Bitcoin Recovers – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 8/9/18

good morning good morning on its August 9th and 10:30 a.m. set time again for daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news and we do have a recovery today which is awesome of course we would love to see greens and of course guys thanks for tuning in smash of the life subscribe to the channel if you're new and let's give it a few minutes for people to join in so welcome good morning everyone good morning good morning San Antonio Florida San Bernardo I have no idea where that is please switch CMC to dark mode why what's wrong what's wrong with all right let's see if I could do that there we go all right hopefully you guys like this a little better London Israel what's up Alabama smash up the lights guys smash up the likes side hustle channel soon hey it's out you must not be following me on Twitter all right make sure you follow me on Twitter and in the description actually I could just post it in a description I did release the new channel so click the description of this video you'll see new channel four side jobs hustles you can click into it a lot of people tuned in so pretty good alright guys a lot lot going on today obviously we see some greens which is really good okay it's kind to be expected hey I've been saying okay the ETF delay big weights you have delay is actually fantastic news I've been saying that for the last few days it's fantastic news the Bears and the whales took advantage of situation all right came up with this thing like it's negative started selling things off star shorting in the OTC market they start manipulating the market bribe everything down cause all this fun and everyone's thinking oh this is so horrible everything's too late no come on guys think about it put one two one together why would the SEC delay decision ietf if they wanted to deny go ahead they would just do it the reason is because they wanted more time do things the landscape has changed and I have a conspiracy theory about that so I'm will release that but before I get to that all right so market did recover a little bit 229 billion it was at 2:30 so Bitcoin wasn't roughly around 6500 right now 64 75 but never lost you see that tiny little grain right that's good we have seen previous bottoms guys right 1500 ultimate bottom we have seen bottoms around 6000 6100 and that's what we saw yesterday even this morning it touched you know 6200 very low 6200 maybe 6100 and then it bounced back up alright so between that range 5,800 6100 very very safe point to accumulate and buy more at that price range right I was actually waiting I have my trigger finger on this morning I was waiting for it to drop to 60 100 6000 before buying and then it shot up alright so we'll see what the rest of day brings looking at CMC you know obviously you go see some greens but for example ripple eels you know stellar they were decimated yesterday okay decimated so it's good to see that they're coming up more good stellar news coming out today so I'll talk about that card ah no moving up in a big way today so that's very positive but you still have see you throw in classic right this is what I've been talking about a lot of people kept buying in on this hype oh it's go be ion in coinbase go beyond quite base well yeah it got added Quinn whisper oh right and now things are coming back down it's kind of one of those things it's a temporary bump and we have seen it there in classic go up a lot because of the announcement first the first announcements do gonna be added at club base and now the second announcement like it's gonna be added soon right but it's it's a temporary pump it doesn't really help them although you throw in classic I've been here and they got added to Robin Hood there's some something else that's coming out I believe bit tricks a D thoracic training parish or something like that so they are gaining traction among the exchanges which is good for trading however long-term prospect long-term use I don't know alright so Finance point wand I said has been very stable they did take a dip but they're coming back up there holding really well a lot of people have been telling me to look more into T Zoe's okay they feel like the landscape has changed drastically with a new team so I'm glad to do more research John it but I wasn't sold on them before it got a lot of negative comments yesterday but I promise I'll look more into them you got other you know ones that have been slaughtered yesterday and day before like Omi's go 0x me chain the chain is still struggling and that is surprising I don't know what it is about me change there must be something some insider thing going on it is not recovering well okay I know that it went down because you know the whole thing to swap the air drop that didn't help it but still it's been down for a while so I'm quite honestly surprised that they haven't gone back up yet and maybe it will come soon all right so what else you know you got you got some eternity still down auger ontology mode verge each sheared down eight removes a lot Aurora which should not even belong there it's gone down order up in a big way okay good for them matter verse up high Beacon down Oh chain link jingling up 26% Wow that's one that I have advocated before I like their Oracle's allows blockchain companies to utilize a piece from the real world like new sites and so forth so always you know one of the ones I've talked about in the past haven't talked about them a lot recently all right so let's round out the top 100 anything else stand out not really alright so overall of course overall good day right so let me let me let me get to a few things first so you guys know those of you guys didn't follow me for a while right know that I'm not hesitant I'm banning haters okay on this live chat it might comment on Twitter if you're a troll you're hater I don't have time for that okay i ban you and the reason for that is because i actually