40 thoughts on “Bitcoin Rallies 161% In 111 Days! – When Will This Rally End??”

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  2. This guys videos are great for a drinking game… Take a shot of tequila every time this dude says "Bullish" or "Bearish"… Guaranteed you'll end up on the floor!

  3. Be better prepared next time with your magic ball in the next room! ;-D
    That are the little things that make your vids and TAs so good. Thanks a lot.

  4. If you hodl these news do not really affect you much, just keep accumulating slowly overtime bitcoin is gonna perform better than any given asset, time will tell Bitcoin today sitting at 8300USD 31 may 2019

  5. So the bull market is over…. it didn’t even touch half the value that bitcoins price reached last bill market

  6. what are the odds that after you post the video, btc touched 9065 and dropped and Alts are dropping too. its very similar to 2015 after it touched 500 use it dropped the following week

  7. Just set my 1st short position 5x for now entry 8995. Throw a ball up, what happens, gravity?, rubber band man? Trend slowing to a stall? Just saying like the video, great job Jebb, agree. Fyi my hodl portfolio still long. 10% trading

  8. Haha lol you said June 17th when I go on a plane to go on holiday that's weird. Can you do ta on xrp jebb

  9. Btc behaves differently when it follows the territory in which it used to be. We may not see big pull ack because we know where it's going to

  10. Very repetitive and to me boring. Not mentioning where you think it will retrace to seems major missing info.

  11. personally i think the shit is gonna hit the fan soon with some high volitility in the next 2-3 weeks. drop to 8100 in 3-6 days, go back up to 9k in 6 more days, once we break 9k, i think we go up quickly to 9.6k with a wick to 9.9k in another 3 days. personally, i i think the retracement will take us to around 6400. and i don't see any reason why between there and the 6k level wont hold as support but i think if it breaks 6200, you'll see the 6k level broken and drop to 5300. you're gonna see a lot of fomo around 9.6k but after we wick up to 10k really quick and back down to 9.6k, it's a downward ride to 6700. since everyone and their mother who are experienced traders with a lot of $, i'd expect a fast selloff in a month and a half with a max 2 red monthly candles before we start our official bull market. hard to time things exactly but this is my closest prediction that makes sense in the charts. but i do believe no more consolidation after this week is over and after a little retracement. it's gonna be a big 1k fakeout and then on to a massive dump of 4k (about a 35% retracement)

  12. What happens when the whale that kickstarted the Bull Market and bought $100m worth of BTC decides to take profit???

  13. great video mate, your 100% right that there will be a pull back, its ready to happen and we all need to work together and buy the bottom to give btc the big kick in the arse it need to get to 20k or higher so i can get my 500 bux back hahaha <3 keep em coming mate

  14. I think we may see a repeat of late 2017 I’m afraid to say. There are loads more people dealing btc. People may FOMO in at 10 k.

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