Bitcoin Price Should We Be Worried??

well I've really gathered from yesterday that you guys enjoyed when we started our episodes outside so I've been actually working inside all today mostly getting the websites back in order but we wanted to talk about something a little more abstract bitcoins price in its relationship to where we are in the markets mostly because I feel this is a critical juncture I guess one of the real sentiments that led us to this idea is the realization that the last little while but some sit down here we started outside we're gonna finish off so we're not gonna look at any of the charts we're just going to the last week or two for those of you who've been watching this show we've been talking about the fact that we think we're in a fourth way now again I don't want to use the charts here so I'm gonna do my best to just simply explain what I'm thinking the markets right now are overwhelming into the idea that bitcoins going into really high price point even myself the last of all I've started to charge how I think we get to $50,000 and retraced quite quickly now where we're sitting at right now let's take the idea that maybe this isn't a fourth way let's then instead imagine that the way we just seen was the end of a fifth wave not the fourth because if it was an extended fourth we see an extended fifth and seventh these are the steps in to $50,000 Bitcoin and I think could be right around the corner but just let's be a little pessimistic and why I guess more importantly let's just be real about the situation we never really left the realm of possibility of $1500 Bitcoin coming back no I don't want to make conjecture on how I think we would get to $1500 as I believe there is a help a lot more market momentum right now but there's still a lot of greed in this system I think what we're about to see and and this is what I believe we're going to $50,000 is that the conjecture of smart smart money getting in so let me explain what I mean by this the average person still does not yet know about Bitcoin those that do are the ones that have already been in the circle to know that they should be investing in it this means things like interest rates in the banks for taking out money or the yield curve flattening and all starting to turn downwards massive Bank frauds in multiple different countries and just a degradation of dollars in other countries these are early signs that the markets as a whole are unhealthy this is why the people that know that bitcoin is a great investment is because if if it's the asymmetric hedge that is supposed to be we could see millions of dollars per Bitcoin I get needing a very small portion of your portfolio ever allocated to this idea which would be important the other real necessity is is that every investor has to be able to understand the risk that Bitcoin could still go to not even fifteen hundred dollars but let's say it zero if we ever if we keep that on the table and we understand that a break below seventy seven hundred year would totally nullify this fourth wave potential and higher that I have been thinking about this would mean we've seen a very unhealthy be wave these are both possibilities how low we would go if a be wave corrects who knows fourth out about three six fifteen hundred who knows but that's unimportant this is a very important time to watch as around the seven thousand dollar area I would actually put a little higher eighty six hundred was probably the last median vestige and then below that is seventy seven hundred either way I still think most good investors standpoint is if you're new to this space just keep buying a few hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin every month whatever you can afford let's say five ten percent right yeah that's a good number I'm gonna agree with Anthony Pollyanna here a five percent allocation every month is a is a pretty damn good bet especially with so many asymmetric possibilities in this sky full of black swans so if we keep moving forward down this path which is currently and in the downward trajectory we never took off the fifteen hundred dollar targets that we were looking at from a few months ago all we did was add the potential for a higher target much faster in a very unhealthy market growth none of which is out of the realm of possibility still so we are right at that turning point in between where if we go below eighty six hundred and start to touch the seven thousand dollar area this might not have been a fourth wave in as the end of the fifth and we could see lower prices how much lower every step of the way down would really tell us that story but the more important story is that medium vestage point right now at the risk assessment that I think everyone needs to ask themselves if Bitcoin were to drop fifteen hundred dollars in the next two or three months would you buy more or would you be hurt by the process of it going down or on its way up to fifty thousand dollars are you would you be buying more and this is kind of a question again that I think is important to understand risk we always like investing in other businesses right we're still working on the SEO companies or other genetic business I like building in general or trying to do the impact marketing campaigns we're always doing consulting work I work all the time as we branch out into this realm of entrepreneurialism and I think what fun is understanding what it is you want to be a wealthy I myself personally love living in the jungle then I can just go outside and walk out here I could be loud as in the middle of the jungle ain't nobody gonna call it's a plane well it's raining I can walk up into my bedroom and I can decide to turn myself on a jacuzzi oh this has come from being an entrepreneur and risking many times and failing many times this is what we're gonna do tonight I'm gonna read a book enjoy what we've worked to build against so why'd I do this update oh yeah remind everyone do your risk assessments regardless of it bitcoins going higher or not in the long term make sure you know that if we see another dip in the markets you can make it through because the last thing we want to see is bear family sacrifice to a winter that they could have potentially been warned about so again I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew there's still downside potential in these markets so just be aware of that and know that if you're properly adjusted for your risk you can a be able to buy more of it when it gets lower or be enjoy the ride out stay with the are came here I'm signing off for the rest today you

15 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Should We Be Worried??”

  1. Degradation of dollar, then btc worth 50k$. Can you listen what youre saying? If dollar is dead your btc can be worth 1mil$ it still means nothing.
    Wake up people. Bitcoin is dead.

  2. Am pretty sure bitcoin won’t go to zero , however am %100 USD will go to zero as it almost already did in the rescission

  3. I always enjoy your videos.

    On a strange side note I had a dream last night that I met you in person. It was awesome!

  4. Hopefully one day my life will turn around so i can subscribe until then i appreciate your holistic views and enjoy your video's

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