Bitcoin Q&A: Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym
[of the person who] created Bitcoin. We have no idea who Satoshi Nakamoto is or was, whether Satoshi is alive or not, one person or two… whether it’s ten people, whether they’re male or female or both in a group… who knows? We don’t know if it’s a nice person or a bad person. Let me ask you this, I’ll posit a simple question and let’s see how many of you know the answer to this: The simplest shape connecting two points is?
A straight line. If you take two of these straight lines, and you put them in parallel, they will intersect where?
Nowhere. Great. Who was Euclid? Who is Euclid? Have you met Euclid? Do you know if Euclid was male, female, or a group of philosophers? Do you know if Euclid was a good man or an ass?
Maybe he was a really nasty person. Maybe he beat his wife.
Maybe she beat her husband. Maybe they all got together and beat each other because “Euclid” was a school of wrestling maniacs. Let me ask you again: at what points do the two
parallel lines intersect? How do you know? Did you meet Euclid and make sure that, since they were such a good person, they told you the truth? How do you know? You know because, through a series of proofs that you studied in school, you are able to start with certain premises,
and from those arrive at conclusions. If they violated this particular axiom, it would create an absurd outcome. That logical reasoning process… is called ‘reductio ad absurdum.’
It is a basis for geometric proofs. You start with “what if these two lines intersect?” Then you arrive at a conclusion that violates one of the other premises that you have in geometry. By constructing this framework of proofs you arrive at the inescapable conclusion that, at least in… a three-dimensional space, has the same rules we understand. These axioms hold true not because… Euclid told us they do, but because we have independently verified their truth. It doesn’t matter who Satoshi Nakamoto is.
Satoshi Nakamoto doesn’t control the code. I know, because I have read the code
and so have thousands of others. I understand the mathematical principles that underpin the operation of Bitcoin. It took me years to study… and understand them.
But now I not only understand them – I can build a system that replicates these mathematical proofs and I will have no more control over that system… than Satoshi Nakamoto has over Bitcoin.
Because those mathematical truths can be proven. And they have certain implications. It does not matter who Satoshi Nakamoto is any more than it matters… who Euclid is.

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  1. It matters if Satoshi is 90 vs 19. If he (or his estate) has to dump coins to pay estate taxes – at +40% if from USA it will impact the price of bitcoin.

  2. If Bitcoin is Digital Gold then Ethereum is Digital Platinum. People are raising the BTC/USD pair by going through bitcoin to trade for ETH. In other countries it may be more convenient or faster to trade bitcoin for ethereum than fiat for ethereum. The ride seems to just be getting started.

  3. Satoshi Nakamoto is an alien……sent down from heaven!!…..for us to chase the money lenders from the temple!!

  4. Satoshi Nakamoto solved an incredibly difficult problem of logic and mathematics, and did so in a way that has the potential to free all mankind from the depredations of the money changers. It may in time come to be regarded as the Magna Carta of money. That he did so anonymously only adds to the selfless nobility of the accomplishment.

  5. Is it possible that Bitcoin was created by the NWO..One currency world wide.. .BITCOIN COULD BE A TROJAN HORSE !!

  6. I am wondering that "satoshi nakamoto" is laughing while watching this video

    btw we can learn from this that the creator doesn't always has control over its creation :v

  7. 3:46 "It does not matter who Satoshi Nakamoto w- is"
    Am i on to something here? Andreas was about to say "was" instead of "is" but stopped himself. I read somewhere that Satoshi might have died, could this be the absolute proof?

  8. I disagree with Andreas. It matters who created Bitcoin and who is behind all that. Think of the possibility the bankers to be behind… then guess what, no one will believe in decentralization for example. That whole story with the unknown founder stink..

  9. En 2011, Gavin Andresen fue elegido por Satoshi Nakamoto para heredar el rol de desarrollador principal de Bitcoin. Andresen había trabajado estrechamente con Satoshi antes de eso, y muchos consideran que su trabajo es parte integral del Bitcoin.

  10. Bad example. In geometry, the parallel postulate, also called Euclid's fifth postulate because it is the fifth postulate in Euclid's Elements, is a distinctive axiom, and not a proof. You can even define geometries that throw away this postulate. These geometries are so important that without them Einstein would have been unable to develop General Relativity.

  11. whole BTC concept is totally fake when you don't know the founder how can you invest your hard earned 💰 one day people across the globe will get trap into this resulting into recession worldwide
    few bunch of people holds large number of bitcoins, 40lkh bitcoins stolen by hackers, 2 lkh transactions pending, money not been transferred from your wallet to your bank account,bitcoin exchange getting closed all of sudden.,only 2.1 crores bitcoins to be made & in 2140 its price going to get zero again, I tell you it's going to get very sooner & all who have invested will literally cry bcoz in world there is no quick rich scheme & even though many countries have adopted it, reasonable amount of questions needs to be ask for bcoz government given the permissions as they see as great tax collections but they are not interested if you make losses in it.

  12. Satoshi Nakamoto has 1 Million of the 21 Million Bitcoin. He will be one of the richest people on the planet, so it makes sense he doesn’t want to be known.

  13. Satoshi Nakamoto:
    – From Japan.
    _ The most intelligent person(s).
    – Father of Crypto Currency.
    -Who can change the world.
    -Who make us more and more curious.

  14. It is safe for me no matter how BTC goes. It goes bad, ppl will forget me; It goes well, there's no need to hide anymore someday. I'll reinterduce myself whether there is anyone cares.

  15. To be honest I have long suspected he is Bruce Schneier. The chapter in "Applied Cryptography" is uncannily similar. That said, I agree that it matters not who he is.

  16. Always thought parallel lines meet at "infinity". Also, don't we all know who Euclid was? Or at least that it was a "he"? Or maybe knowing him is just part of the Greek culture and the rest of the world doesn't know?

  17. I have a question. I love cryptos super intetesting. However, i dont understand the exchange…
    I mean most exchanges are asking for ID now. And they basically set up centrally. Because… they store that information on a database no?
    So how is it decentralised?

  18. Thank you Andreas, for all your work and gospel, it brought me meaning to live in a way.
    Its sad that Hal Finney died, he is/was Satoshi I assume together with Nick Szabo, Also I think Dorian was in the ''think-group'', not possible they chose the name coincidently while Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto lived in the same small town as Hal Finney. Together they deserve the credit anyway, even if its not completely acurate. Brilliant minds in an uncomprehensively complex world.

  19. We dont know yet but some Austrailian announced that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Neverthless, we dont have any detail information about him.

  20. If CIA has the ability as Snowden claims then they would know who Satoshi is, even now if they wanted to backtrack, no ?

  21. At the beginning of Bitcoin everyone was using his real name. Hal Finney was Hal Finney for example. Same for Satoshi Nakamoto. He was using his real name at the beginning.

  22. “It doesn’t matter…!” The Rock 🤣
    Had to humor this up…!

    Great explanation Andreas! Brilliant!

  23. yes but he has 1 million bitcoin. What gives him , them or it control. if he sells the coin will collapse

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