25 thoughts on “Bitcoin Q&A: Enterprise "blockchain" gentrification?”

  1. Andreas, could you give us a video on your thoughts on XRP in 2019? Is it still a shitcoin? Have their 'decentralization' efforts actually done anything to decentralize?
    Thanks very much!

  2. 5'18' [flips through a handful of minidiscs] … now, we're supposed to start with these operation programs first; that's major boring sh!t [chucks those aside]; let's do something a little more fun …. how about … combat training!

  3. What are your thoughts on Radix? Just made a splash in the media.
    Radix claim: "This passive consensus mechanism is both very reliable and incredibly power efficient as no extra energy is expended apart from to resolve conflicts."

  4. Those last several minutes it sounded like he was describing Ripple and all their payment protocols, to include XRP.

  5. The Ripple people should see this. I Can't believe they can't see the difference between xrp and bitcoin! Oh well… "but it's just 37 cents!"

  6. We have this problem in Malta. Hype Hype Hype about blockchain and little talk about Bitcoin. But as Andreas said, eventually they will discover bitcoin 🙂

  7. Hey Andreas, thank you so much for sharing all this. I really appreciated your cartels talk as well. Your videos are part of what's inspired me to start chronicling my own journey with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies as I'm working towards financial independence!

  8. ok the guy that had the question of 5% of world pop using btc

    reality check btc does 288k transactions a day or so at current stats
    if allowing them to touch the base layer once a year
    how many would be able to touch the base layer

    1.5% of world pop
    ok segwit adoption i hear you!

    so allowing 5200 txn a block same again 1 txn each how many can touch the base layer in a year

    and that's assuming every block can pack that whopping txn count

    do remember dust consolidation has to happen link to btc biggest block ever with a txn count of what 230 not k just two hundred and thirty
    messing with that avg


    better hope schnorr will help a lot cause 5% seems unattainable on small block
    better question how much to lock up if you can only touch that base layer once a year

    there are other bitcoin forks that do focus on bigger blocks luckily

    cause real world quantities and btc not compatible

  9. He knows what’s up. The long ride is where learning is. Stay in it. You’ll find something you can use to make your life better in bitcoin!

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