45 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Moving Towards $10,000, Keep Stacking Satoshis!”



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  2. Have one role to buy bitcoin every month around 40$+ instead wasting it on junk food or smokes…. im more buying Pos coins…also i have like 4% intrst a year for holding bitcoin around many places good thing paid daily instead every 3 months or every year if i put them in the bank ….no regret no FMO i can always invest on projects i like …never never invest too much money in one place you could lose it all…

  3. but what if you have hate in your heart? What about the people that really intend to do damage to others? Are you advocating for anarchy? serious question – not being snarky

  4. Everyone expected a huge dump at $6k and had to buy back in after it flew past that price….same thing will happen at $10k. Everyone thinks it'll hit $10k then 40% dump. ? Whales know this – my guess is that it will fly past $10k, people will fomo back in at $11k/$12k then a small retracement before an easy $20k by Xmas. Keep stacking as Lark recommends. ?

  5. Hey Lark, regarding stacking Satoshis, will you ever sell e.g. at 100k + and try to get more during the next bear market?

  6. Deutsche Bank is falling. This can be the beginning of the "end" (read: the major switch to Bitcoin) because Deutsche Bank is connected to so many other banks and organisations.

  7. Love the channel. I started a Channel the help dispell the fear and uncertainty to owning crypto to an older generation. I love the work!

  8. If fiat will become worthless, why is fiat then used to define the future value of Bitcoin. If 1 bitcoin becomes worth $1 million, will that be alot anyway?
    If crypto replaces fiat, then you'll never become a millionaire because fiat will not be used as a way to value it, is that correct, I'm just trying to understand that's all.

  9. If I've said it once I'll say it three times.. I can't wait to see these idiots who think they are going to crash the stock market at a whim around election time…. they will bring the masses to us on a silver platter and as their crypto overlords, we will be kind, and impartial, not asking them where they live or subjecting them to capricious increases or decreases in interest rates. We will be kind.

  10. Still working on 1 btc, until then (if ever) always stacking sats! at least i know i actually own something 😛

  11. Told a buddy we were going to 10k at the end of the month. This was monday when were were at 7k?
    Hopefully i look less crazy haha.
    Not selling yet though. Starting to think i never will.. Keep stacking the sats 🙂

  12. Bro I’m on the same wave. I’m STACKING Sats all day and ramming the word and information of bitcoin to anyone who looks the least bit interested in bitcoin

  13. It would be entertaining to see the collapse of governments and banks. While that happens, guess what I'm doing: I just keep on stack'em that sats 24-7 with popcorn!

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