Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Compass, Code, Trader.. All Scams!

hey guys what's going on Paul here and I am going to expose some of these binary options CFD scams that are out there right now claiming to be cryptocurrency but they're not I taught these kind of things that went away I'll get hit up by an ad on Facebook today go get into it and it seems they are still around and still scamming a lot of people out there people following me for a while will know that I exposed a lot of these types of things one two years ago and I and now they're back would have engines it seems just using the same type of sales formula over and over again they just use a different name they change a few small details and they scan people day and down so I'm gonna show you what to look for do we favor share this video give it a like let me know your thoughts in the comments so the reason for sharing is get it out there so more people can be aware of the types of tactics these types of con men use Bitcoin revolution is one there's Bitcoin code there's a Tyrian code there's BTC profit there's Bitcoin compass let's dig into it so when you take a link Facebook is a big thing now for being targeted you click into the ad on Facebook takes you to a page like this they will generally claim to have been on Dragon's Den shark tank for me and Ireland they've claimed to be on Ireland AM and the UK there's a chat show I can take there's a morning chat show as well that they tend to be on and there's always some kind of story of this great system you put in $250 or pound or Europe whatever your currency is that is a red flag any word that you put that in especially something claiming to be a crypto currency trader if they're looking for you to put in anything bought crypto currency then that is a red flag there's another you can keep going there and say that unless you have the funds in your own exchange then it's something to be very wary about but will stick to this one that is something for another video as well this one dragons and so these guys here were on dragon sand just screenshots with dragon – Dragon's here but there's never a screenshot of these two guys and the dragons in the same picture so low they haven't been on it this has been exposed multiple times in the past as well so over here is what you look at Brian earth kyle McLennan saying how great the pit core encompasses this guy here say it again Bitcoin compass so when I come over here these two guys were on Shark Tank and again same image Bitcoin trader how brilliant Bitcoin trader is Sam with this guy then these two guys here the war on shark tank and I was supposedly on Dragon's Den and I can make you rich in seven days this time he's talking about a feed the Bitcoin formula again same two guys they're gonna help the UK economy Bitcoin revolution is the one this time this one here is slightly different this one is where this woman has been in such hard times she got I think this one is where she got scammed supposedly got scammed and then this magic system saved her made her rich but again Sam guy here Bitcoin core at the same image it isn't this guy he was doing it they've just used his image Bitcoin code this time is the one that claimed this is another one of phones they're saying that Tony Fernandes is releasing his Bitcoin system you can see the similarities and all of these things so again I would say they're just using him using his personality he's a well-known guy founder of AirAsia and they're using that to try and convince people this is legit but as you see here this time again same testimonial images saying that BTC profit is the greatest thing ever this was another one sim two guys web pitching Lord properly so it's probably an older one it is an older scam Bitcoin loophole I expose that about two years ago but again just to show you that they're still using the same types of systems so this is what it looks like when you come on to the site you click into any of the magical it's the only link that works is an external link to some of these pages so any links on the website generally don't work they all link back to this type of page here the user IP address to see where you are you can see that they're saying I'm in Ireland which I am and it makes you think oh this is for my country again it's just using your IP address to see your country and then they put it up here for you this year doesn't mean anything they're saying that these random people have just made this amount of money again this is not linked to anything it is random names random amounts and pictures video isn't even about the system it is from CNN talking about cryptocurrency and then sorry so I track they're talking to a cryptocurrency doesn't say it but the system doesn't say it what it does just general the video to get you a bit hyped up sign a form here you can see this here hasn't actually updated it's not live on she's I would love with Bitcoin prices back up there right now we are down around three and a half thousand dollars at the minute in reality so when you come down as seen on CNN Forbes it has not been on any of these you go look you will not see it these images here again our stock images the name isn't brilliant the profit isn't real I forgot to look these up just before these video I know I have exposed these two before so I will add that in when I'm editing after and let you see it here furgus k he's just a stock image this guy here they took this stock image and used it see you can use it for free anywhere you want Sheila do a search on her and you will come across all of these different sites that have used that exact stock image as well you can see every one these are different sites from advertising products to where we fit them and see there's a crypto s probably another scam I would say so again random talk about the technology doesn't actually tell you anything about it these live trends here don't count for a because there's nothing to back them up to show these are real yo se th the majority of base pairs are Bitcoin and aetherium material ETH for people not familiar so it would be big coin and etherium would be the first two pairs rather than have an EOS there our change is now bringing in extra pairs I'm not sure about the EOS maybe there is an exchange that lets you trade AOS has the base fare put again that for me would be a red flag so I hope this video is going to save a lot of people money and that they will not get caught up by these scams as we said please share it get the word out there I where I am still putting together my very basic introduction to crypto currencies I'm not gonna charge right it's gonna be free it's just gonna be basically a small video series and I will get that like friendly soon there will be a link down below to that so thanks for watching guys I hope I have helped some of you and you can help others by sharing it we liking the video and leaving a comment so I'll talk to you guys soon I don't forget to hit that subscribe button

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  1. Some of the scams I expose in this video are Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin compass, bitcoin code, bitcoin trader, Bitcoin loophole, BTC Profit but there are also alot more that use the same tactics so be careful what you put your money into.

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