26 thoughts on “Bitcoin REVERSAL OR BREAK OUT COMING?! – LIVE Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency News 2019”

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  2. bitcoin going up but gonna turn around and do something people arnt seeing comin iff everyones goin one way i am going the other ,bear,wrote before vid,kirbs

  3. Very strong analysis Kirbs. Looks indeed like everything will come together in the next few weeks. Lets get that crypto!

  4. It’s with a heavy heart that I inform everyone, the water cooler is no longer working. James drank up all the water.

  5. The market volume's clearly bring manipulated. And now with an inverted bond yield curve, I see trouble ahead for the "HODL HODL where's my bottle", moonboys! ?

  6. We have hit the bottom although I do believe we are going to take a little dip then I'm boarding for the moon

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