20 thoughts on “BITCOIN REJECTED at $9k | BTC Price Update”

  1. I think this retracement is needed for Bitcoin to gather strength for the continued journey to further upside targets. Thanks a lot for your commentary.

  2. Feeling more comfortable with these prices. Sadly more comfortable than when it was shooting through 6K ?! Buying the dip, ready for a bigger pull back and will still accumulate on the way up! Great Analysis today!! Thanks Dan

  3. Not sure I would call it a rejection. I don't have any of that fancy software that allows me to see all the buys and sells but if I had to guess once it passed $8500 the people that bought in between $3500 and $6000 decided to make a quick profit when it peaked at $9000 and unloaded. Of course these are not people like me that hold less than 5 Bitcoin. These would be people that bought 10-20-50 Bitcoin when it was below $6000 and when it touched $9k those people saw their chance to cash out. Imagine if you bought 20 Bitcoin at $4000 then sold them at $9000. Not a bad profit at $100K. But of course these are people with money. Normal middle class folks like me need it to blast over $20K again to make any money. FYI….I bought into Bitcoin back when it was $240. I kick myself every day for not buying 20 coins back then. But between the Bitcoins I hold along with the other coins I have…I will do OK in the next 5-10 years.

  4. Dollar cost average and buy the dip again.

    2019 August Łitecoin and 2020 Bitcoin reward halvings keep getting closer..?..?‍♂️

  5. Is there a certain reason why you pull your chart info off of Bitstamp instead of other exchanges? -Just curious

  6. C’mon, no market can keep going up without value being added to the underlying asset. It’s just going to take time. Those expecting straight line gains are going to be truly disappointed.

  7. That's no rejection.. that's manipulation. a lot of people got wicked out of position. But then again you can do that when you're a whale.

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