37 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price BULLISH but when PULLBACK…?”

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  2. June 15 will be new all time high when BTC and friends episode 2 drops…Just look what happened when they dropped episode 1!!!

  3. Sunny Ihave been watching since you started and I even started invisting in crypto the same time as you did and have been watching you everyday , I followed allot of you tubers but no one lasted but you bro keep up the good work and remember you are making a diffrance .

  4. Anybody writing off Ethereum needs to have a rethink. Check out DEFI and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, you might recognise one or two members:) Big things are happening so don't miss out, not financial advice though:)

  5. PULLBACK?? It should pull back right now…….. 6:24 am (MST) USA. I just went long on LTC………. and I've been the last Seller at the bottom & the first Buyer at the top, AT LEAST 4 times!!!! I should get an award since Crypto Currencies are traded Globally. I've taken a few extra of my RX for PTSD. Wish US ALL luck today!!! Love ur intro Sunny – good choice of music.

  6. Can you review bitly it is a leverage margin trading platform like bitmex…. new and looking popular, would appreciate you analysis of it pls thank uou

  7. Could you @sunnydecree make in depth video about block stream.. many people say that they hire bitcoin devs to build projects on bitcoin which will bring them money.. could you give us video about that

  8. Hye Sunny, glad to see your position in the green. I was the unlucky that got liq when the priced pumped. Even with a market stop, 500 before it hit the Liq price.
    What do you think, that was unlucky?

    Like to hear your opinion, maybe I need to build in more Marging for my positions.

  9. Thanks for the most informative and objective commentary on the market. I look forward to your vids every day.

  10. Sunny, I would say the institutions need around 1 Trillion dollars in BTC right now. How is it even possible for them to even find that much? What we are seeing now must be a symptom of OTC markets drying up .

  11. thanks for the video … sunny can make a video about exchanges like top 5 and reasons why … i am worried because some people tell me that HITBTC is a scam …. please help me and all users of HITBTC figure that out .. thanks sunny

  12. You never missing boots till You are alive 🙂 never go hype or you will get rekt like always

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