do care about what people say right i do want to see positive comments or constructive criticism and stuff like that right wrong like I said about T Zoe's I'll minute but stay in a nice way right but if you're attacking me I'm not gonna take it and I think that is what's getting to a lot of these youtubers now I was very very surprised about this announcement so Niklas who is also known as Dana that she's the biggest YouTube influencer okay out there over 300,000 subscribers his videos get some insane amount of use and he tweets this out yesterday morning I hope he doesn't fall for this but maybe you know he already made a decision so he's thinking about cutting back on his daily updates okay due to the negative sentiment and basically he says he's gonna you know go over more tech and stuff like that but basically this is him saying well I had enough the market is happy you know basically had a strain on me my comments of my videos right and and that's that's pretty much you know what what he's saying because even even the people are commenting you know someone saying this is good as wrecked right and then he's like well crypto is fine but I know some people you know our opening bit Mexican concert levers short bitcoins when it's ready down market requires patience with some simply don't have right and if you go to his latest video from yesterday which you know he did pretty well 27,000 views but you see these negative comments right like this guy's saying you were not worried of some 500 and now you know were es 70 250 500 and then this guy saying oh you know as long as we hold 10 K where of K 7 K okay 68 okay and you know and then there's over here were ste and crypto 80% of it calls him and wrong so that's my thing you know I think the negativity is getting to him and he's not the only one right we have seen other youtubers that basically they don't make a video for months you know they make one every so often or they have exit a marketing ploy I I'm telling I'm telling you guys this because I'm not will be exiting okay I'm here for a long haul I have this core belief okay the core belief that Bitcoin will lead to life change of well and this court believe that blockchain blockchain and Kryptos will revolutionize so many things in the future medical tech supply chain accounting whatever you can name it is go revolutionize so many things so I have this core belief so I'm not gonna go away I'm not gonna stop making videos so I just wanna let you guys know that and that's still also the reason why I'm so quick I'm banning people because I do care about the comments and I don't want to fall into this trap where all I see is like negative people trying to put me down right so just want to get that out of the way is that that tweet really surprised me alright so moving on to some news there's not that much but I tweeted this out yesterday there will be nine Bitcoin ETS decide in the next two months nine okay and there's probably more because there's another article about bitwise joining in that list and this includes a lot of big players including a CBO you want okay so like I said as you see is delaying things delaying things because they want more time to make the appropriate decision they don't want to rush it at they rush it they're just go side on you know side with caution which basically means they go say no all right so delaying it is actually really really good and fantastic news now I said there's a conspiracy theory all right someone sent me a video this morning I'm tweeter a Twitter and it was a total nonsense video I don't know what the guy was saying but he got me thinking about this one of the one of the things that you know an SEC didn't like and they quoted this during the denial of winklevosses bit queen Tiye they said something about you know most of the Bitcoin trading is overseas right and and then they're being done on exchanges and so forth so of course the US can't control that they can't regulate and there could be manipulation going on that is the hard one to stop but then I was thinking yes there might be more trading on the Japanese exchanges South Korean exchanges but you know coinbase bit tricks these companies Circle Robin Hood you're getting up there right so eventually they might surpass him but still it got me thinking hmm all right so say you can't control trading of bitcoins right because if those exchangers so popular okay there's nothing gonna ba what if you could control the supply of Bitcoin so that's an interesting one right has anyone ever done any kind of analysis to see word a mass majority of Bitcoin belongs to like what country they're from right I think a lot of people say China because of the mining and so forth but you know that might not be the case okay so my experience there is this may be maybe after this news right and maybe one of the reasons why ICC wind delay it 45 days and so forth because maybe the CBOE or ice and some of these other institutions right that are all trying to come out with you know ETS or future is based on Bitcoin and so forth right maybe they're dropping the market so they can accumulate and they can accumulate massive amounts of it so that they can actually say and prove to deci see that hey you know we actually control the world's supply of Bitcoin or we control the massive majority of it so that's just me thinking out loud okay I don't you know I think this is uh this is a you know a theory from the left field I know but we don't know do you know these guys they have trillions of dollars right and black don't forget Blackrock Blackrock owns like six trillion dollars in assets and ice controls I I think I heard four hundred billion dollars worth of exchanges okay that owns assets CBOE probably have hundreds of billions in terms of futures and options assets these guys have enough money they can buy Bitcoin like its pocket change okay I'm talking about an entire supply of blockchain an entire coin market and Bitcoin they could buy