Bitcoin price to hit 12k within days! pump & dump, BTC price spike before dropping & Capitulation

so yesterday I put out a video that I thought we were in a falling wedge and we came right up to this point which which to me confirms this this is three points of contact right here right here and right here and we've already got you know contact here multiple points contact right here because this this ring right here that we're finding support on is the bottom part of this wedge and actually I'll put a link to that video right now but I want to show you let's see so this is a video I put out on actually I put this video out yesterday and I want to show you that that these rings are working so when we play this real quick for you pitchfork lines what I want to point out as we approach and cross over this ring if we cross over because a lot of times what happens is it will hit this ring and find support so so two things will happen it'll hit this ring and then start moving up it or it could potentially push us down or it could so that's what I was telling people that and that's that's what's so powerful about these these ring setups when you have them set up correctly you can see that and this is something that I saw comment where someone said well how come you don't go from a peak to a peak or to a bottom while that would work to find you know potential rings way out here that would influence price or cause a pivot the reason I adjust these rings so I when I created this this fit circle I think I started from here and then went down to this point but I needed to match it with current price action to find out where they could be potential pivots closer by so so what I do is I come from a peak down to a peak and then I adjust the fit circle to match price action so I adjusted the slip circle to keep all of this inside of the circle had this peak right here so do you want to have pivot points you want to have see how this price accent fits really nicely as soon as it cross over this ring it found it found us support on it and then you can see over here as soon as it broke down from this ring it came down to this ring found cha came back up it was perfect resistance and then when it hit this point it started coming down and as I said in that last video I just showed you as soon as it approached this ring it moved up and then right here when it hit this ring then it started moving down so I'm thinking what's going to happen is if it does not break out soon it's going to come back down and then come up this ring which again that's July 27th when we could potentially have a break out but we could break out anytime between now and this point I do think we'll probably break out by this point and again falling wedges are very bullish patterns nine times out of ten they break to the upside so if we do break to the upside this is the highest point that I think we will go which is are in the 12,000 range before we started our well before we reach this ring crossover and come down I will make sure that before I do buy in now probably what I do is if we come down lower I'll go ahead and buy in here set my stop-loss a little below because you got to be willing to lose a little bit if you want to stay in but I don't see it going below this line so the closer it gets to it wait till that point then set your stop-loss below that way you can ride this up even further but if you decide to buy when it breaks out the smartest thing to do is wait until you want to have a lot of volume you want to make sure that it might come down and find support and then it'll it'll start moving up even if it's little along steps on the way up it will eventually get to this point because as I mentioned in that or in that video that put a link up for usually from the top to the bottom is the distance from where we break out how high we actually go but this ring is very very strong resistance so I do not see us going above this point we cross this ring and then we come down and we see how far we go but I do expect this to be a major drop again these these break to the upside nine times out of ten if it does go to the downside well since this is a falling wedge then if if you go this distance you know that's going to put us on right down past this capitulation ring which to me that could be a cascading effect once we hit this ring and then just drop down you know people or people might start to panic and in a panic selling and then more people sell so who knows how far it could go but if we break to the downside then you know we could be hitting this ring at capitulation by the 27th if we go to the upside then yeah we're going to be a little further away currently we are a current price we're around 12 to 13 days from this ring so if we move up to this point and then we start moving down then you know we could potentially be no less than 15 days before making contact with this ring of capitulation again my charts are shareable that means you don't even have to have a trading view account you just click the link from my website and you can see this on a mobile phone and it'll play out live they're not published charts where you have to hit refresh or have an account and you can also save them out as your own so if you if you don't have access to my charts that information is in the description it's a $20 donation I know I could probably charge more for them nobody's ever complained with these charts that I provide the only the only acquaints I do get is when we run out of rings people are constantly asking me to add more rings because sometimes I say when they don't have them they feel like they're treading blind now which is kind of nice to hear but yeah if you do an access it is $20 its one-time donation for $20 and you're in for life you know and if I finally do start a discord that'll be a monthly thing but you guys it got in before you're like I said you don't have to pay the monthly thing but that's pretty much it um yeah for me this is confirmation in nine times out of ten it breaks the up side so expect to go up that's what I'm expecting but you know keep in mind that you know this bitcoin anything can happen so we could break to the downside but it is getting exciting getting to this point and guys if you know I noticed everybody else does this I never do it I figure if you'd like the content you would subscribe anyways and if you don't hate no reason to subscribe but if you do like my content and you want to support me you know hit that subscribe button and if you want to get notifications about you know things I find like this then take that Bell so you'll get a notification when I upload a video and check my community section because that's usually the first place I go to post stuff like this because it's really fast I just go to the community section pop up an image to tell everybody what I expect to happen and then if I have time I make a video sometimes it can take an hour or so to process and do all of that but again information about charts are in the description watch this how it plays out and if you have any questions you want to contact me my email is also in the description as well that's it for today unless something else happens

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