“Bitcoin Price May Drop To $4.5K, RISE TO $77K Within Six Months” – This Pro Opinion Is A Must Hear

what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video here today from the tech cache shelves hope all of you are having a good one and are ready for some more positive Bitcoin at News Now in today's video I'll be discussing a very good opinion piece by a seeking alpha writer that really outlines what we can expect but going to do in the short term okay in the longer term and then overall it gives some really good outlooks and I think it's really nicely fleshed out and really quite good overall so in this video I'll be holding back more on my opinion just because this article that LP referencing is a bit longer and very detailed but it has a lot of good info and within this article the author actually says that we could see Bitcoin reach prices of 77 grand before all that long so with that being said if you do like the video go ahead and drop it a like subscribe and share for more all those things really do help us out check out the patreon if you want to be listed at the end of every single video for all of eternity a very exciting prospect and let's see if we can get this video to 350,000 views with that being said let's go ahead and jump right in so in this article Brian Fletcher starts out by saying bitcoin hold on the rides just starting and that kind of sets the stage for the topic that will be discussed and that is of course bitcoins ride into the future because bitcoin is pretty young okay it's about nine years old so it hasn't had all that long to develop but it's starting to mature now and it will continue to do so into the future so some summary points to kick things off one bitcoins correction is nearing completion but more downside may come to of the next leg up in Bitcoin will be huge so the press will see significant growth in the coming months to a year third investor sentiment can be used to accurately forecast price targets in Bitcoin and fourth now is the time to get involved in this exciting sector so he says two things in the summer that are really worth no first the next leg up in Bitcoin will be huge so the next price rise will be very substantial in his opinion and a second now is the time to get involved in this exciting sector now is the time to get involved buy-in you know become a part of this whole movement so with that being said let's go ahead and read on a bit more so Bitcoin may have dropped to the point that some say this cryptocurrency has run its course but the party for those who take this sector seriously is just getting started in this article I'll discuss the chart pattern expectations for Bitcoin and how to reliably forecast price machinations in this volatile sector and I really love how he kicks this off he says attempting to use any kind of fundamental approach to reliably forecast price targets for VidCon or any other cryptocurrency is nigh impossible philosophically speaking the opinions of how crypto currencies like Bitcoin will play a role in the financial markets vary from those who believe they are destined to fail to the polar opposite belief that they'll replace fiat currencies in the future the disparity between those polar opposite views creates huge volatility and represents the heart and soul of investor sentiment having used Elliott Wave and Fibonacci for many years to accurately forecast price targets of financial instruments like currencies equities crude oil and virtually any other investment instrument you can imagine there is no better set of tools to measure investor sentiment and thus price targets with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Elliott Wave is principally the study of mass human sentiment and as such Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are ideally suited to this analysis technique in fact Mike Richards of time a price analyses has been charting the top of market cap kryptos for our subscribers he goes on to say and he adds this sector has adhered virtually picture-perfect to forecasted price expectations and what's more for those who are willing to expose minimal capital to either purchase Bitcoin outright or more multi-layered strategies based on the sentiment driven price expectations will provide here n there are breathtaking opportunities for investors and many could arrive very shortly but only if you're willing to calmly walk into what others believe is a burning theater a very interesting introduc in there and Fletcher really does make a couple of good points so now let's go ahead and kick off some technical analysis because we need to back up this information with something substantial so he starts by saying let's review the Elliott Wave count as the opportunity will become self-evident Bitcoin put in an all-time low in August 2010 of three cents and I'm sure many of you wish you would have bought in at that point from there it's experienced a spectacular rise in both price and what can be best described as its euphoric sentiment the sentiment crescendo occurred in late 2017 when it reached its all-time high of nineteen thousand nine hundred and eighteen dollars per single Bitcoin since then it's experienced a multi-month correction that has gobbled up most of this year were thus far it's seen a low of five thousand five hundred and twenty five dollars this might seem like an extreme drop to some causing them to become disillusioned and even calling for the imminent demise of this emerging sector but the context of arise from three cents to nineteen thousand nine hundred and eighteen dollars in eight short years means that this pullback is nothing more than a small consolidation before heading to meteoric levels so refer to the bi-weekly chart on screen that shows Bitcoin relative to the US dollar the most accurate approach by using log scale fib extensions in Bitcoin shows several interesting things that support continued upside in the current price pattern firstly it is still in what is referred to in Elliott Wave parlance as primary degree wave number three and it's move up from the all-time low with in primary three it's presently completing minor degree wave four which should conclude with a price drop into the two thousand four hundred and eighty eight to four thousand one hundred and seventy five dollar region this final drop should complete shortly and potentially before the end of this year upon the completion of this correction Bitcoin will commence its next swing to the upside to complete all primary degree wave three with a price target of a minimum of thirty thousand dollars and more likely will extend to the two point six one eight extension at seventy seven thousand eight hundred and ninety seven dollars in other words it has the potential for a ton of growth especially after breaking out of this correction upon completion of primary degree wave 3 we could then expect the conjurer visit the area of the forth of one lesser degree in English or in layman terms this means we would expect a move back to whatever load establishes on the present drop before heading up to complete primary degree wave 5 to levels that will seem unrealistic to some and that I'll summarize in more detail in future articles in other words this indicator shows the bitcoins value especially in the future is extremely high and it has a ton of price potential so if that seems unrealistic I want to go ahead and kind of wrap this video up with the closing statements of Fletcher because they're really quite relevant and he does a great job here of summarizing everything that he said and he ties everything together nicely so he closes by saying it's almost unimaginable for some to believe that these types of price movements can occur in any instrument or sector however before you set aside the notion that something can move to these extremes take a few moments to imagine the implications of cryptocurrencies replacing fiat currencies as a primary medium of exchange I won't opine on whether this is possible or even real as that's not the point of this article however it's not what I believe that matters nor is it what's real or unreal but rather the sentiment associated with market participants who ponder these questions this is what drives prices to extremes and it's this same sentiment that will continue to cause the volatility and cryptocurrencies that make their patterns predictable in a way that makes investors very real profits so measuring sentiment truly is the only approach to reliably measure price movements and with investor sentiment causing such enormous volatility in the crypto sector there is no better approach than using Elliott Wave and Fibonacci with a multiple timeframe approach there coin is setting up some fantastic opportunities for those willing to learn something new and exposed some capital and while it may be obvious to most we would caution investors to limit the amount of capital they expose to Kryptos and I definitely agree with that you don't want to over expose yourself in a way that makes you uncomfortable or financially unstable because that's just not a good idea so firstly you don't need much to make a watt and secondly the volatility is so high that you may find yourself needing to hold through a pattern cycle which can definitely be nerve-racking and he closes by saying bitcoin is truly setting up an extraordinary ride and really I couldn't agree with that more bitcoin does have volatility but it also has a ton of price potential and it can make people a lot of money under the right circumstances so anyway folks that is my opinion and that is mainly the opinion of Fletcher actually I should say I think he really made a couple of good points here and his use of the Elliott approach is really pretty unique so I've got to give him that and these are some good opinions so anyway folks let me know what all of you think about this down the con section below and as always I want to thank all of you for watching drop this video like if you did like it subscribe and share for more let's see if we can get it 300 likes and 5,000 views share it with your buddies have a good one and adios

