its crazy everything having to do with it is crazy but Peter Schiff has been right all along about this okay and next this is from Sven Henrik he says 10 years after the financial crisis is there any conceivable scenario under which central banks will ever normalize balance sheets to pre-crisis levels anyone and then he goes on he says implications the Fed stopping here is an admission of failure full normalization would crash global equities central banks are trapped and are forced to remain accommodative central bank policy is still in crisis mode it's all it's all a propped up shell game crisis talk 10 years after financial crisis laying bare the intellectual bankruptcy from the entire central banking complex and and that that is so true but guess what the answer is folks digital assets when when all this finally hits the fan from all this ludicrous events can that continues to go on it's not going to be Jamie Dimon that you need to turn to to save you it's not going to be Jamie Dimon it's not going to be these clown politicians in Washington DC it is going to be digital assets that can't be manipulated that can't be increased that are deflationary that you you you that will be your savior that and gold and silver because when it all hits the fan everybody's going to be hitting the exits on Wall Street everybody's going to be hitting the exits from Fiat that's worthless from all the money printing and where are they going to go gold silver and digital assets that can't be reproduced that's where they're gonna go that's why I got into this game I'm the product of being burned by the financial system and when I saw digital assets on you what it represented and next from XRP dave at the davey 92 so this and here's another societal problem that is being is being righted by the blockchain and digital assets what we have here is the he's supposed to be I think the biggest youtuber he's called PewDiePie believes what they call him he's got like 90-something million subscribers YouTube's biggest star PewDiePie swap stream to blockchain video platform he's leaving YouTube and he's going to this D live which is a decentralized type of YouTube which which uses blockchain and also has tokens so that he can I guess he gets I haven't studied D live completely but this is what's going to happen and the companies like YouTube and Facebook they better be taking notice because if if if they the reason people are going to do this is all of this you know being set third and you can say this you can't say this well eventually you're gonna have people this is a huge loss for a company like YouTube this guy's 90 something million subscribers he's got billions of views and he's leaving and he's leaving because he because he got tired of being told what he could and could not say okay next I want to show you this this is from the crypto I've been showing you his artwork and I hope he's cool with it I'm gonna use this as a thumbnail in my video to give him some more exposure he says so I've just sent Brad Garlin how's the XRP community print to ripple headquarters hope hopefully he likes it hopefully all your faces will be hanging in the in the headquarters of Ripple I want one of those too I definitely need to get one of those for my wall I need to ask him how much they are okay from Darth ripple and I'm good again more good news about XRP I wonder how long the XR priests XRP price will stay 35 cents not too long quid adopts XRP for payment of insurance mobile credit I haven't been to this company's web site but on their own in this article they say that they're gonna the people on their platform are going to be able to use XRP to pay for various things and if I can get the website here it comes here it comes bear with me folks I'm good at filling gaps because I can talk move X RP s payment the latest announcements from QuIDD reveals that XR p cryptocurrency will be used for various purposes including instant mobile recharge mobile data bundles to pay the electric bill to buy groceries out your a/c to pay for insurance to pay for pharmacy voucher to pay for transportation to pay for TV bills and more so that my friends is what we call adoption and XRP making its way into the mainstream next from king solomon more walled gardens a hundred thousand to test stable coin end-of-year this is mu FG fifth largest bank globally they're creating the m ufg coin this is yet again another walled Gorn walled garden that's a stable point that XRP will one day bridge to other stable coins like JPM coin like we said these are not XRP killers they are XRP compliments all right and then from cz Finance I thought this was pretty good I was about Anthony pomp Liana is in this picture and I was about to take his picture and put an X R P on his shirt since I know he's a closet XRP guy but I decided not to now he's with Luke Wagaman who is a coin market cap guy don't know if he started coin market or if he just works there but the guy has a coin market cap tattoo along with bond ants and Bitcoin tattoos there's his tattoos um and Anthony pump Liana was sitting there with him so anyway and then I forgot to show you this this is from yesterday Michael Arrington who runs Arrington XRP capital he says let's do this Brad Garlin out and he's tweeting out this tweet from the crypto dog now this tweet just so you know from the crypto dog I think he's a Bitcoin guy so he's being sarcastic I believe in this in this tweet but that's not relevant to what I'm talking about here