38 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price – TOP 3 INDICATORS for BULLISH 2019!!”

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  2. so do we wait to buy bitcoin or just go ahead and buy it? I would have liked it to go down to at least 6400 first but do you think it will? thanks very much I am very new   I love your videos with Davinci

  3. At the beginning of the economical recession, investors firstly run away from any high risk investments. Yes we can earn good money now and probably next year as well while economy is still fine, but if something happen, bitcoin and other altcoins can not be considered as safe heaven, because it's still high risk investment.

  4. Lol, I don’t think India’s anymore in third world ,the way technology moving …having 2 top notch companies CEO s are Indians .,,?

  5. Chris, Brazil is the 8/9th World Economy, depending on the publication, it is bigger than UK, Canada, Turkey, so don’t pissed off the Brazilians referring to as a 2 or 3th World Country.

  6. the only real indicator is the membercount of ur telegramgroup, bitcoin is following that number, smash up the like button!!!!

  7. You forgot one leading indicator – FATF coming to exchanges and wallet providers in June, no matter where in the world they are hiding.

  8. I think the economic indicator is the most important as adoption leads to a higher price due to big demand! great video

  9. Thanks, Chris for the great info, and the update.
    Get well soon Chris, take some rest and drink hot tea with honey.

  10. Why I see optimistic videos with bright predictions AFTER price pumps 3X? I don’t remember such optimism at $3200-3500 per Btc.

  11. the only indicator i trust is my crypto balance lol…great update Chris ..so the economic indicator is the most fundamental here ,i know little about how to follow it ,maybe it would be great if you could get an interview with someone in that area ..

  12. Each action causes a reaction. First, they corrupted the gold standard to finance wars and public spending, then they abandoned it to create billions of $ from thin air, so they can directly influence economies and fund obedient politicians. Creating a world where all that most people own is debt. Bitcoin is a natural reaction to this. Long live the Bitcoin!

  13. Sell your liver, sell your house, sell your cat but buybuybuy crypto now! Also, not a financial advice btw lul.

  14. What are those reasons? Tell me pls in TL;DR version. I don’t have time to watch the whole video. I’ll appreciate the response.

  15. As you mention the importance of countries, reminder that it was a wise move by Bulgaria to accumulate Bitcoin. With Venezuelan authorities sanctioning authorized remittances in Bitcoin (and Łitecoin) other countries may begin to follow suit.

  16. The last funny part is 2 second before he says "bye. bye" in this video there is an advertisement ?. That's insane…lol.

  17. The third one. More and more people will look for a safe(r) option to store their value because currencies and banks keep collapsing.

  18. lol, even my grandma doesnt say '2nd or 3rd world countries' any more. but otherwise interesting content. thx

  19. All time low at Deutsche Bank. Would this form a (huge) problem for the euro? And if so, is it also a big oppertunity for crypto?

  20. should we be scared by Facebook coin…will FB coin take value from the big real cryptos as BTC and Litecoin?

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