all that the next day and a wouldn't even probably hurt their bottom line so that got me thinking he maybe maybe that's what they're doing maybe they're trying to and just in a good way not to say that they're trying to do it in a bad way to manipulate the market but maybe they're taking the opportunity to buy out as much as they can so they could control most of the bitcoins let's say in circulation and then they can go to the ICC say well at least we control most of it right who knows who knows that's just a theory that I had so I just want to share with you guys don't know what you guys think about that however you know life goes on bit wise okay bit wise is joining race to launch ETF but their ETF is on ten of the large kryptos not just BTC this most likely will get denied for sure okay it's hard enough to get Bitcoin to – you know get approved now if you're trying to make them okay ten other Kryptos or nine other Kryptos that's not gonna happen but they are in the race so there's a lot more that's gonna be coming okay now moving on let's see Brian Kelly you know he's a Bitcoin bull from CNBC CNBC gets a lot of things wrong but Brian Kelly is one of the Bitcoin perma bulls so good and he is saying the same thing I'm feeling right if you're selling after the big points you have delay you're doing crypto wrong you really are okay you're you're getting scared based on the flood that's being spread you're not looking at long term you're not looking at what's coming even in the last four months of the year right so there's a lot a lot coming do not get scared off now moving on you got Justin Sun he you know he partnered up with some smart toilet supplier in China right so I mentioned this is because cron this is the reason why Tron is above neo all right a lot of people don't get it a lot of people still say well trying is a scam I don't like Justin this and that right but bottom line is all these strategic partnerships whatever they might be you or whatever they might entail is working and that is why Tron is today number 11 neo sitting at number 15 all right so Tron has a lot going for it Justin knows how to market and they're coming out with acquisitions and they're coming they're coming out the virtual machine they're you know they're they're being very active so I do like Tron or a long term I just want to share that with you guys and then lastly although stellar is not mentioned at all in this article this is awesome for stellar awesome so there's 94 companies that are joining IBM mercs blockchain supply chain so it's just a conglomerate of the companies that will be joining and working together and basically they're all some way associated with supply chain whether you're shipping manufacturing tracking while or ever and maybe right there's 94 companies why is this good because if they're interested in utilizing blockchain IBM is gonna be selling them hyper ledger right and hyper ledger is an IBM custom created however hyper ledger doesn't have any way to take payments okay so any of those 94 companies say hey we want to utilize a crypto for payments for fast near feed lists you know transaction fees then what do we do you know what items go do iBM is gonna introduce them to stellar alright so this is this is the awesomeness of this partnership with IBM because they IBM does not hyper ledger doesn't handle payments so everything that requires payments is basically go be given to stellar and this is why stellar has been going up tremendously and why I love Stellar's future potential because its partnership with IBM I mean is it one of the leading companies right one of the leading tech companies in the world they're definitely leaning the blockchain space so stellar is being carried with them so this is an awesome thing for stellar so I just want to mention that even those article does not mention stellar once okay but you gotta put one-to-one together okay and that's how you come out with a conclusion well hey even though they're not mentioned but IBM use a stellar anytime there's a you know a need for crypto payment dan you gotta figure well then these 94 companies maybe there's a few of them that do need that right so awesome thing for Stoller all right so let's go back I think that's pretty much it what I have to say for today let's see what you guys have to say man almost four hundred four hundred fifty six people watching definitely appreciate it guys smash up the likes you know thanks for tuning and hopefully you guys got all that what uh what kind of questions you guys have for me can't wait until ripple wipes the floor wait what happened it got deleted what's my price prediction on stellar stellar stellar uh man it's you know these price predictions are hard right obviously it depends on where market ends up but if the market the last four months of the of the year turns out to be fantastic for a market we go back up to let's say a trillion dollars breaks all-time highs right Stella's gonna be up there man stellar could be at one dollar easily okay that doesn't mean that others won't be moving up but yeah $1 not out you know unreasonable to think that you know will they destroy ripple okay you know everyone always makes that Association what's better ripple or stellar you're very similar tech but you gotta realize during two different fields now a hundred percent different stellar is more supply chain now big businesses Enterprise corporations that's what they're cotton rayon ripple is concentrating on banks financial institutions you know remittance companies okay so two different fields they're not really competing against each other even though stellar could do the same thing and ripple could do the same thing but they're just contra and two different things so they both can prosper you the you know I don't want you guys to think one is one has to overtake the other okay opinions IEDC in near future i I think et sees go go down honestly I think the hype was already built up in terms of