Bitcoin Price To 96K By 2023? – Why One Crypto Expert KNOWS Bitcoin Will Be Worth TONS in 5 Years

what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the tech cash house here today for another video hope all of you are ready in today's video we'll be discussing the opinion of a group of experts more specifically in IC o—- advisor which is Santa's group Santa's group is the name of the advisor they have recently released a report that deals with bitcoins price in the future and ripples price by the year 2023 now bitcoins outlook is very good and ripples outlook isn't all that good so what exactly does this group have to say well I'll be covering that in this video so if you like the content drop it a like share and subscribe and let's go ahead and jump right in so what bear market despite downward pressure on the price of Bitcoin for most of 2018 ICO advisory firm Santa's group sees bitcoins value proposition and market depth as strong visa visa other crypto assets and is estimating that it's price could hit 96 grand by 2023 and 144 grand by 2028 the predictions come in a new report on crypto asset valuation in which overall crypto market capitalization is estimated to grow from approximately 170 billion dollars currently to three point six trillion dollars over the next 10 years now three point six trillion dollars is obviously absolutely huge but I don't necessarily think that that's unrealistic in fact the Winklevoss twins are recently quoted as saying that they believe that bitcoin will become a trillion dollar market cap over the next several years so the opinions of the experts are kind of starting to align and that is always a good thing so despite the broader bit coin and crypto bullishness the reports predictions for tokens like Bitcoin cash ripple and application-specific utility tokens are quite downcast the authors see Bitcoin cash trending down to 268 dollars in five years time and forecast minimal traction for crypto assets which attempt to inherit brand recognition and provide minimal technological advantage to incumbent ripples ripple token or xrp token predicted to fall to one cent by 2023 doesn't get much love either with the author's seeing little value in ripple and crypto assets which are misleadingly marketed not needed within their own network and have centralized ownership / validation the reports outlook on so-called utility tokens is also less optimistic while the authors were C application-specific tokens ultimately penetrating markets like information technology spending gaming and gambling and that's something that I definitely agree with the ability of these tokens to hold or increase their value is limited and the report is quoted as saying the high velocity of these applications combined with a lack of value retaining construct were result in them either one being not used in sinking value or two having high use and in turn lower value as a result of the high velocity across all crypto asset sectors Santa's group is most heavily bullish on privacy coins such as manaro which it estimates will increase to $8,500 by 2023 which would obviously be a huge rise in value and they went on to say although privacy networks are newer entrance we believe the network effects seen from the likes of Bitcoin earlier on will be repeated within dominant coins here the report notes adding not only do these coins target the same large and lower velocities store of value markets as Bitcoin and other currencies they present a much deeper value proposition within those markets so privacy coins are definitely coins to look out for and Monro because it is decentralized and it works in a way similar to Bitcoin they believe could be worth a great deal of money in only a couple of years up WordPress pressure for these currencies will come from global geopolitical events like capital controls currency devaluations and other financial turmoil the use cases within the per VC markets or privacy as some non fancy people say are incredibly sticky and feed on adoption especially when regulators and law enforcement are making efforts to increase forensic penetration into public networks like Bitcoin so anyway folks anyway that is the opinion of the pros I do have to agree with what they say here I think that if token coins don't have an inherent use I don't really see their values growing all that exponentially however the main state tokens like Bitcoin or currencies were Kryptos or coins I guess you could say like Bitcoin litecoin and even aetherium I could see those doing quite well Bitcoin cash I'm not entirely sold on I don't think it holds up well as sort of a brand as Bitcoin does but it is a bit of a different entity however I do agree the privacy coins such as Montero will be highly successful so I definitely agree with that anyway folks do you think that 96 grand is possible by 2023 I do think it is because 2023 that's five years in the future and that's really not that much growth even percentage-wise per year so anyway like I said that is my opinion let me know what all of your pins are down the comment section below as always I want to thank all of you for watching the video drop it a like subscribe and share from where I'll see all of you in the next one have a good one folks and adios

21 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price To 96K By 2023? – Why One Crypto Expert KNOWS Bitcoin Will Be Worth TONS in 5 Years”

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  2. These people were fired from Argon and made another group called Satis this group are creating FUD and basically make no sense in their claims , no one knows what the market will be in 5-10 yrs let alone next year like Satis claims so I would not believe anything these guys think , Pros ???? I dont think so more like fudsters

  3. nonsense. the only experts in crypto are the small amount of individuals that write the code and they have no idea what the price will be. its only been around for a little over 9 years… these people are most definitely not experts.

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  5. This so-called expert needs to get a clue and stop spreading fud. It's just like the experts in the 1980s said about Apple stock would be worthless well Who's Laughing Now. They need to study what ripple does. Yes XRP. Get a clue

  6. You need to tell the ex- sperts , ex = has been, sperts = a drip under pressure get a clue on what coins usages and price. Just more fud. Like in the 1980 about Apple stock. Experts claimed it would go any where. Well who is laughing now? More bs fud.

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  10. Well according to this it looks like john mcafee will be eating his own genitals lol

    I think we can pass the 100k mark within the next 2 years

  11. The best coin ofcurrent year is ZILLIQA. Sounds like a plan. It will grow by 10 times current year ! They are going to arrange free distribution of coins this summer by

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