47 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Prediction by Cryptocurrency experts (2018)”

  1. i reckon we will not cross 20k dollars in 2 years ..
    & When Touch 20k $ Around, End Of 2021 BTC price Somewhere around
    3.5 LAC – 4 LAC $ Per BTC.,

  2. I think bitcoin had it's best time.. look at CVN (Crypviser).. i think this coin can easily take over bitcoin, by it's speed of transactions. And the secure messages service it offers, so you can freely chat about the drugs you want or cheat on your girlfriend 😛 Interesting coin if you ask me! https://crypviser.network/

  3. Good video. Price predictions are a fools game and makes little sense. There are only two kinds of forecasters. Those who don't know and those who don't know they don't know…

  4. Bitcoin is the foundation for future technologies to come. Bitcoin will only have a nostalgic or artifact value like a painting or an old coin. It will increase in value in the future of course but it wont be the king that it is today.

  5. I am selling shares of the Golden Gate Bridge, I own half of it. It will be worth 1000x fold in 2020.. please send money order to my P.O. Box.

  6. 10 trillion dollars of market cap in several years. I am not sure about btc, but think some of altcoins might feel better. ADA, XRP for example. Just my thoughts

  7. Bitcoin, hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha!

  8. My prediction – BTC will not hit anywhere near its all time high in the next 10 years UNLESS there is a major, worldwide financial or banking crisis. It has lost all of its luster, it isn't gaining any adoption, and all the millions of people who got burned by it around the world will never get back in. My best guess? Sub $1500 by the end of 2019.

  9. With continuous run very professional market redumping, it will take decades to even get up to 100k.
    But that also does include the regular exchange exit scam dumping and hacking.

  10. research mat ejohn mcafee is the correct out of all and tim draper

    mcafee predicted 1 milion at its highest peak by end of year and when it averages back out it wil be tim drapers 250k+ so both are correct

  11. Yep. Tim Drapers prediction was for 2022 – ex early tech billionaire investor in Skype Tesla Twitter, Viral Hotmail marketing and more – he has good track record!

  12. Central banks won't resign. They will release their own digital currency. So they can keep ruling the business.

  13. I wud look at btc halving and the cost it to takes to mine. Hashgraph is supposed to be more scalable but I do not see any major adoption yet. Btc still has market dominance. I do not understand how btc is rogue. Is it programed in the blockchain and set free like a wild animal? ?

  14. A gradual recovery back to $20 000 by 2021 if the US dollar still matters then explosive growth once major over head resistance is broken and mass adoption takes place, some catalyst needs to happen. Who knows really because if you are right with your prediction you are just a lucky fool.

  15. BTC isnt going anywhere , it still has merit in this space and has been running pretty stable for awhile now . My prediction in the near future is 50k

  16. Great job bro. Nice collection of predictions very good to see it all in one place. Good to see your still very positive and putting out great vids and content! Keep the great vids coming.

  17. No bullrun for 2018 because of market manipulation due to the wait on the SEC. Just my 5c in the bowl…

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