44 thoughts on “Bitcoin Pumped 7% In An Hour! July Bitcoin Rally?!”

  1. Is this the start of a new rally? Let me know, down below!
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  3. "I do believe we maybe", "I do believe that probably". Yeah sure. Do you know what believe means? You can't use maybe or probably with believe??!! You got daily charts?

  4. We've seen this pumps before. Isn't it mainly driven by shorts as opposed to organic growth and new money?

  5. This level is just a re-test of the level of support has been broken …. BITCOIN must visit the level of $ 4400 before boarding again

  6. futures contracts expired 30th June, reason for the pump, back down to 5700 this time next week most likely

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  8. I dont trust it. I think its bitifinex pumping again, it was volume out of nowhere and now there no volume again.

  9. I believe that the last leg of the triple bottom that we just experienced was a fake breakout to shake the weakhanders (only in it for the money) out of the market. and Yes I agree with you, we are in the early phase of a reversal. If the market was still predominantly bearish, we would NOT have held such solid plateau at the new levels of 6250 and 6400 for HOURs as they happened. Technically, I could not be more bullish relatively from this point onward, and fundamentally, we are stronger than ever before. Great video!

  10. I’m waiting for a close above the 21 day ema before I enter my position without any stops, then I will start trading small positions against BTC

  11. I captured 4.33% on the first big pump before getting stopped out the I captured 2.3% on the second pump on BTC yesterday. My dedication to learning TA and trade management is starting to pay off and I’m feeling more confident.

  12. I think you’re an idiot and I think you’re absolutely right more so than everyone else usually…

  13. well if it break 6600 level then i can call it rally until then we can't be sure
    and Thank you Jebb for the updates and take care

  14. Luv your vids but your ending is wick. Luv you guys. Peace. You don’t even know me. Please change it. Something like. Whatever you do, do it with style.

  15. This is going to be a nice lil bull run I see it on the weekly chart with the rsi its starting to cross I mythe be wrong but 7to8k then back down below 5500k great video bro keep it up

  16. Great work Jed, I agree with you – I do Believe in tech. analysis a lot – unless there is HUGE news – I guess the reconsolidation as per the analysis which you exactly talking what I believe is done – I was expecting 5800 level But in few days I can not see any resistance any more that shall give Bitcoin the power to surge also the sell off is going down which give BTC boost 🙂 thank you mate all the best for all ,

  17. Based on my own TA. There has been a strong support around 5800 to 6000 which made me believe its a nice bullish signal. If 5800 failed, my TA proved that we gonna touch 4800 or lower.

    Keep up with you cool videos. I enjoy watching them.???

  18. The first pump got us to the normal resistance line and the second pump got us to the log resistance line. We are grinding against that log resistance line and I think we are going down. This looks like a short squeeze and it is setting up a long squeeze to get everyone back on the way down. Exchanges pocket a lot of money and everyone who doesn't use stop losses is wondering where their gains went.

  19. This doesnt make any sense. The green candles today is obvious manipulation. How can you form a technical analysis based on blatant manipulation?

  20. I personally think That this is a short covering rally. However, I only think we will have one more dip under $6000 then we will have a true bull rally from that final bottom in another week or two.

  21. People often lose perspective and lose sight of the fact that even at around $6k the value of BTC is 3X what is was this time last year. Total market cap fell to about 65 billion at one point in July 2017. I'm cautiously optimistic that we're in the last stages of the "depression" phase of the famous Wall Street Cheat Cheat. Unless I'm wrong….

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