37 thoughts on “Bitcoin PUMP TO 12K OR DUMP TO 4K?!??-LIVE Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News”

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  2. Wonderful video Kirbs! You told me everything I needed to hear. I have my own views and my own targets and lines on my own chart. But it makes me feel good that you say what you say. I take information serious, no matter which way it comes. And you Kirbs, you help me, you seriously do and I want to thank you. You've help me see how to chart stuff and see into the future. I wrote a line many months ago. But even still today, BTC did not break it. So I'm confident in what I'm doing, and I give my thanks to you. If I could ever meet you in person, that would be awesome. But until then, I'm just that guy that genuinely gives you my opinions and thoughts. You are awesome dude!!!!!

  3. I was buying at $4,100 and got out of my position at $8,180. I think we will be going down more like$6,500 to $4,900. But we have 3 more days to go up before we see the pullback.

  4. I enjoy your recap of the whole picture Nd Macro. It really does puts things in perspective.
    KURBANACHOOOOOHHH?Oo…. Lol Cheers ?.

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