being added the coin base I think it's gonna come down from there will you pick nulls over ontology honestly yes yes yeah thoughts of my iota after slack conversation leaked about the founder wanting the chairman of the board has stepped down been causing massive thud yeah that doesn't look good internal fighting like that never looks good and part of the reason why stellar was created because job was basically forced out of rippling he stars stellar right there's a lot of interesting things like that I don't know Stella I mean I I just know Iona needs to get their game together they had their very promise they've been working I would up for you know three four years okay the network is still not where it needs to be obviously infighting is not helping but they have this awesome data marketplace that they're starting they're partnering up with a lot of big companies it's very promising but people are just waiting for it to be complete so we'll have to see we'll have to see but hopefully they get there they're you know there's stuff together let's leave it at that the seal stud definitely not definitely not okay people took a Vantage to sell-off via Yoast recently big big decline right it's under six dollars right now and but you know you got realized you got put things perspective why did they sell off more than say some of their peers first of all I climbed more recently within the last few months yields has climbed tremendously which is why they're at number five now right all things considering they have still gained especially compared to their peers right and then the things recently with the block producers and so forth you know it hasn't helped them much but still when people get fearful what do they do they sell the ones that they made the most money with or the one that they lost the least amount with and that that's probably why some of these like ripple you know yield stellar they were like one of three biggest losers yesterday because that that fact right but yo this is not going anywhere I'm still really hopeful for us in the future do you think that ex quote do you think the next big bull market will eventually have similar crash correction wise yeah I mean so here's the thing I know we're all waiting for a hockey stick recovery backup right that's where everyone makes boatloads of money day after day however those type of things are not healthy I think right now what we want is slow steady recovery that way if we get back to all-time highs right if there's a correction it's not gonna be a gigantic Corrections from what we've seen so what we're going through now is because 2017 will frankly two crazy you know went up way too fast way too much and now we're seeing the effects of that if let's say it took all 2017 and all 2018 to reach 20,000 then say the correction 2019 would have been a lot less it's because we jumped up guys from you know 6,000 bitcoins at 20,000 Bitcoin in one month and all coins pretty much all went up 10x to a hundred X within our last you know it's four months of the year of 2017 it's because of that that is the reason why we're seeing a correction now so if we get back to all-time highs it really depends on how fast we get there do you believe developer tokens likely coz three I'm not grateful yes I do honestly right now you you know a lot of you guys I've been thinking about this and I've been looking at a lot of these other I guess inspirational videos and so forth right and a lot of people talk about this you got to have a core belief I think a lot of you guys are still in kryptos even though you might be down 70 80 90 percent right I know one of the goals is to recover your money but the reason why you're still in it is because I do feel like you guys have to have you guys have that core belief that that good things will come out of crypto straight whether or not you distrust banks or you think Kryptos go be the main web currency or you think companies are go over basically utilize blockchain and overtake centralized systems you know whatever it may be right because if you didn't have any of those kind of core beliefs I think you would be out already right and that's why I started this video saying I have this belief right that's why I'm will stick with it I'm not gonna let the negativity get me out of the game although I can emotionally yeah I could have a bad day here they're just like I wanna else but the belief is what's go carry me on and I think most of you guys have that too so the reason I'm saying this is going in the future right when you're looking at Kryptos when you're looking at getting into a crypto right really study it study the team study what they're trying to do what is you know what I do review videos I always say in a nutshell what is it right understand in a nutshell what they're trying to do what you're trying complic an it be accomplished right do you like the team members do you like words going do you like the partnership made right really look at that don't just focus oh you know it went up you know 100x within the last year so that might be a good one to get into don't look at it that way right I think this is very important so make sure you choose the projects you invest in wisely so that way you're in it for a long haul and you're not gonna be so worried about the price action from week to week right Anthony Rome says I literally been putting $100 weekly on coinbase regardless the price to buy dibs on my favorite coins I figured a stock market and crypto before and said f it I'm not missing this again Anthony that is a really really really good strategy and I've talked about this strategy before Peter from decentralized TV which is another YouTube influencer you know he what he caught the Bitcoin wave early he got in Bitcoin and early now he's a big boy millionaire and one of the things he still talks about is hey I buy a certain amount of Bitcoin he doesn't reveal how much but he says his substantial by certain amount of Bitcoin every