because he can be sarcastic all he wants because he's illustrating a good point if 2019 is going to be a repeat of 2017 then XRP will be around 300 dollars in less than nine months I think that's a little exaggerated but he says yes I'm not kidding things can catch can quickly change quickly XRP has never been utilized more than now all that's correct in another corner of Twitter not too far from here this very same tweet is circulating except the lights aren't ironic okay and so this guy's obviously I think being sarcastic but and and this might be a little overboard maybe not but let's look at what has happened because history has repeated itself several town with XRP to this point and so to think that it can't repeat itself again and will not as much adoption as we've had as much as much adoptions we've had and also as much the the own ramps and the exit ramps the different exchanges that have added XRP in in the last little bit the the things that have happened since 2017 run up for XRP as well as digital currencies as a whole or unbelievable where we are today versus the last time we had a run up just just telling you where I am today during the last run up my ex RP was a sitting duck on bitstamp just last bull run was sitting on bitstamp ready to be hacked this time I've got it safely on my ledger nano OS so let's look at what can happen these are these are run ups just that have happened in in history with let's look at let's take this one for instance let me see if I can see the drop down here that's point zero zero for X dollars x RP and then that's all the way up to one sin okay now look here this is point zero zero right we were like point zero zero six that's March 10th 2017 by let's see by around up in here we got as high as I think we got as high as 41 cents around May mid May and then we come down to here we're at 23 cents on December 10th and then by January the let's say we got up as high as 350 around January the seventh or eighth there's something like that but that's how just how fast this can all just jump and when it jumped when it finally does it it as you can here completely goes vertical it's not the first time it's happened it's happened this is just for that we're showing from 2014 to here but it's happened even before that okay this is not no just keep in mind with with Wall Street coming in remember these things happened when we weren't even on cooling base all of them we weren't even on cooling base with their whatever 20 million customers all right moving along so his tweet may have been sarcastic but it still is a fact I mean that you can't it's it's happened before and it'll happen again because bear markets don't last forever next from block town capital the world's richest billionaires list will look a lot different if Bitcoin hits a million dollars so Toshi will be worth over a trillion dollars the Winklevoss twins will be worth three times that of Mark Zuckerberg Bulgaria's bitcoin holdings will be worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox there's a few things in this chart that I did not know first of all Satoshi Nakamoto has 1.1 million bitcoins and I find it hilarious that all the Bitcoin people they point to the holdings of ripple the company and these are these are people who are all known they've got it legally tied up in escrow everybody's known so everybody's completely transparent and aboveboard about what they're doing what they're allowed to do legally meanwhile you got Satoshi Nakamoto he's got one point 1 million Bitcoin out of probably what is actually 17 million Bitcoin when you factor in the Bitcoin that's been lost where the private keys have been lost and they act like this is nothing to be concerned about at all the idea that he's holding 1.1 and they don't even know who he is that is insanity folks but then the other thing that surprised me is that the bulk I had no idea the Bulgarian government under this much Bitcoin I don't know where that how that happened or what the deal is that had no idea the Winklevoss twins owned that much didn't know what I didn't know the amount Roger Varun did not know the amount that Barry silver silver' owned and Tim Draper's doing pretty good for himself as well also I knew the US government had some I didn't know how much but it's pretty interesting when you look at this just how much money these guys stand to make and my prediction is folks that you know you know he says projected rank on the rich list so it's of no concern to all these Bitcoin maximals whatsoever that a person they don't even know completely anonymous could wet you can wake up and this guy's the richest person in the entire world that doesn't seem like something that's kind of risky or dangerous or what if he unloaded it overnight that doesn't seem what if it's a government I mean it nobody knows anything and ripples supposed to be scary or centralized please but anyway the bigger illustration here is that I do believe that bitcoin is going to go places that that you can't even imagine because of the scarcity of it and I think every millionaire across the world is going to demand that they have one and so I think that this is you're going to see a totally different world in the coming years I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe and hit the like button and tell your friends and family that if bitcoins hits a million dollars satoshi nakamoto and the Bulgarian government will be richer than anybody in the world thank you for listening