45 thoughts on ““Bitcoin Price May Drop To $4.5K, RISE TO $77K Within Six Months” – This Pro Opinion Is A Must Hear”

  1. It's been a brutal week for the crypto community but we're in it for the long haul. Eyes forward people.

  2. I am right now independently, financially independently. I am saying to so many people who say that this is going to be a con artist game, that this was gonna be a scammer game: “Hey, you are gonna lose all your money” My WIFE still doesn’t believe in me!

  3. Well well well looks likes the Illuminati wins again! They took these fools for all they had on this invisible coin that people paid hard own dollars to buy with no regulation no guarantee!” O its digital coins” no we already have digital coins it’s called visa and online banking! You just got sold a bridge to no where

  4. Don't listen to these haters in the comments. they are short sighted fools. Keep on bringing the Bullish news. People like them were crying and upset when Bitcoin went from $32 to $2. And when it went from $1200 to $300. Now these guys are crying because it went from $19k to $4300. lmao. Just keep accumulating and convince everyone else to accumulate as well. Eventually the 1800 Bitcoins per day the miners supply will dry up and the only place to buy will be from the exchanges. Which will drive the price up massively. Far beyond $19k.

    These guys will cry again when Bitcoin falls from $150k each to $37k each. "Bitcoin is dead yo, they are only worth $40k each…"

  5. Your vids are just noise pollution…Crypto finished 4 years ago its now 2021 and still waiting for bitcoin to get passed $20 bucks. Stop with this crap…

  6. Foolish greedy people, you cant have wealth that does not come from someones hard work. Every good thing in this life must come by ones effort.

  7. Alot of scaredy cats here lol. They prob buy at the top and sell near the bottom thats why they winnnne. None of them look at the long term charts , its been worse and it will rise again , its in the charts . Some just cant wait.

  8. Fiat, crypto, gold and commodities in general receive value dictated by the people of the world. It’s imperative that the 99% hold fast to their beliefs or become major suckers for the 1% controlling manipulators. Rise up people and holdfast and validate your dreams or be dominated by the 1%!

  9. Bitcoin-Pets.com and Bcash-Myspace is the longest suicide note in history.. move your money into XRP (Bitcoin 2.0) before it's too late..its easy…just do it!

  10. Folks, when US dollar falls into death spiral due to insolvency bitcoin will jump way higher than you can imagine. Boiling frogs already.

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    TP 3 4k , TP 4 3500
    Trade on the safest exchange in the world.

  12. Basically when Bitcoin goes to $100,000 it will fall to $30,000 and everyone will panic again without realizing Bitcoin is ALWAYS in a upward turn even when it goes down.

  13. I think you as a yoytuber is paid good enf to make such news . 77k if what I think is not possible and please dont share the fud news.

  14. Im going to laugh so hard when this guy turns out to be right this time , you can look back in the chart we are actually still in a bigg bullmarket when you look long term back in the chart and in al those rises those swings upward you see a decending triangle back down after that and at the end of those triangles you see a massive drop down and then short term after that a massive upward movement only those where litle decending triangles this is just a bigger one so maybe also a much bigger drop down at the end of the triangle to 3k and then a extremely massive upward movement touching around 77k, i think this will happen but the upward movement wil be slower but much bigger

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