24 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Live – Altcoins are Poppin?”

  1. BTC to 100k is possible in my opinion of course , many things are happening now that did not last time it went to 20k .- most of all institutional investors are buying a ton of BTC and there is halvening next year …plus US $$ is losiing value

  2. BITCOINSV solves all problems. Its the original protocol Sunny you dont like the original protocol? Sunny promoting Ioto what a joke

  3. what's the best broker to hold bitcoin for long. im always get stop out with iq opt..n., they only have 24 hr to hold bitcoin.

  4. I hit up Tone on His Telegram and asked Him why He aligns Himself w/someone like Tyler and his Hyperwave BS…He got Mad defensive and threatened to block Me….wish I could post it somewhere or send You the screenshot

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