21 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price IS $6000 STILL POSSIBLE?! -LIVE Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency News 2019”

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  2. BTC going up to 5.8k and then down to 3.3k. Then we see some side movement followed by some volatilty around May/June. Bull market will be confirmed July/August. 20k BTC 2019 is very likely.

  3. Kirby….you are just amazing, I learn so much from you. I don't swing trade…..just buy the dips and hodle. I have no time to swing trade due to my job. But you're the best !!!!

  4. Omg I really get it all here. I’m learning with tears in my eyes. Kirby cracks me up really bad some days. Lmfao. Have a good night Don Don Kirbanachi.

  5. Kirby another great Video for a BTC holder like me love the effort of sharing your idea. and yes i Cha-ching sound of cash register hit 5G. and that FAT doji i dont like that i made mistake before as a holder that Fat Doji is like Fat Bastard on Austin Power Movie will Fart on your face while walking away at the same time the 2 twins on the same movie Fook you and Fook me will be smiling. what goes up must come down, thank you Kirby for teaching how TA works for a person like me more power to your show Kirby

  6. all depends if the trend line in rsi daily holds now the trend is 60 and we are at 70 rsi now– weekly trend price now weekly it at top line 5500 and bottom line 4200 se if we bounce up from bottom line

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