22 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Prediction From Zero to a Million | Experts Opinions”

  1. Btc can drop in range 1500k maybe 3 digit number next 6 month to 1 year. ..ARMAGEDON begins all these "analysts " are totally crap

  2. Great video buddy. I do believe some of these predictions will come true in time. I think it's inevitable.?

  3. Great bull summary, thanks. How about the converse? Publish your view of a few leading financial experts who feel the opposite.

  4. Did you see how tron reacted to its founder having to postpone his lunch with Buffet. Down down down. That won't happen to bitcoin ever. Bitcoin is King everything else is a shit coin.

  5. I know it's going to be full of shit when I see a video that says "Experts", but i like how Aimstone does his videos so I watch it anyway.

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