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  1. Your microphone sounds just fine. Let's not get distracted and focus on the crypto rather than focus on equipment.

  2. It appears that XRP is subject to price checks 0,33> 3,50> 1,20> 7,00> 5,00> 15,00> 37,00> 100,00> 33,00> 50,00> 100 , 00> 70.00> 150.00> 299.00 maybe 5 years hence

  3. Parece que a XRP está sujeita a verificação de preços 0,33> 3,50> 1,20> 7,00> 5,00> 15,00> 37,00> 100,00> 33,00> 50,00> 100 , 00> 70,00> 150,00> 299,00 talvez daqui a 5 anos

  4. Hi XRP army. Can someone please explain to me: How many XRP you need to move ex. 10 USD. is the ratio 1:1 so at current price level you can move/transfer 0.33 cent pr 1 XRP or can 1 XRP move more FIAT then the indicated value? Sorry for my language English is not my first language. And why will XRP increase in value if the above scenario is not the case?
    Happy Easter to all of you.

  5. Your wood floors have nothing to do with your horrible sound. YOU NEED A CONDENSER MIC! Try the Blue Yeti. Its a USB Condenser mic and it only cost about $100. If you got a condenser mic, it would be a night and day difference.

  6. The government "forced" banks to lend money to unqualified irresponsible people?! Are you kidding me? Obviously this topic is way above your pay grade. So, if I read between the lines (dude with a thick southern accent) it was people of color who caused the financial crisis right? WRONG. It was deregulation of mortgage swaps that caused the financial meltdown. Financial institutions were allowed to bet on investments, then they were allowed to bet on the bets -endlessly. Thus, when the housing market suffered, the homeowner's inability to repay the loan was only the tip-of-the-iceberg. That alone did not cause the meltdown. The real cause of the meltdown was the endless mortgage swaps allowed via deregulation between financial institutions themselves. Nothing to do with "unqualified" "irresponsible" people.
    Stick to what you know -this is obviously not it.

  7. It just crossed my mind that all the banks are going to issue their own coin. What if they are making them all compatible with one another so cross boarder stuff can use any of their coins and do quick transfers on their own on a block-chain, I don't have the knowledge to say it couldn't be done, but can it.? The SEC delays and delays, for what possible reasons. Lets think Like Littlefinger and play a game. What are the worst case scenario and what has to be gained and by whom.

  8. Its acoustics DAI, Just hag some tapestries on the walls. If one wall is reflective the opposite wall needs to be absorbent. It'll stop the echo so you don't sound like you're talking through a toilet paper tube.

  9. DAI, IT IS THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND, and above all, they love it because they do not want to make the adjustment or change from fiat to digital currency.

  10. I've been listening to Peter Schiff for years and he knows what he's talking about concerning our crooked banks and HODLing PMs….hopefully he'll wake up to Crypto soon. And as for "gold in Ft Knox?" Ft Knox hasn't been audited since 1953….so WHAT does that tell us concerning IF there is any still there??

  11. People u need to think about Microsoft. There was a time Microsoft is the company and there in there magic room they made windows. Look at Microsoft/ Windows now. Its a multinational and can not think out of this world. Everything pc is working on Windows. What i am saying is the time will come and there will be Ripple/ XRP people. Keep your Ripples and fuck iban shit, to slow, old and to long for transfer money. Ripple/ XRP is the future keep your Ripple. 1 or 2 years Ripple/ XRP will go beyond 500 dollar or higher.

  12. everybody is moving ahead and guess who they see in the rear view mirror as they LOL . usa I think, its' so far back I can barely see them. LOL

  13. I have no issue with your mic, DIA. Sounds just fine to me and the important thing is the content you deliver every day.

  14. Your mic is fine DAI I work in a sheet metal production shop which is loud af and I can hear you perfectly ???

  15. lol. how to not use your brain. "ow we did a multiplication of x when it was 0.001, it'll do the exact same and we won't need more money inflow for that". (don't come back with your market cap crap, think further.)

  16. Your microphone is the best , you come out nice and clear. Thanks for your services and KNOWLEDGE, and you are a great DAD.

  17. DAI, Google 'proximity effect' for microphones. Just bring the mic closer to your mouth. The problem is the volume of your voice in relation to the reflections coming back from the surrounding walls. Stick your mouth right up to the mic and turn the gain down a bit to compensate and you'll sound like a radio host!

  18. I like the sound of the DAI broadcasts just as they are, If you soften the sound I think it will reduce the impact of the news and stories you let us have, keep it as it is Man !!!

  19. Very little faith in Congress to pass this. The only thing that gets them excited is if they can load a bill full pork for their state to get them reelected. And then they'll only pass a bill that has their campaign donors' seal of approval. And the current political climate equals half of Congress stonewalling anything the Prez is willing to sign. Ripple's best move would be just to set every senator up with a wallet and 100k xrp.

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