30 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price pushes $9000!”

  1. I listen to Sunny Decree, the modern investor, altcoin daily, the moon, cryptosRus, and crypto Kirby. All real people and a good mix of news and TA and I'm a HODLer.

  2. Silly question. Just got my nano x, can i just leave my 12 or so different assets on it in the event of a mainnet swap or hardfork? Is this safe? Does ledger take care of that? Don't want to come unstuck this way.

  3. to the videos downvoters:
    if you're triggered by GOOD Crypto videos.. hmm.. maybe you do need to go 'elsewhere'.
    or stop watching them.
    just a thought.

  4. All the people holding lots of bitcoin now and smelling the bull run ahead and getting overly confident bashing all alts cause they want all the money into Bit mainly. Let’s be honest, does the stock market exist of only one company? Get real people, the bitcoin only talk is people shilling there bitcoin only bags. Not saying bitcoin is bad but you get my point. Don’t be so short minded or short sighted. Nobody wants to be caught holding the bitcoin bags either at the top of the bull market either

  5. This market is mental – one minute it's on its knees, the next it's 'going to the moon' … Fundamentals haven't changed. Not sure what to think at this time.

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  7. We have planned to deploy dBFT2.0 on the NEO MainNet in early June. Since then we will no longer experience the problem of block forks. We are one step closer to a reliable smart economy.

  8. what is the indicator named for bitmex price buy orders/sells inside the bitmex chart window? asking since days…:-)

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