Friday and I cost average it all right so I'm cost averaging my entire buys basically forever because he believes that bitcoin will go much much much higher right and I and I think that's a really good strategy you know most people don't follow that but you know what if you want me to discipline yourself if you want to buy right like a robot and taking emotions out of it that's not a bad strategy okay just have a set amount and buy it regardless of the price at that set of you know set time every week and that's how your cost averaging for the long haul so that's actually a really good strategy John Doe has been doing that good for you for all the average people invest and lose they quit every entrepreneur has law so this isn't a big deal well yeah so but this won't my point is those who have lost and quit they don't care they wouldn't be watching right now all right they wouldn't be looking at what influence was say on YouTube or other news the people that are still in they do care they care more right they care about the losses but more they care about the core belief of the projects or longevity and so forth right all right guys I think that's it for today right I think this is pretty good obviously we have a slight recovery slight recovery is always good we'll have to see where it carries us but you know Bitcoin we have seen okay we have seen Bitcoin at these levels before so let's not pretend like this is a new low it's certainly not okay we have seen Bitcoin down here okay 5,800 we have seen it a couple times there then we have seen Bitcoin up here right around the 6,000 so we have seen lows between 5800 6100 we have seen that plenty of times so even though of course we don't want to see this but it has held right yes hell is 6100 it bounced up a little bit Eva vit Dawson right I have faith that we're gonna hold between fifty fifty eight hundred and sixty one hundred so nothing they'll be panicking about and like everything I've been saying what's going on right now is it's an overreaction that's caused by fun by manipulators and whales right they're doing this they took advantage of this situation they knew that a lot of people were hopeful hopeful that as you know the etf decision will come very quickly and all will be good and will skyrocket back up to all-time highs right it's not the way you think and that's you know and don't fall for that right don't fall for that there's so much coming in next four months and not even maximum once so much come in 2019 right so stick by your guns you know think about why your trip right why you're investing some of these projects and I think once you realize that yeah you're not just in it to recover your money you're actually in it because you want to be in it for long hobbies you think it's going places right it's go really carry you on right and hopefully most of you guys have that belief all right guys thanks for tuning in you know obviously smash up the likes subscribe to the channel and I'll see you guys tomorrow tomorrow you know if you're not following me on Twitter okay definitely follow me on Twitter because if I have to make a schedule change or I'm releasing something definitely I'm gonna do it on Twitter first okay but definitely follow me on Twitter everything all my social media including Twitter is in my description of this video so definitely tune into that because I might change tomorrow's schedule because I have something going on tomorrow so I just want to give you guys an update on that now I might change the time I might not but again follow me on Twitter those of you guys that are interested in my other channel which I started yesterday at night basically a lot of people wanted to know about how to make side income you know have a side job or working a work from home job a side hustle so that you can make extra cash on the side so that you can put that into Kryptos and be able to buy these tips I start a channel just for you guys it's called flipping income again that link is in disagree this description as well so check it out alright guys that's it thanks for tuning in take care bye bye

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  2. Great video… it also just occurred to me too that institutional investors will be scooping BTC up NOW when the prices are dropping … people need to think when they are SELLING BTC on an exchange… WHO DO THEY THINK IS BUYING IT on the OTHER side of the trade? Negative news = Selling = Cheap BTC/crypto for Institutions (AS THEY CAN'T PRINT IT). They could then easily package this into their ETFs and sell this to the people who want invest with them but at THAT current TIME of BTC price point in the future = BUY NOW BTC when its 6k$ cheap and sell it to Investors when the ETF goes online when the price is possibly 20K$ …. THUS making the ETF creators an INSTANT profit of 14k$ WITHOUT EVEN having to SELLL the BTC … = WIN WIN WIN form the institutional ETF creators!!!!!

  3. George, It's very comforting to hear you say that you are in for the long haul and that you will continue making videos,,, I'm in for the long haul also.. Thank you so much for everything.

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  5. Market recovery is bs, it is 2 step down 1 step up, 3 steps down 1 step up until all alt coin is zero. All alt coin will eventual goes to 'zero', there will be new coin to be pump & dump. Look at NEO pump than dump, than ONT pump than dump. The only true coin is Bitcoin, maybe Litecoin but all coins is a derivative of ponzi scheme.

    If we listen to CrytosRUs, when is a bad time to buy? It is always good time to buy even when CMC is 420,000,000,000. The more you do what CryptosRUS said, the faster you go broke. I like to listen to him due to positive altitude but crypto is scam, many bad actor in this space.

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    Still hangin in there….Thanks for your time as always George….

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