21 thoughts on “BITCOIN RALLY $8600”

  1. Uhm LTC, Bch, tron and eos have increased in percentage more than bch. You money invested into either of the four coins before the run would have brought you a greater return than investing in bitcoin.

  2. George beautiful place you in to talk crypto. Yes these institutions don't want to be left behind by one of the most powerful innovations the world has ever known blockchain Bitcoin Cryptocurrency the people's money Aloha

  3. What a beautiful piece of property. What state is that in? That's my moon, my American dream. All we have to do is to HODL. Trust me. Just HODL and cash out when you reach your moon!

  4. $10k may be point of no return for this bull run !! Next time could be in 3 years.. or maybe never.

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